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Welcome to the Border Region Where the Border Patrol Has Implemented Its Own Southwest ‘Stop and Frisk’ Policy



Parallels. Lots of 'em.

Reichstag Fire... 911

Stasi police state... Homeland Security Surveillance State

Questions of war and authoritarianism treated as suspicious behavior.

Militarization of The Homeland (in both Nazi Germany and the current U.S.A.)

Capture media awash in propaganda (major facilitator of Hitler's imperial ambitions, ditto those of the U.S.A today)

Primacy granted to the soldier (as real to the Nazis as has become the conditioned case here inside the New Homeland)

Idolatrous love of guns and weaponry (true of both)

Massive use of hate campaigns to marginalize a scapegoat population (formerly, Jews, and now Arabs and "Islamists")

Violence--abroad and inside the homeland--turned into a ubiquitous norm,

Any sentient being feeling--and made constantly subliminally aware of--the breath of martial depraved uniformed soldiers breathing down their necks.

Freedom... has been rendered a brand name while genuine liberties slip-slide away.

Coming soon to a sign, soldier, or border crossing near you: "Where are your papers, frauline?"


Obedience training for the masses , and preparation for internal passports and the serfs [that's us] being tied to to the land .
This is the sort of thing that gives control freaks orgasms , so it will only escalate .


That happened to me some years ago in Southeast AZ. Exactly the same motus operandi. I pulled into the Circle K in Tombstone, and he parked bumper to bumper behind me. I got out of the truck to go in. As I walked, I turned and asked him why he was parked behind me. He said another border patrol had seen a white truck with a camper shell make a U-turn allegedly when the driver saw the patrol car. I said that it was amazing. I must own the only white truck in Southern AZ. I added that maybe the other driver had forgotten the salt, and went into the store. When I came out the little snot nosed jackass was gone.