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Welcome to Vietnam, Err, I Mean Syria, Mr. President

Welcome to Vietnam, Err, I Mean Syria, Mr. President

Ray McGovern

As President Trump faces strong opposition from generals, war profiteers, “mainstream media,” and — not least — Israel to pulling U.S. troops out of Syria, here’s a look back to a similar fix another president had gotten himself into -- and how he lacked the courage to act as if he were the actual commander in chief.

From Common Dreams March 28, 2009 archives:

Welcome to Vietnam, Mr. President


When I campaigned for the first black president, I truly believed his rhetoric.
I still could not vote, being only a green card holder.

The slight of hand with which the bait and switch on so many fronts was performed became clear before the 2012 election.

Jack and Bobby paid with their lives for standing up to the realization that the swamp things truly hold the puppet strings. And Obama wanted to live.

I have said this here before.

The lack of transparency and co opting of the remnants of our democracy by the poison of narcissistic capitalism leaves us hanging on to our next meals as rewards.

So we will never truly know if I am giving Obama a pass or there is a shred of reality in my attributing the deep state to his about face.

Will our generation make it right?
Or are we making promises we know we’ll never keep?

Clickety Clack


Regime Changes R US, or just, Keep the War Machine Turning?

Must we continue to make Bullets and Bombs, or let them have that God Forsaken country and Feed and Clothe our People here?


When was this written, it is now 17 years into this Afghan war. Ray, why the verbosity. Simply put , America had no business in Vietnam. The lies of the Tonkin bs was the excuse. The lies of 911 is the latest. The MIC needs to play with their toys thus an enemy is created and the weapons are used to be replaced by more weapons. The money train rolls on. Ray, you damn well know why JFK was killed. PEACE D’ONT PAY ! The zionist press will always side with the Rothschild bankers. All wars are bankers wars. Smedley knew but the masses can always be herded into war. Ask Herr Goebbels.


Please allow me to update that question to fit our current situation, “What is most important to the history of
the world?  ISIS, or the collapse of the Amerikan empire?  Some stirred-up Zionists or the liberation of Pal­estine and the end of our M-IC’s highly profitable ‘war on terror’?”

Uncle –

The CIA’s Intervention in Afghanistan
Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser
Le Nouvel Observateur, Paris, 15-21 January 1998

“Question: What is most important to the history of the world? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some stirred-up Moslems or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the cold war?”
Please allow me to update that question to fit our current situation, “What is most important to the history of the world? ISIS, or the collapse of the Amerikan empire? Some stirred-up Zionists or the liberation of Pal­estine and the end of our M-IC’s highly profitable ‘war on terror’?”

Unfortunately, I think the answer is the same as I first offered, as US seems to be creating terrorism – ISIS – whether intentionally or not since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the threat to MIC/National Security State.
As “W” took over, you can actually find video at YouTube where Colin Powell and Condi Rice are discussing the fact that things are so peaceful in the world that they’d pretty much have to create a threat somewhere for war to break out.

If you read the info I posted, you see that not only are they using terrorism but once again religion – this time Islam, as they have always used Christianity to divide and conquer nations. The text books by US/CIA seek to create a MORE VIOLENT FORM OF ISLAM and JIHAD. How many Americans who watched children reciting robotically from those text books on TV (and were so panicked by it) still don’t know today that they were part of a US/CIA project to create support for JIHAD among Muslims, especially the younger generation?

For this planet to have any further history, all of the dark secrets moved by Elites must be unveiled and understood as to how they have created fascist control of US/“people’s government.”

The CIA has long been the center of that movement.

Answer: End of US Empire – and Liberation of Palestine

Meanwhile …
U.S. denies launching missile strikes in Syria

“For the past two months, the Syrian government and Russian military intelligence have been warning that such a false flag event involving chemical weapons was imminent.”

This is true… I did read an article on a (different) Russian newspaper site at least three weeks ago laying out exactly how it would go down.


Those who try to convince us that domino theory of war is worth fighting for are cowardly traitors to their own families and country.

The US is disgraced daily by the slinking sneaking atrocities of Pentagonian generals. Their military madness seeks promotions and self worth from inflicting pain, suffering and anguish on the weak.

We know with 100% certainty; The US military is destroying the US, it is attempting to use austerity and a few ego maniac billionaires to suck America dry.

Yes, it seems we’ll have to post comments about this latest “atrocity from Assad” here, because CD has yet to post a piece about it. Several questions present themselves:

What possible tactical advantage is there to using chemical weapons there? Answer - little to none.

Which involved nation has proved in the last week that it also has no problem with slaughtering innocent civilians? Answer - Israel.

Why would someone use, at the closing stages of a horrible conflict which they are winning, do the one thing that might cause international condemnation and stoke your fiercest enemies to intensify their efforts? Answer - only a fool would do such a thing.

Last question: How is the harm inflicted by this alleged chemical attack any more murderous, destructive, and vicious than everything that has befallen Syria so far? Answer - only in the minds of the armchair viewers that haven’t experienced their own homes, lives, and futures, already turned to rubble. Wake up America, the warmongers are attempting to lead you around by the nose again. (And why not - it’s such an easy thing to do!)

I call bullshit. This is most likely a joint US/Israeli effort to herd that buffoon in the WH and as much of the propagandized US citizenry into more death and destruction for Syria. Obama says there is a “red line” and supposedly Assad promptly crosses it- bullshit. Trump says we’re leaving, and Assad supposedly and promptly begs him to stay - bullshit.


Here in Portland, we see the long term success of the Zionist penetration into the anti-war movement. Where are the demonstrations against the escalating war in Syria? No where to be seen! Instead as I type this, I am hearing Amy Goodman repeating the “Assad must go” line which I first heard coming from the “Palestinian” solidarity committee oh 5 years ago. I remember saying to one of the people in the solidarity committee does this mean you are calling for Netenyahoo to go? She hurried away…

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Lots of war profiteering in Viet Nam, every occupation and war since…lots of war profiteering will characterize the Syria invasion.

Follow the money.