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Welcome to the United States of Flint

Welcome to the United States of Flint

David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz

“I know if I was a parent up there, I would be beside myself if my kids’ health could be at risk,” said President Obama on a recent trip to Michigan. “Up there” was Flint, a rusting industrial city in the grip of a “water crisis” brought on by a government austerity scheme. To save a couple of million dollars, that city switched its source of water from Lake Huron to the Flint River, a long-time industrial dumping ground for the toxic industries that had once made the

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Fuel for “the American Dream”

Fodder for an American nightmare

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  1. Why in anyone’s name do USAian cities still use lead pipes to reticulate drinking water, clean or dirty?

  2. Only $1.5 billion to replace all those lead pipes reticulating drinking water in Flint. The Pentagon could pay for that, and do it, as an exercise in training military engineers in the future need for supplying water to the Pentagon’s bombed-out cities in the Middle East

Well you see the Pentagon can not afford that 1.5 billion dollars to replace all those water pipes in Flint so they can have safe drinking water.

The Pentagon needs that money to buy more F35 Aircraft to drop bombs on poor peopl ein the Middle East just in case those poor people in the Middle East decide to go over to the USA and poison the water supply of the people in Flint.

From where I sit they could have prevented more people being subjected to a poisoning of their drinking water had they used a Drone and fired a missile into one of Snyders council meetings where they were deliberating about what to do about Flints water.

Well, If the Pentagon had used a multi-million dollar drone to drone the drones running Flint, Flint would still have had lead pipes for drinking water, which would surely lead to low-grade chronic lead poisoning as would happen with any system with lead pipes for drinking water. I have high levels of copper in my blood from the use of copper pipes, though not dangerously high, as no doubt do all who have copper pipes. Water will dissolve most stuff given time, and if it is slightly acid or slightly alkaline will do it just that little bit better, and most water is slightly acid or alkaline depending on ts source. And when it gets chlorinated it becomes slighlty acidic, and if it gets fluoridated then it carries fluoride ions as well as chloride ions. Thouigh maybe lead has a lesser redox potential than sodium or whatever it was I learned about too long ago to want to remember that controlled which cation reacted with what anion so maybe sodium fluoride would have no effect. Though copper has got me AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!