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Weekend for Trump, Who Has Covid-19, Now Includes On-Air 'Sham Medical Exam' Friday and In-Person White House Event Saturday

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/09/weekend-trump-who-has-covid-19-now-includes-air-sham-medical-exam-friday-and-person


Isn’t it about time for a writ of habeas corpus regarding Chris Christie? Show us the body, Drumpf.


So, being in the same room with trump is worth possible life-long disabilities or death? Just a new form of Russian roulette, I guess.


I still wonder if he really ever has or ever did have COVID. I’m a bit skeptical as to the effectiveness of a mildly tested “wonder drug” developed by a company he has shares in.


with all six chambers loaded…


More like “a mockery of a sham”.

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That’s a good question, also posed by the author of the lead quote in this article (read it carefully):

Did Feigl-Ding-Dong really mean, “No proof yet [that] he’s not contagious.” or does Stancil agree with you that there’s no proof Tweetle-Dumb was contagious yet when this “crisis” occurred?

A “Blunder Drug” is more like it.  I hope it provokes a serious stroke or heart attack a.s.a.p.   OTOH, the more members of Tweetle-Dumb’s administration that he infects, the better — just so long as they can be quarantined to minimize collateral damage.

You just reminded me of a line from a story by Dr. Seuss: *
        "A Sham Exam I am, I am . . . "

*  Apparently a far more competent medical doctor than any of those treating – or advising – our Presidunce.


I’ll try a different tac.
He’ll be on the balcony of the white house.
mask off.
looking down at his invited minions on the lawn = all wearing masks!!

Halloween orange face except ears and eyes.
Hairs carefully added and filled out over bald head and glued to withstand any breeze, tornado or hurricane.

He speaks:
Whines about Michigan’s governor, VP candidate Harris, and tells us how great he is, bringing us wealth beyond measure, security from all those ant-fa folks and the covid 19 deaths are just natural.


at this point anybody who goes to those Trump events are showing themselves to be damn fools and who frankly deserve what ever happens to them–sad for them but completely avoidable --the crime is when they-- in imitation of the fool they adore–get the covid virus and spread it to more responsible folks who were smart enough to avoid exposing themselves knowingly only to be exposed by others they might not have known were potential carriers resulting from their appearance at the super spreader event and the exposing of the workers who have little choice but to do their jobs at these events

to quote Buffy Sainte Maire–“My Country 'Tis Of Thy People You’re Dying”


But one can turn that around by saying that if Trump is not contagious then all he has to do is to say when the last time it was that he had tested negative for the coronavirus. If he was negative then one would logically think that he and his doctor would be eager to share this with the country and the rest of the world. But what is curious is that neither Trump nor Conley has done this which leads one to believe that Trump still has the coronavirus especially when he was coughing during a recent interview with Sean Hannity.

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We’d pretty much ALL presumed that scenerio. It’s TRUMP, ergo a große Lüge! I’d actually enabled “OK Google, is he DEAD yet?” But, just guessing, it was just herd mentality, pathetic wish-think; including pools as to which of his pal’s wonder drugs his infomercials for COVIDCure© RoidRage® would include? We’d figured Melanoma would be hiding out amongst vampires in Slovenia, while one after another of Trump’s lesser West Wing staff would be intubated, bagged & tagged live on FOXCNNBC, tragically unable to speak out?


~https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-violence/meet-the-americans-standing-by-for-possible-election-violence-idUSKBN26U15I (reality infomercial in 5… 4… 3…)


~https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-10-09/biden-camp-keeps-quiet-on-record-cash-haul-so-donors-keep-giving (don’t PAY, you can probably GUESS it all)

habeas corpus is imprisoned at GTMO
We need a rescue plan


Side-by-side 8-gauge? Glock 18 on full auto? Grenade?

Has anyone else noticed how much Trump’s looking like the Great COVID Pumpkin as they try spraying Krylon, in Level A HAZMAT suits… with Doody Rudy coughing in the bushes…





Can reptiles & polycarbonate sex-bots transmit corona viruses? Anybody interview that poor fly? “SAVE me!”

Mike Pence is contagious too, said CNN’s medical correspondent after seeing him in the debate. By visual inspection he had conjuntivitis, pink eye, which is a known covid-19 symptom. I saw a comment that Pence was running out of gas near the end of the debate. That poor fly!

Next, he and his wife canceled their trip to Indiana to vote in person, and probably to shore up Indiana as a Republican safe state.


True, if he really had covid-19 he’d still be in the hospital like Chris Christie and all of the others who’ve been truly infected.

Nonsense. Orangeman’s course of illness is consistent, so far, with that of Boris Johnson and many others. Your disinfo about Orangeman not having it is a classic incredible yarn requiring hundreds of co-conspirators: people who are in on the secret, but not breathing a word (though many who would know, such as staff at the hospital, hate his guts). Why do foolish people strain so hard to imagine the most unlikely interpretation possible of the news we hear? Vast energies are devoted to distorting practically everything we hear from the agitprop machine. Reading comprehension depends on sifting the wheat from the chaff, not haphazardly, but skillfully – so as to arrive somewhere close to reality in our understanding.

Orangeman is truly high as a kite on dexamethasone, due for a crash if they don’t keep escalating the dose, or even if they do, imho. Starting Orangeman on that immunity-suppressing cortico-steroid much too early was a huge mistake in his care, for which he may yet pay with his life.

One thing we do know for sure is that Trump is a pathological liar and like his previous attorney, Michael Cohen has said: " when Trump’s lips are moving he is lying"…


I thought he would be on the balcony talking to crowd below in Rose Garden? Nothing makes sense when trump is involved. Just chaos and chaotic.

Or this is just another game show to keep us guessing and his name on all front pages print and digital. It keep others off their game. If he said he tested negative the game would be over and he wants to drag this game on.

Alright Aleph_Null, the agent orange man only tells the truth when he runs out of lies. He is so pathetic sick in the head that he has forced people to treat him like the boy who cried Woolf. And Boris Johnson did look like shit while under quarantine.