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Weeks After Voting for $740 Trillion Pentagon Budget, Ted Cruz Says 'Magic Money Tree' Isn't Available to Struggling Families

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/10/weeks-after-voting-740-trillion-pentagon-budget-ted-cruz-says-magic-money-tree-isnt


Markey does keep trying to speak out. We need to keep him in the Senate.

Massachusetts (and the country) need a person of courage, not a person with a famous last name. Send a few bucks to Markey’s campaign if you can. He’s being WAY outspent.


Surely that should be $740 BILLION.


It’s a headline fer fak sake.Do you guys need a proofreader…? I’m available.

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We know where his priorities are.

We could put Cruz in charge of checking each person to see if they are paying for anything by bartering lattes.

Hopefully Cruz will be one of the first of many who will be hanging from a lamp post when the house of cards collapses. I am tired beyond belief, with this “we can’t afford it” crap.


“In 1789, the French monarchy had become so unreal, that is to say, so robbed of all necessity, so irrational, that it had to be destroyed by the Great Revolution, of which Hegel always speaks with the greatest enthusiasm. In this case, therefore, the monarchy was the unreal and the revolution the real. And so, in the course of development, all that was previously real becomes unreal, loses it necessity, its right of existence, its rationality. And in the place of moribund reality comes a new, viable reality — peacefully if the old has enough intelligence to go to its death without a struggle; forcibly if it resists this necessity.” This found in “Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy” by Frederick Engels. Today the Socialists call the conduct of both the government and its corporate masters as “malign neglect”.
This malign neglect is a product of thinking without reason. It is a manifestation of insanity itself. Our leaders, all of them, all of out major political parties and most third party members are truly insane. Nothing more can be done but to be rid of all of them.
And you are right; the people of Texas, and all over the US are insane. They have been captured by the bourgeois utopian dream that “if you work hard then you will succeed.” Further insanity to add to the fire.
Even the money they give out to the corporations and banks so lavishly is make believe. There is nothing of value to back it up. The owners of the system have so degraded labor that even when it is producing value they keep taking away from the workers to enrich their fat, lazy selves. Read Thomas Paine and study closely what he says about the English aristocracy and how lazy they are.
It is time to lock up this house and turn off the lights. Truly no one is home but the bats.


One million is 1,000,000.
One billion is 1,000,000,000.
One trillion is 1,000,000,000,000,
740 trillion is 740,000,000,000,000.

I went over the article three times and did not find that number, although I could have missed it.

The number of zeroes is of little importance here, but proof reading is always a good idea, especially with numbers in this mathematically illiterate society. When in doubt ask or look up. I’ve made my share of mistakes.

The texas unemployment rate quoted as 8 to 9% is remarkable.
The recent increase in covid19 cases there is not remarkable at all.
Can be expected when folks despise masks, social distance, outdoors and any science.

Mark Meadows of congressional heritage caucus and now trumps chief of staff is very likely
the burr under the saddle of compromise for help to american families and unemployed.

cruz sarcasm = = mine
trouble is that our young people have to work very hard to pay back the interest and principal for these emergency loans we are taking out.

and if interest rates return to normal, the federal budget is busted.
we’ll be in a ponzi scheme to borrow more money to pay the interest on our old borrowings.

MY APOLOGY! I don’t pay a lot of attention to most headlines. Apparently some headline writers don’t either. The people writing the daily drip on the coronavirus pandemic hereabouts (Research Triangle, NC) are much worse.

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The magic money tree exists, and not just in the way these pundits laid it out.

The issuance of US debt has allowed the magic money tree to roll up a national debt of $23 trillion and counting. Trump’s budgets add a trillion more each year, much more than that this year. But for this $3 trillion HEROES Act to happen, Nancy “PayGo” Pelosi is going to have to level with the American people about the realities of deficit spending, a longstanding tradition across the planet.

But not even Bernie Sanders will do that. Apparently, the magic money tree is hiding in plain sight behind a magic wall of silence.

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Well, Ted Cruz is correct in part, although he doesn’t seem to know it, that we do have a “money tree” just not a “magic” one. The “money tree” is rooted in the tax revenue that the Wealthy have been planting and nurturing for the past four decades. It is time to pluck the fruit of increased tax revenue from these trees so that new growth, a growth that benefits the whole country, can start to restore a nice green shade to an otherwise dry brown economy.

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commonvoice1: donations to Ed Markey great idea! Doing it now. This is a Democrat that has always worked for struggling Americans. He is why I remain a Dem myself.

Kaylie: You are wrong on your thinking and statement, “None of this is good faith, from neither side.”

The Rethuglicon party doesn’t even care one iota about Americans unless you are fat, greedy rich, white and male. The Democrats are the only ones at the table and fighting for struggling Americans. I am sick and tired of this “both sides do it”, “both sides are the same.” That’s just lazy thinking. Sounds like what disengaged rightwingers say.

Wealthy corporations are much more valuable to Republicans than struggling Americans.

Anybody who communicates on this venue has got to know, in fact know THERE IS NO DOUBT that not voting, not taking any action to help people to vote on the left, will be the end of our democracy.

This is the most important vote of our lives.

If you want to live in a 3rd world dictatorship, complain here and do nothing.

What makes you think our young people will even get jobs? The system is gearing up to throw them under the bus, that is unless they are from some other country and can be disempowered so that they can literally be paid almost nothing. This is also a very unfair situation for foreign workers.

What is his position on the GATS agreement?

(part of the WTO, its the reason the entire progressive agenda is prohibited from occurring)

H4 immigrants are now permitted to work.
We now have very many young peoples arriving here from south asia.
Working in the uncles corner store, service station,

Within the past two weeks, two of my orphans have got jobs !! Good.
I have already written a few times about employer sponsored immigrants, H1B1.