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Weakening TV Programming Rules, GOP-Controlled FCC Throws Kids Under the Bus

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/10/weakening-tv-programming-rules-gop-controlled-fcc-throws-kids-under-bus

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It is not enough to say “three GOP members” of the FCC. It is essential to provide their names and where they live so that they can be continually called to task for their reprehensible behaviors. The low-lifes that Trump has appointed to government departments, advisory boards, commissions, etc. think that their evil deeds can take place behind a veil of secrecy. It is our task to always call them out, wherever they might be to suffer for their malice of heart.


This is like a science fiction premised winnowing of the population by starting with the most vulnerable, corrupting the relationships with nature, one’s fellow human beings and technology.


Queasy kid stuff

Sadly – I’m just happy that the GOP hasn’t yet put kids back in factories –
but given a chance that’s what they’ll do.

TV is now so poisonous that I fear for adults watching.

And, again – as the right wing moves up to take over our lives, you will note that
it’s not just corruption, violence, stolen elections, gun running, drug running, sex
trafficking of adults and children –

but they will work to put perverts like Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh – and
Joe Biden into government/courts and anywhere else they can.

What happened with Epstein by the grace of Acosta ended up in Epstein’s friend
(Trump) making sure that Acosta got sufficiently rewarded for what he did.


The only “children” Republicans care about are in blastocyst and embryo form. After that, it’s every child for him/herself in this adult eat child nation. America has never cared about its children except as a market. 2008 Documentary - “Consuming Kids” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJtX0Xj77qw


#VOTEBLUE! This country depends on it.

Just to point out that most of ‘children’s’ programming is already behind paywalls. The majority of channels tailored for younger viewers must now be purchased as an ‘add-on’ to most cable packages. It is disgusting and greedy.
If a cable provider does provide internet access for those who are indigent or very-low income, they hide that fact and make it extremely difficult to qualify. I believe that currently, one may only qualify for discounted internet access from Xfinity if one has a child on the free lunch school program. If that is the case, then there are millions of poor and indigent folks out there without children in elementary school who can’t access the internet to apply for work, apply for services, or take online courses. I literally asked a customer service representative in the last two months about ‘free’ internet access and she responded in a way that was meant to brush me off. I even asked if there were other ways to qualify for the discounted internet, asking specifically if “SNAP would qualify a family for the service”, and she responded by saying, “I don’t know”. She did not ask if I wanted to be referred to someone who might know the answer, she left it on me to ask the correct questions. They are trained to NOT make it easy on people to ask for reduced-cost internet.

There are probably millions of people in America that would qualify for discounted internet and are being ripped off by providers as we speak. These ‘providers’ were given access to the broadband ‘waves’ on the cheap by our government and are now extracting wealth out of what was originally a public ‘good’.

Originally, ‘cable’ service was touted as a service that would provide programming without commercials; it was meant to be an ad-free entertainment service for those who wanted to pay - remember, TV was all free in the eighties.


Arthur - I think I’ll take up the task. Give me a moment to look these assholes up. I’ll be back to edit this post with the included names.

Update: The three Republican members of the FCC are:

  1. Ajit Pai
    After Trump’s election, which allowed Republicans to gain the majority on the FCC after his inauguration, Pai declared he wanted to “fire up the weed whacker” to eliminate burdensome regulations.

Net neutrality was at the top of the list. He proposed a repeal in April, and the FCC voted 2-1 along party lines a month later to begin the process. Now Pai is just weeks away from overturning the rules he voted against in 2015.

  1. Michael O’Rielly
    Michael O’Rielly is a Republican and former congressional staffer who has been an FCC commissioner since 2013.

He worked in the House and Senate, rising to policy advisor for Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), a member of the Republican’s leadership team, before being nominated for the FCC seat.

O’Rielly also voted against the net neutrality rules in 2015. He has not publicly committed to supporting Pai’s proposal, saying he wanted to review it first to make sure it “contains the necessary legal and analytical foundations.”

  1. Brendan Carr
    Carr, a telecommunications attorney, had spent three years as Pai’s legal advisor for wireless, public safety and international issues. Pai then chose Carr to be the FCC’s general counsel in January.

Trump nominated him for a commission seat in June and he took office in August.

Before joining the FCC, Carr worked as a telecommunications attorney at the Wiley Rein law firm, where his clients included AT&T Inc., Verizon and USTelecom, a broadband industry trade group.