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Weaponized Philanthropy: Document Trove Details Bradley Foundation’s Efforts to Build Right-Wing “Infrastructure” Nationwide


Weaponized Philanthropy: Document Trove Details Bradley Foundation’s Efforts to Build Right-Wing “Infrastructure” Nationwide

Mary Bottari

Documents examined by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) expose a national effort funded by the Milwaukee-based Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation to assess and expand right-wing “infrastructure” to influence policies and politicians in statehouses nationwide.


Great article based on good research.
Unfortunately, weaponization of philanthropy is just a slice of the weaponized language of centrist political ideology. But yes, a significant slice.
In cultures where the political language is stacked with words and ideas that are deceptive, secretive and unaccountable, the conformity of the masses enables the success of this weaponization. And deadly it is - yet people continue to vote for the lies while so many die due to the domination of the many by the few. Ignorance prevails while supporters undermine their own freedom while madly waving flags and singing patriotically. What a surprise - the new boss is the same a s the old boss!


Trickle down never happens because the lion's share of profits from increased production stays in the 1% pockets, never to be used for jobs, especially jobs that mean anything for the actual benefit of the American Worker.

Rather, the money is kept for stock buybacks for Executives and Investors to increase their already too large share. (Dr. Richard Wolff explains this very effectively)

The rest is spent, as Mary Bottari reveals, actively working to further Disenfranchise the American Worker (read : the 99%) through destruction of Unions, nationwide.

When the 40 hour week is but a memory, and Child Labor Laws become quaint artifacts of a more Civilized time, the American Worker will have only these Tax Avoiding, Democracy Undermining Voices of our Captured Media left to listen to, Misdirecting and Pointing Towards the most beaten down of us as Villains (...they don't want to work, and they take all our resources...), as the reasons why times are so tough.


Any member of the 99% who believes in trickle down is:

1) color blind, failing to acknowledge that whatever has trickled down has always been yellow, and

2) ignores centuries of human history wherein 99% of the people were slaves in one form or another 99% of the time.
FDR's New Deal era and other eras wherein the 99% actually achieved some equity are blips on the radar of human history and the 1% are doing their best to make sure it never happens again.


thanx to CD for printing this most informative expose. In case you were wondering how this all happened to us, here it is in great detail beginning with the POWELL MEMO back in the 70's, yes that Powell who became a s.c. justice. WATCH HEIST WHO STOLE THE AMERICAN DREAM and HOW TO GET IT BACK. TO SEE IT IN VIDEO. This doc is as relevant today as it was the day it premiered at the Mill Valley Film Festival in 2011. google it .


The "human potential" unleashed by free market principles is the unleashing of the greedy capitalist to trumpet his magnanimity and to also receive a generous tax break.

Let's hope our nation moves in the direction of Western European Socialism.

Philanthropy is capitalism's dismal substitute for socialism's support of the people.

The philanthropic capitalist partially assumes a function best performed by a properly run socialist state, while ensuring that his name is prominently displayed.

The philanthropic capitalist is at liberty to choose the object of his generosity and to curtail it at will, whereas a socialist state is obligated to continuously provide for the people as stipulated by its laws.

Bill Gates, and other philanthropists spotlighted by the media, are being used as advertisements for capitalism.


Perhaps the most insidious policy of influence by the US Reich is its purchase of faculty spots at universities .

It is a long list . .


Tillerson makes it pretty clear that the NSC = NWO


Even with all this money and maneuvering, if the Democratic Party and labor "leadership" had an ounce of political acumen - leaving aside political integrity - these efforts would have been for naught.

Godawful gubernatorial candidates like Barrett and Burke, and the funneling of the energy unleashed at the Capitol into the recall, rather than building an aggressive grassroots movement against all that Walker represented, ensured Bradley's and its allies' successes.

The fact that the Democratic coalition has raised nary a peep regarding voter suppression and outright election theft illustrates just how removed it is from any commonly understood definition of "resistance".


To claim the Birch Society was on the fringes because it opposed the communist-influenced "civil rights" movement and communism is to radically distort history. First of all, the JBS was hardly alone in opposing the worst elements of the "civil rights" agenda. But unlike the majority of the Democrat Party, which opposed civil rights due to racism, the JBS was anti-racist from day 1 and opposed the "Civil Rights Act" because it was unconstitutional and some of the "leaders" of the movement because they were known communists. For those who don't know, communism killed 200+ million innocent people in less than a century. The JBS was not only never "fringe," despite the efforts of anti-civil rights racist William Buckley to attack them for opposing the Vietnam war, it has today come to dominate the conservative movement. This is good news.


That is a great whitewashing of the birch society. Who would have thunk it that LBJ was a commie since that democrat pushed the bill. And the majority of democrats voted for the bill. The racists democrats and republicans voted against it, but the majority of both party from the northg voted for it.
While there was communist support for equal rights, most people who supported it were not communists. And the birchers were the biggest racists and bigots there were at the time. I know, I grew while they held power and heard their shit about others. There was nothing they like better than to hate. They were always whining that white people couldn't make it because of the Other or their government was going to be taken over by the Other.
Guess what, the rich took over, not the commies, the world order, the blacks, the jews, etc.


You are a liar, plain and simple, and anybody with Google can verify that. JBS has always expelled racists, and that's part of the public record. It has always had Jews and blacks and other minorities in its leadership, even when racism was mainstream and the entire Democratic Party was controlled by racists and Klansmen. Even members of Congress such as Rep Schmitz were expelled from JBS if they expressed any racist sentiment at all. The fact that you have to lie about JBS to attack it tells everything anyone needs to know.


Wow. I wish all articles here were written and researched as this is. Thanks for the details. And for we visual learners, that simple but potent graphic at the end is always appreciated.


Been there. Wow--we must have grown up in places holding similar values. Me--Tejas. Local vote this weekend. Town of 1/4 million. And the thoroughfare through town had kids (20-something) waving confederate flags from overpasses.
It's great to be a racist down here northern way. But go down south to San Antone and try that racist shit--where you snowflakes are the minority. Let's see how that works out for ya.


And there are a few other foundations that are in the same hundreds of millions of dollars funds that give to conservative republican causes. As someone quipped, "All we have is George Soros." (according to a lot of right wing emails, Soros funds everything for the liberals)


“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

― Upton Sinclair


Good grief, yet another one? Isn't the Koch network enough for these people? The left has nothing even close to what the right has because on the right are the majority of the super wealthy not only in the US but world wide. This has been a systematic takedown of governments world wide with a push at total control by the elites. This should scare the crap out of people, especially those who think they're still free. I think many of follow blindly along with the crap spewed out of Fox News and other's would be astounded to know just how brainwashed they really are and what's really going on not only here but everywhere. The more we fight back, they more they push to suppress our voices and our actions.


Skipmoreland is correct and you are full of major BS.

You've got a few itty bits of demi facts strung together that add up to a nothing-burger.

You do know that calling someone a 'commie' was a big old dog whistle, right?

Why oh why are you a defender of such an odious bunch as the JBS???

The Kochs are racist and their dear old daddy was a Bircher. Hmm.


How in the hell can civil rights be effing 'communist-influenced' ???

What in the hell are the 'worst elements of the civil rights agenda' ???

How old are you and what planet are you from?