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Welcome to the New Democratic Party


Welcome to the New Democratic Party

Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg

This weekend in Orlando, Florida members of the Platform Committee met to help create the Democratic party’s positions on a number of key issues. I was honored to attend as a Committee member on behalf of Senator Bernie Sanders.


It is hard to believe that you are a "Berniecrat," as according to the speeches he has given for over a year now, being a Berniecrat should mean transforming the system, not reforming the platform of the Democratic Party. It is sad to read articles like this that try to entice people to vote for HRC and entirely lack strategy analysis that would logically reason in convincing us as to why should one vote for HRC.


The Democratic Party Platform is non binding and Hillary will ignore most or all of the progressive concessions that have been made. With the Clintons in charge the "New" Democratic Party will look a lot like the old one.


The platform is silent on debt relief for Puerto Rico.


Welcome to the New Democratic Party...oh my...where have I heard that before???

Of course...the father of New Democrats, Bill Clinton.

No, I will not be fooled again by that propaganda phrase and vote for Bill's wife. "New Democrat" is now the expression of what is WRONG with the Democratic Party. A "New Democrat" is someone that will say things that the base would like to hear, but actions will be absent. A New Democrat president will wheedle out of defending the working class and instead make things more difficult for them.

I feel sorry for those that represented Bernie Sanders at the platform fantasy camp. They must have brought deep emotions and hopes and dreams to the exercise in futility. They might have worked in some words that sound good on paper, but they must KNOW in their hearts, that Hillary Clinton will be the liar that she is. They should know deeply that she will only act on things that SHE wants, not some party platform made of toilet paper. The Democratic Platform will be flushed down the toilet by the return of the Clinton New Democrat.


An excellent analysis from a history professor that puts things into perspective for the Sanders final act titled: "Don't call him Bernie any more."


"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

"And the beards have all grown longer overnight."

Don't make your heart heavy dear; don't vote for Clinton.


If you vote Green in November, your heart won't be heavy. It'll be as light as a feather because you'll be able to look at yourself in the mirror knowing that you voted according to your principles and your beliefs and not for a platform of promises that'll most likely be broken within Clinton's first 90 days in office.


Thanks but it's a stretch to call it the "New Democratic Party" when you have to push, pull and wrench out any semblance of decency and fairness to the American People. If the platform was binding I would give a bit more applause but it's not and we know who Clinton is and what her agenda is about.
Bernie fought hard and did a masterful job of waking millions to he fact the Democratic Party is corrupted. To think that this platform changes all that, is to be a first rate idiot. I know he will go back to the Senate with a lot more clout than before the race and that's a good thing. I know he will keep fighting for us there. He will open the door and we have to push en masse for the issues we believe in. That to me is where the real value of his run will show.
I plan to follow closely and help with anything he organizes after the race. I just won't vote for Clinton. I'll be glad when this mess is over and we can get back to working on creating a large voting bloc of Sanders supporters and others determined to change this government.


Excellent article! Thanks for linking!


A lot of this article is true but I will not accept that this was some cruel betrayal of his supporters. Again, he did exactly what he said he would do. You have to break a trust to betray someone and he has not.
We wanted him to go Independent and he didn't but he was and is determined to change the system from within. When he started the campaign that was enough for us, now since he didn't do what we wanted we should all abandon him? I disagree.
He is our avatar in the Senate. We have very few of those and should be happy to help him push through as many issues as we can. We don't have to vote for Clinton but he did, in order to maintain the level of leverage he will now go back to the Senate with. In his speech to the delegates he clearly defined where he's going from here. I will wait to see if he can make a difference.
Till then I will vote Green for president.


Where exactly is the sell out? He said he would do what he has done. We wanted more but he did not sell out on anything he promised.


The Green party IS running candidates. They are on the Colorado ballot and this year there is a great candidate running against the corporate sell out, Michael Bennet. I will vote for Jill for president and any candidate that runs on a bold progressive platform. If we have to piece it together, why not? The goal is to change the government, we need to use everything at our disposal, including anything positive Bernie can do.


