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'Welcome to the General Billionaires Administration': Pattern Emerges in Trump Cabinet


'Welcome to the General Billionaires Administration': Pattern Emerges in Trump Cabinet

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Another day, another cabinet appointment for the incoming Donald Trump administration. On Thursday, he nominated fast-food CEO Andy Puzder to secretary of Labor while Wednesday it was former Marine General John Kelly to head Homeland Security.


Liberal Democrats take note. When you have a majority in both Houses, you go full steam ahead with appointments and agenda. Not like Obama, who kept the old guard on (Gates, Geithner) and pretty much caved day one! But then again, wasn't that what he was put in power to do........keep the status quo.


Interestingly, Clinton was going to appoint Puzder as well.


I fantasize that T is saying to his super rich cabinet prospects "will you work to make all Americans rich like you made yourselves"?


Unlike what was said in the Bill Clinton era/error, "It's the economy, stupid"

No! It's not the economy, or the vast inequality, or the endless wars, or the political deceit, or the police-state shootings, or the racism.

"It's the Empire, stupid" --- which actually causes all these domestic and global crimes and looting.

But it has to be "adequately diagnosed".

Or, as Zygmunt Bauman hauntingly puts it, “In the case of an ailing social order, the absence of an adequate diagnosis…is a crucial, perhaps decisive, part of the disease.”

Berman, Morris 2007 "Dark Ages America, The Final Phase of Empire"

The "disease" is Empire, and the people have to stop being distracted and divided over the specific issues that are all caused by our country "acting like", and actually being, the HQ of this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire. We need to awake-up to the alarm that Paul Revere couldn't holler-out today.


In the latest documentary, Before the Flood, it was stated that politicians must serve the consensus of the population or risk expulsion and/or revolution.

One of the few 'lawful' things that can be done at this precipitous moment in time--because DJT is an avowed Twitter-pater--is to ask all your social media contacts to flood @realDonaldTrump, every day with concerns, demands, etc., and don't ever stop!

Perhaps, if enough of us cause a non-stop deluge of our concerns he just might start rethinking his programs, just maybe.

At any rate, it could be more effective than ranting at each other in these commentaries.


These picks say everything------when Obama picked his Cabinet questions were raised-aren't these the same old insiders------and yes they were-

I guess the elite were not satisfied with Obama

And now we see the real Trump

Then this guy Trump could be impeached on day one because he has already gone against the Constitution.


January 20, 2017; like Pearl Harbor, a day that will live in infamy!

Because this will be worse than Pearl Harbor on December 7,1941. America is being attacked from within!


Maybe this time you'll learn a lesson and stop letting corporations stick corrupt dogs whether Republicans or Democrats. Trump as bad as he is, is still not as bad as Clinton. For Clinton everything was for sale to the highest bidder. In this case the insiders will be telling the rest to bugger of as they line their egos and fortunes.
Those generals are all hard liners and they want a prime sharp military not some bloated corrupt get rich scheme, they are not the kind to see soldiers as disposable assets to generate a profit, you know like the current administration, how much profit did the US military industrial complex generate from each dead American soldier, a million a throw, lucky they did not kill even more.
Fortunately billionaires compete and those billionaires are not one bit interested in making other billionaires richer, just themselves, perverse but we are still better off that America for sale under Clinton.


Who will impeach him? The right controls all levers of federal power now.


McMahon's presence is the final Storyline Giveaway.

Is this is "President-a-Mania"?

Are we being played like a WrestleMania Plot?

So that one way or another, Hillary comes in, like Hulk Hogan, to Save the Day, and we can then be Grateful as she takes over and starts WWIII?

Also, like her Cabinet wouldn't be loaded with Corporates?


God help us


Trump could be a great president-just like Obama could have been a great president---but we are now seeing the frame work of the Trump Presidency and it isn't looking good. If Trump is enriching himself through the office the people of this country should demand his removal. Of course the democrats who failed to go after the bankers or those who used torture-it is doubtful the current leadership of the democrats are any different from Trump.

Its not the right that controls all levers of government--it is corporate interests----and just maybe they have overplayed their hand.

Who will impeach him? A democrat congress that fights for common people elected two years from now. It won't be happening with the current Clinton corporate "democrats".


Democrats don't control congress. There will be no impeachment. And anyone who couldn't see prior to the election that Trump was going to run things vastly different than HRC was just telling themself what they wanted to hear. Trump's entire business career was the antithesis to progressivism, and not figuratively. Now he'll be putting his folks on the courts and inserting them into executive branch agencies.

I saw so much phony Trump justification on this site that is going to look so delusional in a few months. I wonder if any of those folks will take back any of the nonsense they were spouting once at they realize how not-so-bad Obama was?


There's an important perspective not made in the article or replies. Billionaires don't need to make any more money. And they are probably cognizant that their fortunes were made on the backs of many others and that those others need to be rewarded. I, and tens of millions of Americans, believe that Trump is sincere in wanting to help working people because he couldn't have made his fortune without them. Other billionaires are probably of the same mind.
Would you rather have greedy folks who still have yet to make their fortune? Think about it.


Obama should have been a 1-term president. He hurt this country greatly in his 2nd term, as terrorism became much more dangerous at home and abroad under his 2nd term. The new president can and must reverse much of what Obama did in his 2nd term.


Can I get what you are smoking?