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Welcome To Your New Home


Welcome To Your New Home

Oh Canada. As the flood of stricken refugees prompts much of Europe to turn its back and much of this country to summon the worst of a dark and ugly xenophobia, Canada has opened wide its still-human heart: This weekend, newly-elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and smiling officials greeted the first group of an expected 25,000 Syrian refugees with warmth, grace, coats, toys for the kids, and the bountiful declaration, "You are home."


Well; one British Commonwealth country has acquired a kind heart. When can I emigrate to Canada?

The USA will be rolling out the barbed wire across the Canadian border faster than it can be made. Canda's importin' them thar terrists!


Hats off to the Canadians! Now THIS is exceptional!


I initially thought to myself, "What?" Oh, yeah. I had forgotten that that douche bag Harper is gone. If only the clueless USA voter could distance him/herself from it's home grown male and female d-bags.


Canada is to accept 25,000 refugess which isn't that many for a country of its size and Germany accepts getting on a million, and now is finding it hard to cope, yet in this article Canada gets all the praise and Germany gets a snidey critical slur and most of Europe is accused of being 'heedless?' Sweden has taken over 70,000 and they only have a population of 9 million to begin with. How heedless. There's no comparison with this trickle and numbers Europe is trying to cope with so think all this back-patting whilst criticising struggling EU countries on the front line is a bit rich..