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Welcome to the One-state Club, Thomas Friedman


Welcome to the One-state Club, Thomas Friedman

Gideon Levy

A new, highly regarded guy has joined the club. Like new guys, he’s still standing on the side, hesitant, insecure, perhaps lacking courage. Like highly regarded guys, he’s still afraid to move to the center of the stormy dance floor – but he’s there. Give him some time to get used to it. Welcome to the club, Thomas L. Friedman.


This subject makes my blood boil. What Israel has done to Palestine is a horrible tragedy that so few seem to notice. If the United States had any decency left in it's foreign policies they would end financial support at least until the occupation ends. Turning away and offering weak admonishments makes the U.S. complicit in this nightmare. When will this government realize what happens there will effect us here. This is one area I really hope a Sanders presidency will attack. This has got to stop and the aggression against our citizens for approving BDS has got to stop as well. Students, teachers, employees that agree with BDS are being attacked and or harassed by Israeli groups. Since when do they have a right to tell us what to feel and say about their behavior in our own country?


Eventually the corporate media will promote equality for all peoples living under Israeli control. Until then BDS is needed .