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'Wear Your Damn Masks, Please,' Says Rep. Pocan After NIH Director Ties Politicization to 'Tens of Thousands' of US Deaths

“In South Texas Rio Grande Valley last summer tiny Starr County had an ethics committee to decide just that. There weren’t enough ICU beds for everyone, so the least likely to survive would be sent home to die. Yes. This happens.”

copied from comment made by Briselica on Common Dreams yesterday.
This also occurred in a very upscale zip code near Chicago. 85 year old man sent home by physician to die last week. His wife, also ailing, could not help him. Next day, ambulanced to hospital.

Medical triage is the larger factor in our sad death spiral. The original Chicago deaths were 42% black and 37% Mexican a year ago. Big blame was on diabetes, obesity, age, poverty.

Only rich people seem to know what medicine to ask for when they get covid.

Please prepare for a longer war. This one started in Maryland.
Pfizer lied about sending their vaccine to rural areas. You can buy dry ice anywhere.
And now they are asking to raise the storage temperature. Yea, sure - to get more sales.


Just read a great article in the Atlantic on the subject - but this site won’t let me link to it
Title -We’re Just Rediscovering a 19th Century Pandemic Strategy

That is who I am cynical about …

How did you get your urls in - I couldn’t post mine …

So you mean Ft Detrick Maryland? Surely, they’ve never had an accident there. (They have, and don’t call me Shirley)

That was not a case of peeling paint inside the janitors closet.
As some army colonial tried to sell us.
Lyme disease is from Plum Island, now closed but still polluted and off limits.

Sars1 had no test available and the estimate was 12,000 deaths. Tragic, but
when one is a vibrant, young hard working mom leaving four orphans.

I had expected the Russians to have a terrific vaccine.
Pfizer applied for a lower temperature storage permit.
We did not get their vaccine to rural areas
because low temp freezers were needed.
Well, two things.
Dry Ice available anywhere.
Low temp was caution - which is OK - and now enough batches
were administered late in the day and results are the same as
morning inoculations = lower stg temp. possible.

I think the Maryland fella provided the good recipe to the german firm.
perhaps others also.

Read the piece. All does is repeat what we already know. Most of it is just common sense once you know the droplets abilities…
Ventilation is great, but it isn’t much help if someone is talking loudly, sneezing, etc.
We have held to wearing a mask since the beginning. Still do, and will until a believable all clear is announced.
Fauci may have misinformed originally, but has been a staunch mask wearing person since. He would have to intentionally have caused harm for me to refer to him as a liar.


How to Wear a Mask & When to Wear Two to Reduce COVID Transmission & Increase Vaccine Effectiveness


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My interest hardly matters, but I’ve been most appreciative of your first-hand accounts, advocacy, etc. re: CFS. SF Chronicle had a terrific account of Covid long-hauler issues on the front page of Monday’s paper, by Nanette Asimov:


One athletic first-responder got it last March. Fifty years old, now gets around with a walker. ABC news yesterday had a little boy in the same shape – just shockingly flaccid limbs – begging Doctor Fauci himself for some explanation of what’s happening to him. We don’t know, of course. Some folks say 10% of post-Covid patients encounter this syndrome, others say 30%. Somewhere in there. Maybe.

One fascinating detail from Asimov’s article: Sometimes post-Covid syndrome replays neurological echoes of previous problems, such as migraines or concussions. There’s some kind of biological meaning in such patterns, I think. Also the striking resemblances between CFS, Lyme’s Disease, and post-Covid syndrome, I think these recurrent patterns have biological significance.

Some patterns I’m aware of in all three:

  • a bewildering diversity of symptoms, frustrating firm diagnosis
  • non-binary, graduated symptoms such as fatigue, again frustrating diagnosis
  • developing syndrome definitions (invoking Ebola’s microscopic signature: ?)
  • possible links to suffusive toxins, saturating our bodies
  • a lack of tests to identify the existence of the syndrome, let alone how it originated
  • capricious symptom intensity: coming and going mysteriously (like some cases of MS)

The most significant link between Covid and CFS, imho, is that we’re challenged to confront biology at the nearly atomic level of elaborate proteinaceous interactions. There’s a place where biology meets quantum physics, so biologists will need to bone up on Schrodinger’s Cat (& etc.) to get a feeling for how stuff works at incomprehensibly small scales. Counter-intuitive, but compelling.


You have to put something in that keeps it from becoming an actual link. Example: the ~ at the beginning or (h)ttp:. We used to be able to insert actual links in comments, then it was stopped by the MOD, so this is how we get arountd it.

Your interest matters quite a bit. It’s good to see how much you have learned about it.

One of the theories is that ME/CFS is form of polio that is not quite strong enough to kill you. If so, it would be a great example of something that doesn’t kill you that does NOT make you stronger. (I’ve always hated that expression.)

A very popular theory is that it is the aftereffect of a viral infection.

It is part of a spectrum that includes Lyme, POTS, Mast Cell Activation, Ehlers-Danlos. And nobody gets just one.

The one defining symptom for this syndrome is exertion intolerance. I worry about long haulers being encouraged to exercise, or even push activity. That will cause permanent damage. It’s like some with pneumonia being told that a five mile run would be good for them.

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Hi Aquifer:
Hmm cimate change deniers? Hmmm well move them to Florida on a quickly receding piece of sand! Or perhaps a free apartment in Chernobyl, or free heath care from Dr. Atlas—America offers so many negative options it’s soooo hard to choose. : )

The MIC producing N95 masks is socialism and would interfere with the profits of 3M and other companies that produce them. Profits over people, baby. It’s the 'murikkkan way.

People actually set the woods on fire so they can pick mushrooms after the fires die out. The grandkids might have asthma but the family has something to sell at the market. We made it to AQI 209, Very Unhealthy or one step away from Hadardous, this morning. Have to run the A/C and Air Filtering Units to make it safe to breath in the house, but that means more electricity from gas and coal fired generation. You just can’t win.

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