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Welcome to Yemen, Where Only Violence is a Certainty


Welcome to Yemen, Where Only Violence is a Certainty

Farea Al-Muslimi

I had only been back in Yemen for a few hours. Until then, I had been lucky enough to escape the recent round of violence, having been abroad for medical treatment.

But that January morning my alarm call was a bomb that targeted the Iranian embassy in the usually quiet part of town where I live. The whole building shook when the explosives detonated. Most of the windows in the neighbouring buildings shattered. I felt as if someone had lifted me out of bed and thrown me to the ground.


Anyone who imagines the UN will protect them should check first with citizens of Rwanda, or perhaps the young men of Srebrenica.


“In order for peace to exist in Yemen, the ingredients of the political transition – its tools and its godfathers – should first admit that the path they have forced Yemen into has led to nothing but catastrophe and has taken the country directly into hell.”

The global elite criminal class does not do apologies, and does not do accountability.