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Weekend for Trump, Who Has Covid-19, Now Includes On-Air 'Sham Medical Exam' Friday and In-Person White House Event Saturday

I realize it’s impossible to believe anything coming out of the White House – except those occasions when Orangeman “runs out of lies” do actually occur, and that’s when we need to recalibrate our bullshit-detectors. It’s vital to keep our bullshit-detectors in good repair, imho.

I think Orangeman looks like shit. He’s literally turning less orange, fading before our eyes! Some professional experience in reading physical symptoms might influence my interpretation.

Most likely he’s already hooked on it, and will keep demanding it – probably in higher and higher doses – which, since he’s the Kommander in Chief his Naval-Officer doctor cannot refuse.  IIRC, in addition to the “high”, there is a higher risk of blood clots leading to a stroke or heart attack.  Hopefully he’ll emulate Herman Cain’s sudden downturn after feeling a lot better, and collapse & die in full view of his worshipers at one of his rallies this weekend.

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I’m with you on that. I’ve heard stern moral voices condemning me for wishing ill on any entity which once was, at some point, human. The majorly messed-up, hyper-armed and very angry state this country is in, probably hundreds of thousands of lives would be saved by Orangeman’s timely demise. This is Hitler on the table. Should he die…Wow! Can you imagine the dancing in the streets we’d see?

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There’s a memorable line in ‘Lord of the Rings’ where Gandalf rebukes Frodo for suggesting that Bilbo probably ought to have killed Gollum when he had the chance, something along the lines of “There are many who deserve death, but there are also many who deserve life — can you give it to them?”.   But we are not talking about Gollum here; we are talking about Tweetle-Dumb the Balrog.  Or more likely Bill Barr is the Balrog, and Tweetle-Dumb is Sauron himself – as cold-hearted as Stalin, as insane as Hitler, and as fat, evil & ugly as Mussolini, Saddam or Kim . . .


Trump will do just about anything to get his mug on the tube every day.

Yes indeed if true he’s nowhere near out of the woods since the gestation period is between 2 to 4 weeks.

Hi timber:
I guess trump has already forgotten his African American supporter who supported Trump in Oklahoma----but who later had a bad case of Covid19. Ironically, but just before he died , he said “I’m feeling great.”
i imagine that the same will happen to Trump. He dd say the other day that he was “young,” so it wouldn’t be bad for him. Hmmm maybe those words, " I’m feeling fine." will be some of Trump’s last words too

Obviously I have to completely agree.
And the republican bullies are the mountain trolls.