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Weed For Warriors


Weed For Warriors

Convincingly arguing they've given up enough lives and limbs and peace of mind to earn the right to seek relief from the ensuing pain - physical or psychological - however they damn choose, veterans are increasingly demanding freedom from toxic prescription meds and access to medical weed. This week, the Senate tentatively agreed, even as protesting veterans dumped a mountain of pill bottles at the White House to prove their harrowing point.


Veterans return to the U S and are met with either disdain (Vietnam) or empty rhetoric (Iraq, Afghanistan). When they seek out help, the VA response time takes months and sometimes years. When there is a response, the allopathic doctors simply throw pills (with myriad side effects) at them because it is easier for them (the docs) that way...no need to follow up because the patient may have died (reading the illegible labels for side effects supposedly absolves the pharma firm from culpability and gives the medical personnel a pass). Not much has changed since the WWI (the War to End All Wars???) veterans marched on Washington (DC) for compensation. Seems the only veterans receiving expeditious and curative care are either high ranking officers and/or wealthy enough to find the best care or the wounded veterans in the TV ads about rehabilitative care for lost limbs, etc. There are so many, many more left behind in the shadows, sad to say. Take the money spent on drones and use it to TAKE CARE OF OUR VETERANS WHO NEED HELP WHETHER PHYSICAL OR MENTAL/EMOTIONAL...lives would be saved rather than lost.


My VA Dr will not discuss anything to do with pot ,, and others that have copped to using pot instead of codeine , tramadol , lorazipam , etc for whatever reason , pain , lack of sleep , depression , in order to avoid the extensive cover you ass list of side effects included with all the scrips that, as stated ,can create worse problems than the symptoms to be treated , are being cut off .. great support eh ?? 22 vets a day take their own lives ,, whats wrong with this picture . ?


In honor of NO MORE WAR day my Mike and I got drunk and talked about what a difference it would make if we could smoke pot instead -- we had 2 different tomato plants growing right outside Mike's bedroom windows this year and I got this idea that we should plant the pot there so that in the summer when it's not hot and can have the windows open all we'd have to do is breathe innnnnn ... :smile: It's a nice fantasy, but will probably never happen since we live in Nebrasky where 90% of the populace votes reptoxicon against their own best interests. Even if having access to medical marijuana doesn't make an appreciable difference in the length of their lives I do know it would make whatever time they have left much more pleasant!

Pwr 2 the POT-SMOKING peons!


Washington state or DC? Either way it would make an awesome trip!!! :wink:

I know what you're talking about with your brother's children -- you know what happened to the first one (Jamie); the second one (born the day Elvis Presley died :anguished:) is severely retarded ... he's a big, beautiful 6'2" 180 pound 3-year-old. :scream: But he can play a mean game of basketball, and his name is Jonathon. :heart_eyes:


Whenever I have an appointment at the VA I always try to engage in conversation with the Nam vets I meet. I'm Nam era and have a very good friend (we go back to the mid 70s having met at Bragg) and each of these vets is close to my heart. At the time they were over there, I was protesting -- go figure -- and then I end up in the combined Regular Army/Army Reserve for 15 years. Have a lot of medical issues myself and find pot helps me with my pain. Redraven -- I assume you mean Washington State.


Mike was stationed at Ft. Lewis for basic -- he said he loved the state and would love to go back there (even if just for a visit). So ... we'll be there next week! :wink:


Red, that's what I thought -- I'm not far from Lewis-McChord.


The United States has failed its veterans from DAY 1: read about the first veterans of the revolutionary war:

Revolutionary War Veteran Entitlements
By Philip Mead

As the Revolutionary War ended, American soldiers, like Connecticut sergeant Joseph Plumb Martin, turned their attention toward land bounties and other rewards promised in their enlistment contracts. Martin was a �hard core� veteran of seven years in the Continental Line, the regular army troops of the American Revolution. Like most veterans, he expected the country to reward his contributions to national independence by providing him with some personal economic freedom. In an 1830 memoir titled A Narrative of Some of the Adventures Dangers and Sufferings of a Revolutionary Soldier, Martin demanded to know why Congress and the people failed to deliver. Why were he and his fellow soldiers �turned adrift like old worn-out horses�? How was it that impoverished soldiers had to sell their land claims to �a pack of speculators who were driving about the country like so many evil spirits, endeavoring to pluck the last feather from the soldiers�? Why, having spent his youth �suffering everything short of death in his country�s cause,� did poverty still haunt him all his life? And why, when the United States government finally provided a soldiers� pension in 1818, thirty-five years after the war, did Martin and his fellow veterans still face scorn from the �hardhearted wretches� who were �vile enough to say that [the soldiers] never deserved such favor from the country?�


Weed prohibition is another class warfare weapon in the oligarchy's armamentarium.


when i think about my lame attempt to "walk in the shoes" of wounded warriors, i think that i would find a black market source and tell the so-called docs "F-off" [nicely]. it's my body, my head, my ptsd and you are NOT helping me. self medication is easier and better and usually has a beneficial effect. i, personally, would opt out, work for decriminalization. accept the consequences if there's fallout. [instead of suffering side effects.] you made it back alive and it's YOUR life. i hope more people join the growing chorus of vets demanding the use of medical marijuana. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. i am certain you will win this fight.