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Welcome to Dismaland, Banksy's Demented Bemusement Park For the 99%


Welcome to Dismaland, Banksy's Demented Bemusement Park For the 99%

From a derelict seaside resort, Banky has created his largest project: a dystopian "family theme park unsuitable for small children” boasting a Grim Reaper, a dead Cinderella, a predatory loan booth, an armor-plated riot control vehicle turned kids' slide, boats jammed with asylum seekers, surly Mickey-Mouse-ears-wearing greeters, and much macabre art by 50 artists, including himself. Enjoy "the U.K.'s most disappointing new visitor attraction!"


Wow, my plans for the coming week of “vacation” (a uniquely USAn word - everywhere else it is called “holiday” and lasts an entire month) involves a few days hang gliding and seeing old friends down in Tennessee then up to my brothers place in Toronto - all by car. But for a comparable or smaller carbon footprint, I can fly to the UK and go to this place. Being fellow anarchists, I hope admission is free…


so Disney’s version of the sorcerer’s apprentice does have an ending.


Banksy speaks for me


OK, cheap anyway - 3 quid. The main problem is that they are filling up and few tickets are left.


Speaks for me, too, NB.


Bansky’s “art” is a mirror held up to reflect the dysfunction of the world in which we live. My favorite Bansky so far was the picture of a dog urinating on some wall grafitti. It reminded me of most political rallies I have seen wherein humans with no more conscious awareness of themselves than that beast needing relief, do equally funny and absurd things.


Don’t know if the rise of Disney, Inc., was linear but seems to me that for a period in the 60’s & 70’s their main contribution to the video slime was that personification of greed, wealth and privilege Scrooge McDuck and his three apprentice oligarch nephews.

The antidote to that for the 99% is Lucky Duck from cartoonist Ruben Bolling (Tom the Dancing Bug.)

A few of Ruben’s strips (or many) would be perfectly appropriate at Dismaland.