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Weekend of Bernie's: Huge Maine Victory Caps Resurgency for Sanders



Full Definition of greed
: a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (as money) than is needed


That totally makes sense, doesn't it?

In the same way that the FBI used infiltration as its key strategy in order to direct activities inside Environmental Groups, the Civil Rights movement, and even the Feminist Agenda... why wouldn't an infiltrator (with pro-business, Republican leaning views) enter the Democratic party pretending to be one of its own in order to shift its direction?

Remember: It was Michael Moore who referred to Bill Clinton as the nation's best Republican President.

Also, under the guise that Mr. Clinton was a deft deal-maker and exceptionally gifted in working with "the other party," in actuality, Clinton fused both parties into one entity deferential to Big Money.

Clinton "ended Welfare as we know it." And in the same way that unemployment numbers aren't counted after a certain time interim (giving the false impression that these out of work persons suddenly found jobs), when Welfare was ended, it hardly changed the facts of poverty. But these facts were sent underground.

Clinton opened "trade" with Mexico via NAFTA. In actuality, as so many wise souls predicted, it just dropped wages inside the U.S. and allowed major job creators to ship out to cheaper ports of call.

Clinton deregulated the mass media enabling a small set of deep pocket pro-business (and pro-war) interests to buy up ALL mass media... and that included newspapers, Clear Channel taking possession of 1800 radio stations, and of course, T.V.

And then there was the deregulation of Wall St and Banking... taking down the wall (Glass-Steagall) intelligently put in place to PREVENT another Great Depression. As if all this gambling with public pensions and the savings of working families would not lead to a massive crisis, this one enabled by the abstraction of computer-generated algorithms being a stand-in for ACTUAL wealth.

The sins of the Clintons are legion. They definitely played a substantial role in TAINTING the Democratic Party. And the lack of support for Mrs. Clinton is blowback for that and more.

Blacks in the South may still support her because due to the costs of the Internet, less Black citizens get their news from HONEST sources. And as another poster pointed out (I forgot the name), the threat of what Republicans CAN do to the Black community looms large. So hearing that Hillary is "the presumptive" candidate and/or that Bernie Sanders cannot win... they take that lesser evil.

Cruz looks like a reincarnated senator from ancient Rome. I am reading an excellent book by Michael Parenti about the assassination of Julius Caesar and the nefarious methods used by Cato and Cicero to insist upon plots that did not exist in order to justify their own designs against Caesar. These are eerily reminiscent of EXACTLY what is going on today. And I would not be surprised (since I believe in reincarnation) if some of the most cunning and dishonest players of that era were not once again undermining the fate of humanity through actions taken solely for their own advantages... wishing hell to the rest of us... Democracy, along with it.


The trends impacting our nation and its standard of living are global. So this goes way past any American Dream.


Revolution and Propaganda have always been two of my favorite related terms.
Revolution came from Galileo's assertion that the Earth revolves around the Sun.
Propaganda came from the Church's response to Galileo (a pronouncement propagating from the Church).


Thank you, I was not aware of that quote, but it states the obvious.


I disagree. I think love, creativity, curiosity leading to invention and innovation, and the urge to grow were far more conducive to human progress than greed! You're giving Wall St. cover!


You must have missed his ENDLESS regurgitations of purported even 50-50 splits between haves and have-nots. He sees society sliced in half down an imaginary middle... a sort of equator imposed upon the economic spectrum.

In other words: clueless! And also incapable of altering his understanding when compelling facts are offered.


I too think Bernie has spoken openly, honestly and often on what he means by political revolution, Golestan - even tho he may not be voicing all the things that "revolution" should include - and that because Bernie is a canny person/candidate/politician. Whatever he's left-out is not for any devious reason, but to continue to build the needed coalition to effect the change he, and the rest of us, see as critical. The quote "But what is Sanders’ definition of “revolution”?" were not my words but the author of the piece I quoted...


You have mentioned the dark influence of the Koch brothers several times. How about calling out some of the other mega-rich by name with anti-99% agenda?



Is it true that Trotskyites threw this huge party only for real Trotskyites -

...and nobody was invited?


Hey, they've now edited the delegate count. Thanks!


I agree. We would like to know the delegate count without including the super delegate numbers at least if only for perspective. How about including them in parentheses or something.

A maybe is not the same as a pledge.

Edit added
This post was edited to better reflect my appreciation of CD for listening to BigRiverBandido and including the amended tallies.


Wow, thanks for that tidbit of etymology!

i've not yet verified that the first Church use of the term "propaganda" was in response to Galileo's revolutionary claim of Earthly revolution around the sun.

But i've quickly found multiple sources stating that it was indeed the hierarchy of the Catholic Church that first turned the concept of "propagate" into the concept of "propaganda."


True enough, we are all connected no matter where we live. But your comment above that i replied to was focused on America just as was my reply.


Did you actually read my post? I did say: "...if constrained by morals, law and ethics". Wall Street has none of those!

"...creativity, curiosity leading to invention and innovation, " all of these are motivated by the desire to possess, or in case that is too crass for you, by the desire to improve a situation, which in effect amounts to the same.
I left out 'love' in my above quote, because it is generally overrated.
I have in the past collected some of my own perceptions. Here is one, which applies:

• The most important aspect of inter human relations is not love or friendship, but respect. Not respect for authority, but for the otherness of the other. Without it no relationship can endure, not love, marriage, friendship nor even an employment relationship.

You may extend that also to cover your pets and every thing else in your environment


Thanks, Common Dreams, for the update!


Thank you for clarifying this. I took just the opportunity to express my thought on that. (I never miss an opportunity to voice my opinion :slight_smile: )
That aside, I second everything you said in this post


I don't know any specifics on this but my guess is that a lot of companies that make auto parts for GM are located in Michigan and benefited from the bailout. I think the bailout of GM helped Obama win the state in 2012. I wouldn't fault Bernie on his answer. I think it shows how misleading it can be to just look at a Senate vote for something because the bills tend to include things a given senator supports and is against. The problem for Bernie was that the Wall Street bailouts were bundled with the GM bailout so he could not vote against the Wall Street bailout without also voting against the GM bailout. Whether he actually favored the GM bailout or not is something I don't know.


I'm pretty sure he supports Bernie... don't forget, he's done a mockery on the premise of Capitalism in at least one of his documentary films.


I agree on the Supers they don't count till they do, but that's not the real issue right now. I'd like to see one pundit , or Bernie person show me how he can win this right now? Unless, he can start winning more African-American and Hispanic voters I highly doubt he can win and therefore those Supers are probably going to vote with Hillary. A similar scenario was there in 2008 and the Supers went to Obama. Bernie might get close like Jackson in 1988 , but that and a qtr. won't win him a seat at Hillary's Inaugural.