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Welcome to Swamp Trump. Please Don’t Feed the Gators


Welcome to Swamp Trump. Please Don’t Feed the Gators.

Richard Eskow

It’s already a Washington truism that Donald Trump, who promised to “drain the swamp” of lobbyists and others who exploit government for personal gain, has turned to it instead for his key appointments.

It’s true. The reptiles are taking over. Let’s take a tour of the place while we still can.

"Trump’s only doing what his fellow developers did in the Florida Land Rush of the 1920s: He’s selling people paradise, but giving them swampland instead."


The majority of the half-wit Drumpf supporters just don't seem to care that their champion just managed to back out of the majority of his campaign promises in order to enrich himself and his billionaire friends. At the expense of everyone else and the planet. I would say they've been fleeced, but that's assuming one gains wisdom from the act of being conned. The dumb-ass, reality-television-watching redneck morons of this country have doomed us all.


Yes, name calling is so helpful. The only way we'll get out of the swamp alive is if we do it together. I don't mean you have to agree with them, but helping to provoke them towards greater hostility and animosity toward rational thinking is counterproductive and needs to be jettisoned immediately.


For what it's worth, the lobbyists have all been told to go home:


The in-fighting continues, I guess? These guys really don't seem to know just what it is they're doing.


This comports with everything I've read about Trump. Basically, he's scattershot, inconsistent, easily distracted, but just wants to be loved. Hell, I'm counting on this aspect of him to save Medicare, which Paul Ryan wants to destroy, at this point.


If it were not for illegal immigration, Forrest Lucas would have no Lucas Oil. For that matter, if it weren't for cunning and plagiarism, Lucas would have nothing at all. He is a thief who takes credit for things he had nothing to do with.