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'We Won't Let Him Forget': Christine Blasey Ford Senate Testimony Plays on Big Screen Outside Kavanaugh Dinner

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/15/we-wont-let-him-forget-christine-blasey-ford-senate-testimony-plays-big-screen

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As soon as I read the headline I was grinning ear to ear…but I like beer has gotta go back into the hole where he was born and never come out again.


Anyone who is not an ideologically biased conservative knows that Anita Hill was telling the truth and Kavanaugh’s accusers almost certainly were, too (should have been a thorough investigation). It’s sickening to know that two men with the morals of cats in heat are sitting on the highest court in the land. For anyone making the argument that their transgressions were in the distant past and they are changed men now – wrong. For them to have changed for the better, they first have to admit to their crimes or hurtful actions and ask forgiveness of their victims. Both of them are liars and hypocrites, at the very least, posing as men of honor.


I believe Dr. Ford–as I believed Prof. Hill–but her accusations arguably can’t be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. However, what can be proven by the record is that Kavanaugh committed multiple counts of perjury during his earlier confirmation hearing for his seat on the appellate bench, and again during confirmation hearings for his SCOTUS nomination.

I can only speculate as to why this wasn’t pursued at the time.


wonder is there an invite list so they can be publicly outed - taking a page from ‘the girl w/the dragon tattoo,’ in a better world, all would have ‘i enabled rapist kavanaugh’ tattooed in indelible ink across their chest and stomach


You can put lipstick on a pig…

Note to pigs: No offense implied.


Yeah, Roger Stone just found out how damaging lying to Congress can actually be.

The felon Roger Stone, that is.


never got to the movie, found the book a pretty readable entertainment…though in mystery/thrillers or police procedurals, imo there’s better out there…ellroy’s ‘the big nowhere,’ krajewski’s ‘death in breslau,’ p.d. james’ adam dalgleish classics, e.g…

…don’t get me wrong, i did like it, but think it was a little over-rated due to the ‘scandinavian mystery’ craze…

Amen. That was the best argument against him. He perjured himself; he lied about what he did during the Bush administration. His part in the Clinton impeachment should have been highlighted, also. It’s hard not to despise certain Republicans: Jim Jordan-himself accused of sexually abusive behavior during his wrestling coaching days. Back to a point I’ve made before (don’t take offense, men) who rules the world? How fucked up is the world?

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Ewwww, I love PD James and the Adam Dalgleish mysteries. So well written. So many new words to look up!

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I finally heard something that makes Trump suppoters’ behavior clear Why white Christians support Trump. They believe he will stack the court to reverse Roe v Wade. They care not about his or Kavanaugh’s behavior. They just want their biases supported. They care not about corruption, economy, civil rights, children torn from their parents, sexual violations, none of it. All is forgiven or rationalized in the hope of reversing Roe v Wade, The people at The Federalist Society are part of the 1% whose moral compass is directed by class, money and power

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I so glad to see an organized effort to ensure that this story is never buried.


Kavanawww is America at its worst.

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Kavanaugh: Scum of the earth in the image of Trump. This is the American reality.

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Three elements:
There were five Catholics on the supreme court and Wade was not overturned.
Now, with five again, why expect a different. And nominal Catholics vs practicing
Catholics needs to be acknowledged.
Kavanaugh would not have been confirmed if Feinstein had not lied about her
knowing way beforehand and provided the ‘pro bono’ legal and counseling to Ford.
There is a previous court decision regarding a ladies health decisions are hers, and that
would have to become a work around to cancel legal abortions.