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'Welcome to the Future': SCOTUS Ruling on North Dakota's Voter ID Law Underscores Nationwide GOP Attack on Voting Rights


'Welcome to the Future': SCOTUS Ruling on North Dakota's Voter ID Law Underscores Nationwide GOP Attack on Voting Rights

Julia Conley, staff writer

As the U.S. Supreme Court this week upheld a North Dakota voter ID requirement, it likely disenfranchised tens of thousands of the state's residents—particularly Democratic-leaning Native American voters—and made clear that the highest court in the land will do little to protect Americans from the Republican Party's rampant attacks on voting rights.


We should only have to worry about voting if we had a democracy. We don’t. The constitution is being bastardized daily by right-wing fanatics and there isn’t anyone doing shit about it. Enjoy what is left of the ride.


Just sent info. to help Native Americans to get what they need to vote to a member of the League of Women voters. Asking an indigenous person to prove they live here by descendants of white invaders is beyond the pale.


The American government is, IMHO, through and through, top to bottom, completely corrupt. Nobody in government or in the elite oligarchic corporate world should be trusted. Plus, the market took a big tumble today - get ready; it ain’t gonna be pretty.


Brett Kavanaugh, the new injustice to join the Supreme Court. Welcome to the future of SCOTUS.


Only Ginsberg and Kagan dissented.

Where were Sotomayor and Breyer?

Can we not trust any of them anymore?

All it takes is for four justices to agree to hear a case for it to go forward.


Incarcerated legal citizens are denied the right to vote. Legal citizens without a formal street mailing address are being denied the right to vote. We’re talking citizens here, not illegal immigrants. Our constitution gives all citizens rights and access to their government, yet the current power holders all want to deny them human rights and seem to feel they should be rounded up on a ship and set adrift as non-citizens.


whats up with that???


The Court declined to intervene, a 4-4 tie basically, so the 8th Circuit ruling in favor of North Dakota goes into effect. It had nothing to do with Sotomyer signing on to anything, etc.


One (white) man, one vote. Others? Well, …


The Court was evenly divided so it declined to take the case. That meant the 8th Circuit’s ruling goes into effect. Don’t read anything into Sotomyer and Breyer not signing the dissent. Kavanaugh was not involved.


It’s like the Civil Rights Movement never happened. “Voter I.D.” laws are the updated version of the old poll taxes and literacy tests of yore.


Someone needs to explain to me what’s so heinous about these voter ID laws. Being able to prove your identity so as to prevent duplicate votes and other forms of fraud seems to be a beneficial preventative action by local and state governments, right? The people who may be “disenfranchised” are only those currently without ID. And even the tweet above describing instructions for getting ID and/or a viable address explicitly explain that the process is free and easy! So what is the problem here? Are we really stooping to the level of claiming that ordinary people can’t complete these simple non-monetary steps?

And no, voter ID laws are not akin to literacy tests, which are clearly unconstitutional.

I’m no Republican, and I want everyone who wants to vote and is legally allowed to do so to be able to do so. But this just seems like a silly discussion that is predominantly centered around the left being concerned that they will have less voter turnout for their side so they are looking for shortcuts to get more people to vote.


Better study this a little further. You don;t have a very good grasp of the situation.Good people are being denied an open, fair process. Simple as that. Get rid of the hatchet men and all will be well.


The ONLY reason the left apposes voter safety laws is to continue fraudulent voting: illegal, dead, multiple voting totals almost 3 million votes in the last election… that is a demographic the left can’t afford to lose.


Now we know why there was such a big rush to confirm Kavanaugh:  Make GOP voter-suppression “legal” in 2018 . . .


Chip, Chip, Chip Thud!!! Another hard-won right falls. Where’s the logic? This is infuriating!! I’m so glad North Dakota Native Vote is assisting people affected. They move, we move. They move, we move. Got 'em cornered. We win!!


Vote Suppression might get a raised eyebrow among those who have never been oppressed and suppressed. I’m struggling to grasp the difference between a SCOTUS-approved right to suppress (in exact words) and this ruling on North Dakota’s law.


Yg I’m guessing that you do not know nor understand the lay of the land, literally in ND. The blatant in-your-face rascism against native people is beyond shocking and disgusting. As the article stated quite clearly most people living on the Rez have P. O. Boxes as their addresses. Some only have tribal enrollment cards as ID.
The distances people have to travel also make getting compliant ID challenging as well.
I am sick and tired of hearing your type of bs privileged whining. Your snark on the ‘left’ blew your um cover.


The tweet literally describes how easy it is to get an ID or address, and it’s free.

On the so-called “snark” comment, give me a break. If poor rural white people were having similar difficulty voting, would you be up in arms helping them to find ways to vote so that they can vote in an evangelical Republican? I don’t think so.