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'Wear a Mask, Keep Social Distance, and Wash Your Hands,' Says Joe Biden After Testing Negative for Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/02/wear-mask-keep-social-distance-and-wash-your-hands-says-joe-biden-after-testing


Although it seems logical, Biden’s negative test concurrent with Trump’s positive test, should help Biden on November 3. But, then has anything been logical in murka during the past half century ?

During the decades that I worked in the construction industry it was common for workers who lost fingers or an eye to be promoted to safety manager. Their nicknames often reflected their injuries. Lots of stubbys and stumpys, so a POTUS who represents worst behaviors is not surprising.


Now that Trump has tested positive for Covid-19 Joe, I would suggest you cancel all the coming debates and since they are nothing but a farce…what do you have to lose?

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I know this goes against many people’s wishes but pray he doesn’t die before the election if you think this is chaos.


Wouldn’t set my cynicism aside here. Could be a ruse so trump can bow out of remaining debates.
But it does look like the trump no mask plan has backfired.
With all of these OPEN rallies how can this be back traced?

And maybe the whole democratic enterprise should pressing for NO interruption in the voting, or transfer of power if needed.


Yes, if Trump were to die then his fanatical supporters might very well take to the streets in fits of rage with their assault weapons, lashing out irrationally at people. A few weeks ago a Trump supporter ominously told me in my small rural town that a war is coming which means that it would not take too much to set those people off especially if their leader is no longer around to heap praise upon them.

On that note I worked in shipyards for eleven years. The safety guys usually had been riggers, the most dangerous of our trades.

I sincerely hope he lives so he can be roundly defeated in the election, experience the stomach turning as his ponzi empire collapses and is prosecuted and jailed for tax evasion. Not to mention a few lawsuits for rape, molestation etc. Oh, and a divorce on top of all that, by by trophy wife.

However being laid low by severe symptoms would be appropriate.

Any person that spectacularly destructive, which is the most succinct way to describe Donald Trump, is more than likely to self destruct as some point. His performance in the “debate” is a illustration of that.

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Good point!

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The epicenter of USA’s COVID outbreak has been atomized, with all the worst outbreaks in heartland states right now. This is a somewhat dull alphabetical list of 22 state-outbreaks for which CDC’s 7-day moving average is ascending near or into new highs. For anyone living there, your chance of catching COVID today is markedly stronger today than ever before in:

Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

So please be especially careful out there, especially regarding aerosols and prolonged indoor exposure. Ten feet away from a shouting infected person for 90 minutes was far more risk (OMG, way, way more!) than Biden should have been exposed to. Dodged a bullet so far, and he’ll need follow-up tests.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    35 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   5.  01/30/2020           5           5
>  10.  03/05/2020         159         164
>  15.  04/09/2020     459,001     459,165
>  20.  05/14/2020     952,956   1,412,121
>  25.  06/18/2020     771,279   2,183,400
>  30.  07/23/2020   1,841,092   4,024,492
>  35.  08/27/2020   1,821,384   5,845,876
>  40.  10/01/2020   1,414,589   7,260,465
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Trump is reputedly a “stubby.”
At least according to Stormy Daniels.

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That was my cynical thought as well. He fakes being sick for sympathy and to get out of debates. Then he can claim how easy it is to get well to “prove” COVID-19 is no big deal.

Good advice from someone who didn’t follow it in pressing for the Wisconsin primary not to be postponed, as he saw it as politically disadvantageous.

Thinking ‘he got what he deserved’ is understandable but off base.

It’s not that he sneered at masks and then got sick. It’s that his covid policies murdered a very large number of citizens and residents.

(And not just ‘his policies’ - his and Republicans’ and Democratic collaborators’ policies.)

No Mein Fuhrer did not die! They burned a corpse in the Garden so as to make it look unrecognizable and claimed it our leader. The Fuhrer escaped to Argentina on a submarine and will one day return with a mighty host to make our Homeland great again!

(Trump supporter 2036)

Are you starting a another new religion?

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