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Welcome to the US, Greta. With Your Help We Can Save the Planet and Ourselves

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/29/welcome-us-greta-your-help-we-can-save-planet-and-ourselves

Rebecca Solnit: if you think climate change is so urgent, then why are you stumping for Elizabeth Warren instead of Bernie Sanders???

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Solnit doesn’t like lefties. She likes centrists.

Which is fine, she’s a run-of-the-mill Democrat.


It’ll be a long time before people here forget Solnit’s gratuitous insults and smears against the left (even if she were to get behind Bernie or something). I try to keep an open mind and not hold a lifelong grudge against someone as thoughtful as Solnit. Her book about disasters makes a really good point that often people pull together, rather than apart.

But I’ve never heard any backing down from her stupid “balance,” so I can’t trust her. Most folks around here just give her a pass, probably, which is why there are hardly any comments. Disturbingly, there are signs Hedges lately caught the same balance disease. (Maybe you can’t get anything published anymore, if you’re not respectably balanced.)

It’s the USAmerican disease: truth to the left, lies to the right, now look for truth somewhere in-between. As if truth can be crafted to make no difficulties for anyone. How very considerate.

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This article is a fluff piece.

And while I join Solnit in welcoming Greta Thunberg to the USA, I’m certain that Greta is fighting for a far more radical vision of societal transformation than Solnit, a brazen enabler of the establishment status quo.

Like I said, Solnit is a run-of-the-mill Democrat – if she were honest with herself, she’d be telling Greta to stop wishing for ponies and start fighting for “incrementalism.”

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Get money put of politics for a start.
End the subsidies the fossil fuel industry gets .
Cancel all fossil fuel investment from banks.
Stick a carbon label on every product made so you know it’s story .
The solution to this nightmare :
Follow the Money .
Create a total transparent economy based on visibility .All transactions must be open to the light of public scrutiny. Nothing changes inappropriate behaviour faster than shining a light on it.People in power do not want this, that is why it must be done .People hide things they are ashamed of .Have you seen who much wealth is stashed in secret off-shore bank accounts .Trillions …
A wise master once said .
The truth shall set you free .
Light up the economy with transparency as this is just another name for truth .
Thanks for telling the truth Greta it’s so so simple if you have nothing to hide .
We must all be stewards of the truth now .

Perhaps if we all just lived simply others may simply live .