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'Weaponizing Vulnerabilities': New Snowden Doc Reveals Spy Agencies Targeted Smartphones


'Weaponizing Vulnerabilities': New Snowden Doc Reveals Spy Agencies Targeted Smartphones

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The intelligence alliance known as Five Eyes—comprising the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Australia—exploited security weaknesses in one of the world's most popular browsers to obtain data about users and planned to use links to Google and Samsung app stores to infect smartphones with spyware, a top secret National Security Agency (NSA) document published Wednesday has revealed.


Great. With agencies like this, who needs terrorists?


Drip, drip drip–like Chinese water torture the Snowden documents keep peeing on the forehead of the security state. It really is difficult to deny the authenticity of your own documents. Putin, Lavrov, or whoever was responsible for granting Edward defacto asylum in Russia ought to win some sort of award (and maybe even have a Robert Shetterly portrait and article for assisting in the exposure of the dark side of the US security state by telling the truth using its own documentation).
Three cheers for Poitras, Glen Greenwald, and the rest, for their packaging and release of this disgusting stuff. Just when you think that there can’t be anything else nasty or nefarious in their doings, another pile of bureaucratic poop plops down under your nose.
Just enough to offend without overwhelming your sensibilities. Someone ought to also write a massive three to five part series of books (kind on the order of Churchill’s history of WWII) to chronicle this entire mess. It would sure make for more compelling reading than most of the presidential memoirs published.