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'Welcome to the Future': SCOTUS Ruling on North Dakota's Voter ID Law Underscores Nationwide GOP Attack on Voting Rights


voter id is not heinous and is standard in many countries. However, a feature of those is that they permit an extensive list of ID to be used or will automatically get id out to people when they are of age. That is not the case in the US. Some states id laws are relatively lax but some red states or swing states where Republicans are in control and want to hold back demographics have weaponized them. You only need to read the rulings in the NC and TX cases. NC was found to use a whole variety of methods designed to reduce democrat turnout. In the TX case the lawyers defending the state themselves argued they did it for partisan advantage. When a Republican senator was asked why they didn’t accept an amendment to ameliorate the effects of the voter id law they couldn’t answer. Repubs have been caught on record admitting what their goal is. Their id list was restrictive and to get the state issued voter id you had to go to the DMV M-F during normal office hours so if you worked during those hours you are SOL. Only 15 out of 254 counties had limited saturday opening hours.

Texas has one of the lowest turnout rates. They have a whole buffet of measures to achieve this. Why? Because demographics are changing rapidly there and they don’t want the voting base to change as rapidly. Other measures include deliberately onerous registration process instead of something like Oregon which you can do online. They deliberately hobble registration groups by requiring people to take a course in the county they want to register people in which lasts a certain amount of time before you have to retake it. There are 254 counties which makes it a logisitical nightmare. Even if you were to try to have a registration drive in a big city you may need people who are authorized for several counties since the cities sometimes cut across county lines.

There is a whole list of other insidious measures used (Democrats use some of them in their states too) to depress turnout. If you look at the process in some western european democracies you can see our system is deliberately gamed and weaponized.


…speaking of fake news…


First of all, white poor rural types Do Not have an automatic race backed strike against them.
Again, the governor of ND is blatantly phuck ing with Native voter registration.
Your attempt at whataboutizm is a joke.


300,000 in California alone!