Dems always have an excuse why they couldn't get things done. Usually it's "The Republicans have a majority in the house" or "Dems have a majority, but not enough to block a filibuster."

But this is the party's own platform, with no opposition. And they are saying, "All of us oppose TPP (except the lame-duck president), but we are unable to do anything about it."

So their excuse is "we're psychotic".


The single question one might pose to those that wll follow Sanders to support Ms Clinton under the Democratic party is this.

Forget the concessions which you think you have won , how can you support somone who won her way to the nomination via voter fraud?

Again I think the Sanders run can do a lot of good for progressives in the USA but if and ONLY if they abandon the Democrats and move to form a third party. He has woken the true progressives from their long slumber and if they do go back to the Democrats all that will be lost.

Getting the greens to 7 or 10 percent of the vote will act to open more peoples eyes to the alternatives. If people do as this author suggests that day will never come and The Corporate State will gain ever more power. The problem with these "concessions" this author claims to have gained is they are only promises and do not amount to a hill of beans when they are eroded away again as is bound to happen.

Voter turnout in the last election in the USA was 58 percent. If 10 percent that voted Obama shift to green and the turnout climbs to 70 percent with more participation from the youth , it a whole new ball game.


"...these are standards all Democrats BELIEVE should be applied to all trade agreements including the TPP."
Use of the word "Believe" being Lie #1.

"Democrats will never falter in our generations long fight to guarantee healthcare as a fundamental right for every American."
Single Payer off the table BEFORE negotiations even began. Lie #2.

"...the best way to acheive this goal is through medicare for all...that Builds upon the ACA."
Insurance Industry is either in or out. If it is IN then this can't possibly be the Best Way. Lie #3.

"...we must cherish and celebrate the victories we have achieved."

No victories have been achieved.
We have been cheated out of the Candidate we wanted and everyone with the wherewithal to investigate the matter, even slightly, should know this. Only a Candidate who really wants anything accomplished that will benefit the 99% will help us and, (the author's deluded "...heavy heart" Clinton vote included) the Presumptive Democratic Hillary is NOT that Candidate.


Transform the Democratic Party? This is a joke, right? The author missed several glaring problems with the Platform that point to the heart of the Party's ideology and why it cannot be transformed: and these problems involve war.

Sanders never made a single demand for the Dem Platform to reject neocon regime change -- instead, the Platform's foreign policy section reads like it was written by Bill Kristol or Fred Kagan.

NATO's expansion and aggression towards Russia – restarted after the Cold War by President Bill Clinton and continued by Obama and his neocon advisors-- is needlessly pushing us towards a world war. Yet, knowing that Hillary is a warmonger and onboard with the neocon regime change agenda, which is currently targeting Russia, Sanders said nothing during the debates, nor did he push for an anti-regime change resolution in the Platform talks.

US wars are the engine that runs Wall Street, yet Sanders ignored them. A lot of people, including Sanders, are going to have a lot of blood on their hands if Clinton gets elected..


I think Bernie did very well in picking his Platform Committee team. It may be the best thing he did in his campaign. Bernie could have appointed a national labor insider making a six or seven figure income, but instead he chose the author Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg, a part-time lecturer from the beat up and punched out American Federation of Teachers. Part-time lecturers are a new class of the totally screwed. Many have Ph.D. degrees and no future, as they are part time at the colleges and universities and are not eligible for tenure, research facilities, health & retirement benefits, or anything else. Instead they are paid per class taught, at maybe $3-4k per class. For a Ph.D.! There can't be a revolution without a more aggressive labor movement. Bernie's team waded into the muck and came out feeling yucky but holding some concessions. I admire that.


And in the footage of Sanders' endorsement speech (mute the sound) look at his body and facial language: Every part of it expresses anger, sadness, and a bone-deep weariness, signs of coercion. His heart was not in this at all.


The "new Democratic Party" emerged with the formation of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in 1985. The Orlando convention followed the DLC play book all the way.

Weill-Greenberg will not sell me a 1985 party rebranded as new anymore than she will sell me a 1985 model year automobile rebranded as new.