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Welcome to The Trump Family Swamp


Welcome to The Trump Family Swamp

Eugene Robinson

While everyone watches his Twitter feed, President Trump is using the White House like a marketing agency for his family brand

Ivanka Trump applauds during an event in Washington. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP)


Time to run to my local agricultural extension agent to see if my soil is good for growing bananas.


Mr. Robinson, DJT and the Trump Trash Tribe are not merely "seeking to monetize the prez-a-dunce-y, THEY HAVE ALREADY DONE SO and apparently nothing and no one has stopped the crazy bxxstard and his devil spawn. Public outcry has not even dented his march to tyrannical despotism. The swamp is a toxic quagmire pulling our democracy and our nation down into its depths.


I know, it’s almost like the Trump family is setting themselves up to charge $500,000 per speech to Goldman Sachs and other corporations and think tanks, and not release the transcripts…


I would rather hang out with a homeless person, who I might end up joining before the final curtain calls, the way things are going. I’ve had interesting conversations with homeless people, who typically have virtues far and beyond the wealth and narcissism shown by this corrupt clan of sociopaths.

Why pick on her? Well because she absolutely wanted this power for her own selfish interests. And she rides the power and wealth of her Dad, one of the most demonstrably despicable human beings to walk this Earth.

Hyperbole? Sometimes such is absolutely justified.


Pretty sure the answer would be yes, with all this warm weather.


I think I read somewhere Trump has stock in Twitter that’s probably why he uses it to communicate. I could be wrong though.


OK - all the news that causes a fit - many, unending fits.
The crimes and criminals - AKA Trumps, Mnuchin, Pruitt, Tillerson, Kelly and the gang - make us crazy, every day,as they hoped.
So - what do we do about all this - knowing these people are openly raiding the entire US treasury and putting the dough into their pockets. We all know this, yet what are we doing to stop them? Is democracy so weak as to just watch in horror - are there no police to stop the robbery? Why are there no massive highly visible “leaders” standing together and pointing out these dogs. Imagine - spiritual leaders, military leaders (even retired), a few real business leaders (not many around that I would call leaders today - many are complicit - but not all). All on a stage together - a virtual town hall with real leaders who love what America stands for who are incredulous at this robbery - stand up together


The Trumps are horrible; that is indisputable. However, Mr. Robinson. you shilled relentlessly for Hillary Clinton during the primary, and you dissed Bernie Sanders with CTR talking points. It was sickening to witness. It is because of you and other members of the corporate liberal media, and the DNC, that we even have a President Donald J. Trump. As poll after poll revealed, Bernie always led against Trump by 7-14%, while HRC was always between 2-4% ahead or behind him. It was the MSM and the DNC who kept elevating Trump, as instructed by the Clinton campaign with their Pied Piper Strategy (see WikiLeaks,or just do a google search). You all should examine your consciences and apologize to the public for helping bring on this rightwing nightmare!


Hey that marketing or hawking approach is job creating…for China.


The Executive Branch of the United States Government is being run by a family of cheap hucksters much like the Travelers, a group of families that roam the country perpetrating a series of scams. Think of the Snake Oil Salesmen who traveled from town to town in the American frontier, doing a little song and dance and then peddling bottles of ??? that were supposed to cure “whatever ails ya”. And, by the way, this family absolutely sucks at running a country.


Typical for the Trump Trash Tribe…to command/demand double what HRC and many other publicos were paid…and delivering FAR bless for any honoraria paid by anyone ignorant or foolish enough to pay these lowlifes DJT, D Jr, Eric, and Ivanka included for their services. Once out of office, this family will turn into a stinking pile of excrement leaving total destruction in their wake(s).


I want this discussion and others like it to extend a step further. Eugene is right, the White House and government in general is being run by a family of cheap hucksters. It is what I read in the New York Times in their article, Trump Could Save More Than
$1 Billion Under His New Tax Plan.

Trump was described in one recent article as a narcissistic sociopath. He just doesn’t have a solid set of ethics and could care less about social norms because it is all about I, me, mine. So in this sort of way I see the new tax plan as a byproduct of Trump exploiting being president to save over a billion bucks. and promote the Trump family name from expensive hotel resorts to Trump clothing label cheap ties made in China. Wake up call, we have right now the most horrific president in American history. And Trump may end up bringing down the entire Republican Party.


Not only the destruction of the GOP but the entire nation as well as threatening the safety of other nations around the world. Bloodlust, greed and insanity make him and his flying monkeys more than dangerous to our democracy, our nation, the world, and all life on the planet…with the dawning of every new day while they are in the drivers’ seats.