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'Wealthiest and Freest Country in the World': Nikki Haley Tells Bernie Sanders Its 'Ridiculous' to Examine US Poverty


'Wealthiest and Freest Country in the World': Nikki Haley Tells Bernie Sanders Its 'Ridiculous' to Examine US Poverty

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Responding to Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-Vt.) call for the Trump administration take immediate action to address extreme poverty in the U.S. after a United Nations report found that tens of millions of Americans are suffering "massive levels of deprivation," U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.


Nikki Haley is the one who is “patently ridiculous” – and it is her words that are “misleading and politically motivated.”

Right-wing reactionaries and regressives like Nikki Haley often accuse others of wrongs that they themselves commit.

Thank you, Bernie Sanders for quickly and powerfully refuting and correcting Nikki Haley’s whitewash words with many of the painful facts about widespread poverty, severe suffering, and grotesque, immoral inequality in the richest nation in history – the U.S.A.

I join Bernie in calling for the U.N. to conduct a thorough investigation of poverty and socio-politico-economic inequality in the U.S.A. – and in promptly and publicly reporting their findings.

The common people – and citizens – of the U.S.A. (and of the world) deserve to be told the truth by an independent and trustworthy source because the U.S. government has a conflict-of-interest in reporting “the whole truth” of its own crimes of abuse and neglect against the U.S. citizenry, whom it is supposed to represent and serve – but most often fails and refuses to represent and serve!


We are #1 in the world in military spending. So we need to keep that position so everything else does not matter??? So let’s keep making cuts and spending on more useless garbage .


I agree! Further, that there is a huge poverty problem is evident but what we’re going to do to solve the problem is not. I think it’s time to discuss how we the people can ameliorate these poverty issues. How can we get the top 1% to stop hoarding their gains and to start circulating their money through the system. Money, like blood, needs to circulate to do any good.


If indeed we are the wealthiest country in the world, why is our national debt so high (20+ trillion)?

And at the same time, why is any American living in poverty?

Oh, that’s right — our Military Industrial Complex which Haley adores and promotes. And I use the term “Complex” in the context of mental conditions. As in, we have a Military Industrial mental fixation. It’s a blindness which, in the end, will crush the US economy and democracy out like a burned out cigarette.


Her flippant answer about the US being the wealthiest is exactly the REASON why there is growing poverty in the US. When so much money is hoarded at the top with those people living in luxury — there HAS to be an impoverished area because that’s what that kind of thing causes. Like a wise man once said, “When I travel and see people living in opulence, I know there are people struggling in poverty in another area there.” ONLY 1% is wealthy – but what the hell does she care about that? And Freest??? Are you kidding me? In 2018 we are the freest? I pity the world if that is so at his time.


Haley, do us a favor and drink the hemlock. I know you are used to champagne but, hey, take one for the team, eh?


The irony of this woman saying this.
Yes we are the richest nation in the world but that doesn’t mean everyone sees that wealth when we have such wealth disparity. Nikki should be ashamed but I don’t suspect she’s that intelligent to know otherwise and if she does. She’s no better than that moral cretin
Trump. When she says we are th freest actually that’s not the case in polling. And it certainly isn’t the case when we are detaining and deporting legal Americans on 18 year old misdemeanors despite his rights afforded to him by the bill of rights


WE RISE UP! And not just a few hundred or thousand… Every one needs to RISE up and demand equality. The inequality has become to extreme in the US. Congress is flat out stealing from Social Security, Medicare and Veterans. Elderly nursing home patients are being evicted, they have cut off SNAP, and almost killed off Obamacare! Yet we still give Over 3 Billion to Israel, have 25 Billion for a fg Wall, Millions are with out Healthcare and Millions more are Homeless.
We need a French Revolution!




Just another repug thug women who lives in a bubble of luxury not in touch with reality or the American working class and poor.


Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction. Of which I am sure our country knows a lot about.


With the unprecedentedly heavy rains we have been getting in my area (for the obvious climatologial reasons) I have seen enough poison hemlock come up at a record-early part of the growing season, along the roads on my ride to work to kill 10,000 Nikki Haleys.

Maybe someone needs to slip some of it in her salad…


The wealthiest and freest nation in the world, per Nikki Haley—
hmmmm, oh–
but I think we have more people in prison than other, nations--------and also so many PRIVATE for PROFIT prisons too.
I bet she meant "FREEST country in the world—with Taxpayers money, because taxpayers see so little of its freeness.


Monkeys at the UN… Monkeys everywhere… Time to start bleaching the trumpmonkeys out of mankinds future.

Piles of monkey crap is choking the country to death.


Please forgive her lack of insight, Nikki suffer from having her head stuck up her ass—the lack of oxygen makes clear thinking difficult.


No. That is too slow. I’d like to kill this vile …thing with my bare hands around her pretty slender neck.

Aren’t women, by nature, supposed to be compassionate and peace loving?


obviously Haley is among the elite & knows nothing about the poor in this country.


More blind, arrogant, delusional shite from the feckless haley…


They care not for the system, unless it benefits them. Without violence, the only way to move their money is through taxation.