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'Weak Journalism': NYT Fails to Disclose Op-Ed Writer's Close Family Ties to Venezuelan Opposition Leader

'Weak Journalism': NYT Fails to Disclose Op-Ed Writer's Close Family Ties to Venezuelan Opposition Leader

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

A recent video opinion piece published by The New York Times intended to drum up support for U.S. involvement in Venezuela failed to disclose the author's ties to the opposition government, leading to criticism from progressives of the paper's coverage.

Ah, another example of the NYTimes editorial standards being ignored in the run up to a war they support.

You know, like every other war.


And Joanna Hausmann is a white woman (from Venezuela) commenting on a country in which most of the population is brown or black. Guess the skin colour large fraction of the wealthy of Venezuela.

The NY Times was real obtuse with that choice, no matter who her father is.


Bet Jimmy Dore hits this hard in this weeks show!


Is it just me, or hadn’t most people already concluded from the fact that Hausmann labeled Maduro a “tyrannical dictator” that she wasn’t purporting to write from a position of detached neutrality? Objective maybe, but not neutral.

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Clearly, light-skinned Venezuelans should not be heard from, much less seen. Or am I missing your point?

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It has been pure propaganda reporting by the corporate media on Venezuela----and I’ll say it again—we live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE.

The US puts devastating sanctions on Venezuela because the people of Venezuela believe they have a right to a share of the wealth(THIS IS THE COMMONS).

Is Venezuela invading its neighbors—NO!

Is Venezuela trying to create weapons of mass destruction—NO!

US policy has pushed Venezuela into the hands of Russia and China----If the US had embraced Chavez and Maduro we would be benefiting economically and could be playing a real role in keeping Venezuela a free and prosperous country.

Look at the world we live in----are we becoming freer or more enslaved?—The US has been the world leader since WWII-----And what has US policy done to the world?? US policy seems to be more about profit and greed. 85,000 dead children in Yemen and barely a pep out of corporate media—but when a journalist is killed it is top of the news for months.

US foreign policy needs to be grounded in Individual Freedom—and if we believed in INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM we would not be selling weapons to Saudi Arabia or Israel .


The point is Venzuela has been caste society based on skin color. The lighter ones skin color the higher ones caste and wealth


Max Blumenthal blows this fraud out of the water. Guaido is openly promoting a Coup in Venezuela. He deliberately visits a neighborhood where he is universally LOATHED . Blumenthal describes this as exactly what it is, an attempt to provoke the Government to act so that the US can send in its troops.

He also asks the question. If Maduro indeed a dictator , how is it an opposition member can openly call for a Coup and why is it the Police moved in to protect Guaido from the mob.


And, as per the last 20+ years and more the NYT is still working the coup against the late Chavez and now Maduro.
Same for the MSM which is why they are the mainstream (read mediocre huddles of groupthink) media.
Now I’m afraid I have to add my (suddenly formerly) favorite program, Fresh Aire, to the list after interviewing a NYT writer about the Maduro disaster last night. And in getting into how bad the situation is in Venezuela the guy doing the interview never said boo about the economic sanctions against Venezuela causing most of the problems or the sudden electricity problems, something they didn’t have before in all those years. And so forth. Maybe he corrected that omission later, but I was so flaming mad in the car I shut off the radio. I couldn’t listen longer. I was already blowing up. It was really the shoddiest thing I think I’ve heard on Fresh Aire.
The people giving us the truth on the ground (such as Blumenthal) are shunted aside, ridiculed and scorned by the Mediocre-Stream Media about this and about the real reasons behind the “caravans” heading north to our southern border.


Just curious, what about her, leads you to even consider that she might be an Objective writer? All of what I have seen of her YouTube work (admittedly a small sample -2 videos-) reeks of a high Subjectivity in her position, with very little evidence of anything resembling Objectivity.

NY TIMES- Shame!

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Haven’t seen an article posted about this specific angle of the Venezuela coup yet but I just think this further exposes MSM’s last three years of reporting as bullshit. Spending all that time stoking a red scare and now the likes of NYT are now egging on the Republicans to escalate this in a situation not that dissimilar to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Here are two from Greg Palast that might help - The NYT pops up

What the NYT does is not weak journalism, as that would imply they do journalism.
It is nothing more than a propaganda outlet and has been for decades.

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NY Times also known as the CIA Times has been going full speed on this Venezuela thing. Fortunately I have learned to take everything the Times prints with a grain of salt and an eye for caution. Obviously this is an example of poor journalistic principles being defended by its management. Sad!