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Welcome to a World in Which All Hell Is Breaking Loose

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/14/welcome-world-which-all-hell-breaking-loose


Yes, Yes, yes and then some more and think about, what he writes is just the tip of an iceberg the size of Earth itself. Coming to your very own front door as we read this. Move away from the coasts, move to higher ground, gather friends and family, share peace, give love. Go big, think ahead. How many warnings do you need?


Make the year 2025, and I’ll buy in. One glaring omission of Corporate Media is its secrecy concerning how connected all the global disasters are. The wildfires in Australia and California and probably lots of other areas, the floods in Venice and Bangladesh, the extreme variability of weather events. Gaia is trying to restore balance, and certain members of homo sap are blocking her efforts, fully knowing it’s an ELE. They think they’ll survive just fine in their multi-million dollar spider holes, complete with stables of race horses and car collections. But for how long? Sooner or later, they’ll need to surface simply to grow food for those horses. My one hope is that the global economy will collapse to the point of complete destruction, where we’re forced to turn to another way to live, before climate change takes us out for good.


Unfortunately, probably not until we see this future headline: ** MILLIONS WORLDWIDE SICK AND DYING FROM CLIMATE CATASTROPHES!


Around the web it’s being reported that the CDC has come out with a new warning. I haven’t read it, just articles about it. “New” bugs, drug resistant bugs and a failing healthcare system (my addition) and your millions aren’t that far away. I have yet to see any reports concerning the pollution in India and the harm it has caused. The way things are growing exponentially is frightening.


Got popcorn? This should be a good movie.

That is especially true in Alaska where I have been a resident for many years.


An unaddressed concern in the climate catastrophe world twenty years hence imo is not how we prepare for a possibly increased conflict with Russia and China but the almost certain increase of conflict between Russia and China. In a warmer world the sparsely populated border regions of eastern Siberia will see a huge wave of climate refugees from China which is fast undergoing desertification (like is California). Similarly potentially tens of millions of Chinese in the south will seek the wetter regions of south east Asia like Vietnam etc.

Further conflicts will likely occur as tens of millions of Indians, Bengaladeshi and Pakistanese seek water and escape from climate change famine. America is more or less protected by two oceans but Trump’s wall won’t stop climate change refugees in the southwest. Nevertheless, Russia and China may be more worried about each other than they are about us. India and China conflicts may also occur as well simply due to their population problems.

Because of climate change refugees, I think the build up of Russian and Chinese military forces may also be because they both can see problems with each other in the future and not just because of us.


Hopefully the dummies will find gainful employment here in the States and stop signing up for the military. But the corporate and political interests keep making it financially rewarding enough to enlist, especially for the very same people they fail.

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Yes, but we will probably have to swim while watching it…

Tyndall AFB and Offutt AFB are both Cold War relics. They should not be rebuilt.
Those billions of dollars could be better used on civilian infrastructure, affordable
housing, single-payer universal healthcare, or many other things which would make
people’s lives a little better.


Yvon Chouinard, 81 year old owner of privately held Patagonia, is an “avowed socialist”, in his own words, since Bernie Sanders came onto the scene big time. Caveat - I am a fan of Yvon and some of his gear - I learned ice-climbing from his book many many years ago.

I just found the following article unexpectedly in downtown Calgary, at the small but beautiful Carnegie Library on 12th Avenue this morning:

Feature article: Capitalism is dead - Long Live Capitalism

A penetrating article by a plain spoken long ago dirtbag climber and blacksmith.

Then there is this other article by dual Canadian/American citizen Astra Taylor in “The Sun” magazine:

An Imperfect Union Astra Taylor On The Inherent Conflict Between Capitalism And Democracy

If you put the two articles together and read them, as I have, a few things become clearer in this time when “All Hell is [indeed] Breaking Loose”.

  1. There are still good people out there, doing things to help.

  2. Things are going to get a lot worse.


I would suggest reading both these articles - one is free, one has a paywall - that’s just the way it is these days isn’t it !

One line in particular from Astra Taylor stood out for me:

"…when education is free and publicly funded, the goal is a well-educated citizenry, and everyone benefits." (Astra Taylor, p.9, Sun article)

As I remember it, both JFK and Thomas Jefferson would whole-heartedly endorse this concept.


The Fox News Crawler the world awaits to see: “U.S. President killed by airborne golf cart propelled by extreme winds from Category 5 Hurricane Mary while giving photo op denying global warming as U.S. Vice President simultaneously killed by lightning bolt from same Hurricane!!!”


Sorry Mossonarock but there is no more popcorn. It all popped on the stalk during the last heat wave.

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That article by Yvon Chouinard I hyper-lined above (Comment #12) is really inspiring, at least to me.

Yvon points out that doing the right thing is just good business, and I agree.

But what we’ve got in most cases is organized crime, and they don’t give a damn, their business being criminal enterprise, which I sure hope is different from true business.

It’s hard for me to accept that any multi multi millionaire, even Yvon, is all there, but I’m trying. At least his firm Patagonia is privately held, and not publicly traded.

Your friend Tim Rippel in Nelson - I think I’ve come across the name, but I’ve never heli-skiied, and that and Everest guiding - that’s high end for the rich crowd - not my thing in any way shape or form. But then purists tend not to have much swat in this world, so maybe I’m wrong there. It’s just so not climbing to have anyone lead you.

But heh - if Chouinard’s new movie obsession can help - go for it Yvon !

I suppose we’re all just who we are - and find ourselves caught in this planetary breakdown. May as well try and see the good in people when it shows up.

PS: That other article I linked to by Astra Taylor - it’s real thoughtful. She is young - you, me and Yvon, well you know. But it’s the young ones who are inheriting this mess - and that gives them an awful lot of swat - and I listen carefully to what they say.

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tim has actually retired from guiding.His last guided expedition was three years ago. Since then he’s gone back to his roots as a welder and is working on the trail up to Base Camp doing pretty much the same thing Hillary did and is building hospitals, clinics and schools for the Sherpas. Actually in this day and age I’m not too sure I would like to climb on Everest. Tim sent a picture from a couple of seasons ago he took from Annapurna of all the climbers simultaneously ascending Everest and it looked like one solid line of headlights going up the side of the mountain. Literally hundreds of people lined up one after another. I don’t think that would be any fun at all plus it seems really dangerous. I do think it would be fun to try Makalu, Abu Dablam, or some of the lessor know peaks but again Nepal is way out of my price range. Maybe Denali of for that matter Mt. Elbert in Colorado, lol. I just love the mountains, the smell of the clean crisp air (from what I hear of Everest that clean air smell has morphed to the scent of human feces after fifty tears of climbers burying their waste then not packing out. Also Camp 4 is supposedly completely trashed out with discarded O2 bottles…how sad) Anyway Ill check out your movie and thanks. Happy trails my friend:)

Alright then, pass me a beer…


That would be a very refreshing crawler to read! Been waiting awhile but, hasn’t happened yet.

Whatever happened to the Doctors Hippocratic Oath ?..……just wondering.

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Uh, sorry, Moss; afraid there’s also some bad news about the hops and barley crops …