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Welcome to "Little America": The Hub for the US Military's Global Drone War


Welcome to "Little America": The Hub for the US Military's Global Drone War

Norman Solomon

The overseas hub for America’s “war on terror” is the massive Ramstein Air Base in southwest Germany. Nearly ignored by US media, Ramstein serves crucial functions for drone warfare and much more.


I'm old enough to remember when "Little America" referred to Admiral Byrd's Antarctic base on the Ross Ice Shelf, something we could be proud of. What a come down for that title now ...


Gosh...and I thought that my tax dollars were spent here in the USA.
No wonder that we cannot afford Single Payer Health and College for all!


So Much Power here.....!!!
The only way that this mindset can be displaced is with something of which has been delivered to this world which has much more power than this.......newmessage.org.
So the next world war after the one planned will be fought with sticks and stones.....


This is the world that my liberal Democratic friends are endorsing by their support of Clinton. Not to mention the ecocide that goes hand in hand with the corporate militarism.


Should read, hub for America's assassination war.


" Soaking up billions of taxpayer dollars, Ramstein has scarcely lacked for anything from the home country, other than scrutiny"

Trump is gonna make Germany pay for operating the base starting Jan 2017.... :grinning:


This isn't "a form of state terrorism". This is full blown in your face radical state terrorism.