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'Wear Your Damn Masks, Please,' Says Rep. Pocan After NIH Director Ties Politicization to 'Tens of Thousands' of US Deaths

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/02/22/wear-your-damn-masks-please-says-rep-pocan-after-nih-director-ties-politicization


Trump to Push Himself as GOP’s “Presumptive 2024 Nominee” at CPAC, Report Says


Former President Donald Trump will speak at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, next Sunday, where he will brand himself as the head of the Republican Party, sources have said.

In the first public speech he will give since leaving the White House in January, Trump is expected to discuss “the future of the Republican party and the conservative movement,”


That’s as disappointing as this:

“As president, he was diagnosed with Covid-19 and hospitalized in early October, but eventually recovered;”


A case for wearing masks from India:



Vomit. Should have impeached the sleaze ball the first time around.


Not a doctor or a scientist, but I think we will get another surge this Fall simply because there are still too many people in this country denying the fact of the pandemic and what to do to mitigate it. Simply put, dumb Americans (ie: cult of drumpf) will be responsible for another surge.


But did you see the post I made yesterday? India has identified 240+ variants of COVID in their country alone.

China and Russia are making friends around the world delivering vaccines. And masks. The US and other Western countries producing vaccines are overwhelmed with the their own cases and doing me first. US even refused Canada.


the republithugs and their orange leader are all murderers imho! jail time for them all.


No didn’t see that. Thanks. So many variants popping up now. And new trials to begin in UK:



This should, in theory, be very simple. As National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins points out in the article:

“A mask is nothing more than a life-saving medical device, and yet it got categorized in all sorts of other ways that were not factual, not scientific, and, frankly, dangerous,” he said. “And I think you could make a case that tens of thousands of people died as a result.”

Wearing a face mask or a face shield should be a very basic concept especially in crowds or in a grocery store. It is also a reason why many Asian countries have far lower rates of infection and deaths from Covid-19 than the United States. But trying to get so many freedom-loving Americans to act rationally and intelligently is a task that seems doomed to fail as they continue to place their selfish needs over those of other people.


If we had an aggressive House of Reps, or an aggressive Biden DOJ, they could look into the money and effort that went into creating this anti-mask movement. There was too much of it too quickly on the internet, and to me, that smells like some decently big money backing the message. My suspicions are that if some aggressive investigators were to follow that money they’d find it leads back to the right-wing olitgarchs who’ve funded the Tea-Party and Trump. Some would seem likely to lead back to the Koch family.

But, no matter where the trail leads, some people with money and power just killed tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Americans. They pushed and funded not only the anti-mask movement, but some also funded an armed rebellion against the state implementing sensible public health measures. Which in turn led directly to 1/6. We dang-sure have to look to see who has done that to us, and make them pay a price for their part in killing 500,000 Americans.


If these factual accounts in piece below won’t get people to wear masks, I’m not sure what will:

What it’s like to die from Covid-19
“I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy”: Doctors describe what their sickest coronavirus patients endure.

I highly recommend Dr. Osterholm’s podcast:

Dr. Osterholm emphasizes the importance of the seal with masks.
You can wear “2 masks” but have huge gaps or they can be of poor quality or both and that will not protect you or others.


True. How true. East Asians are the MOST careful. I taught in China for over ten years. Students with a cough or cold come to class with a mask. People on the street, the same way.
I was in Sichuan, China through their COVID outbreak last year. Temperature check and mask check at the entrance to every apartment complex. Temperature check and mask check at supermarkets.


Rep. Pocan is right on, “Wear the damn masks.”

By the way Wisconsin, yet another state, New Jersey, has legalized marijuana.
When are you going to wake the hell up?
It is medically helpful to hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin residents who can’t get that help. Legislators, pull your heads out of your asses.


Dr. Osterholm thinks another surge is coming soon. He hopes he is wrong----he lays out the latest facts (2/18/21) in the link I provided above.
His podcasts are excellent. BUT he conveys information most don’t want to hear.

Yes, most media coverage seems centered upon deaths caused by Covid-19 while relatively little news is devoted to those people who are known as the long haulers. The USA Today had an article on these people and the lingering effects which Covid-19 has produced on those unfortunate victims of the coronavirus.


But not the Asian country called Russia. They are giving great news on RT, well, mostly. But they do not like restrictions. Anyway, GLASSES cut transmission, according to this article!!!

the importance of the seal with masks.

Masks have a seal? I think he’s talking about something different from the cheap crap I bought on Amazon as the best I could do.

To me, by this point in the pandemic, I don’t see why the Great Nation of America could not have set and met a goal, and then use its mighty War-Industrial-Complex to produce N-95 masks not only for all health care workers who have to work in an environment where there might even be a chance of Covid, but also for the elderly and the other high-risk Americans. The Post-WW2 America could have done that, and would have done that. Today, its not even mentioned.


Students with a cough or cold come to class with a mask. People on the street, the same way.

Back when I lived in the Smog-Bubble that is Atlanta, GA, it was Japanese tourists who, by their example, taught me to wear a mask.


I usually wear a face shield in public and that is because of an article written by infections disease expert Eli Perencevitch who made mention of a study which found that a face shield is 96% more effective than a face mask. It acts as a wall which protects a person’s eyes, mouth, and nose.