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Welcome to Trumpcare! Proposed Healthcare Rules Raise Costs, Weaken Coverage


Welcome to Trumpcare! Proposed Healthcare Rules Raise Costs, Weaken Coverage

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Trump administration on Wednesday announced new proposed rules for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare—and while they "don't amount to sweeping changes," the tweaks are predicted to


Call me a Luddite, but I find Tweets to be a poor method of communicating. Kind of like writing a novel using only bumper stickers.
Maybe if we all ignored tweets, especially from the tweet master himself Donald Trump, they would all go away. If the news media stopped reporting on tweets, then people would have to actually say something significant.


So basically the young and healthy among those 20 million people will drop out w/o a penalty. Premiums will go up. Not exactly what Trump voters expected or what he promised

With his reversal on Russia and the middle east in general he is just another example of a President lying his way into office. FDR campaigned to reduce spending and the deficit and then later he promised to keep us out of the war, LBJ promised to keep us out of Vietnam, Nixon had a plan to get us out, carter promised to lift natural gas ceilings , Reagan was going to keep Trilaterals out of his administration and not negotiate for hostages and later lied about Iran Contras, Bush Sr said read my lips, etc, Clinton promised to put people first but he signed people last bills like welfare reform, crime bills, telecommunication act, repealed Glass Steagall and his immigration bill has led to a devastating decline in middle/lower class wealth in this century and set the stage for deportations of legal and illegal immigrants and he never got anything done on his biggest people first promise which was health care reform, Bush II promised affordable health care and that the lower end of the spectrum would get the biggest tax cuts, Obama promised you could keep your current health insurance and protect privacy and rollback surveillance of citizens


Conman makes Obamacare more expensive for consumers. What did he promise? That everyone was going to love it.


Most low income Trump voters were so goddamn stupid that they thought Obamacare and the ACA were completely different things.


Moreover, none of the above-mentioned Presidents kept their promises about Affordable Healthcare, either.


So what you're saying here is Democratic and Republican Presidents are equal opportunity liers.


Gee, I'm as shocked as Capt. Renault.


Great idea! As long as the MSM repeats DT's tweets Trump has complete control of the narrative. He is the ultimate troll!

Trumps solecisms and facile tweets need to be ignored. But of course, not going to happen, but I like your idea anyway.


"Trumpcare" and "Obamacare" (personal experience speaking) deserve each other.

We deserve "Omnicare", if Article 25 of the Declaration of Human Rights is worth more than the parchment it's printed on.


He has tens of millions following his tweets, so what does "ignoring them" mean? The readers of CD are minuscule by comparison. So who gets to ignore who?


LBJ brought in Medicare and Medicaid against entrenched opposition. Where would the slogan "Medicare for All" be without LBJ?


Darn the FDR for bombing Pearl Harbor!


You are absolutely correct. My physician told me about patients complaining about Obamacare (who otherwise would have not health insurance and access to health care coverage due to pre-existing conditions) not realizing that it WAS THE SAME AS ACA. And guess who they voted for....yup! The GOP coined the phrase and consistently referenced it with scorn and derision all the while knowing that the ignorant would deem it to be bad, bad, bad.


While I do agree that Twitter isn't a good way to communicate, I do not want the people and the news to ignore them, even from Trump. Twitter is unfortunately the best way to find out what asinine thing Trump is doing. I personally would like to know what my world leader who could start WWIII at a moment's notice is doing, even if I hate what he does. Better that than to be in the dark.


The only way to make sure all Americans no matter age or infirmity have access to affordable health care is through single payer or Universal healthcare, which would be feasible if the billions-cum-trillion$$$ spent on war/munitions/missiles/drones/MIC were redirected to CARING FOR HUMAN BEINGS RATHER THAN KILLING THEM or letting them die in the streets/homeless shelters/their cars. In addition, making corporations pay their due by revoking all the tax breaks and exemptions that they abuse that leave them paying ZERO taxes. Between the two, EVERY AMERICAN WOULD BE COVERED.

The diabolical demented dimwit has never had to worry about access to health care or personally writing a check every month for health insurance nor have his billionaire cronies.

No brains, no sense... no heart, no compassion


Not to mention the billions-cum-trillions pissed away on health care industry (read pharma, insurance and health care providers) advertising, unnecessary claims processing personnel and associated infrastructure, exorbitant, obscene executive salaries and shareholder profits. Oh, and did I mention political contributions and bribes?


Of course! Because in Trumpo Bizarro World you get the opposite of what this shameless piece of shit says will happen. So, they will not replace the ACA with something better, the jobs are not going to come back, he will not get the "best people" for his regime, getting rid of regulations will not make us more "competitive", deporting 11 million "illegals" will not improve our economy and WE are going to pay for that stupid, ineffective, fucking wall.


I like to refer to the term "social media" as a contradiction in terms.


It's worth noting that LBJ had 68 Democratic Senators in 1965, and a Democratic Party majority in the House.

Of course, ramping up a war in SE Asia was more important during his administration.