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Welcoming Charges, Family of Terence Crutcher Vows 'Break Chains' of Police Brutality


Welcoming Charges, Family of Terence Crutcher Vows 'Break Chains' of Police Brutality

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The family of Terence Crutcher claimed a "small victory" late Thursday after the Tulsa County district attorney charged police officer Betty Shelby with manslaughter in the first degree for killing the unarmed father of four.


The Tulsa police department released the shooting video shortly after the incident took place.
The Charlotte police department continues to refuse to release the video tape.
The Tulsa District Attorney's office conducted an immediate, transparent and through investigation into the shooting.
The Charlotte District Attorney's office has not. As a matter of fact Charlotte gave it to the state to investigate.
Which is why the city of Tulsa had peace and the city of Charlotte has been disrupted by its citizens.

As an aside the state of North Carolina passed a law making it a crime for any police department in the state to release any video tape related to police activities. That law goes into effect on October 1. Don't we citizens own all public records?
It's bad enough that we must file a Freedom of Information suit to get our own tax payer funded records released by our own government. But what NC has done is ridiculous. But then that's how North Carolina rolls.


Absent conscience, bad policing in the US stops when citizens are economically affected. When a mega lawsuit of $500 million is awarded, taxpayers are affected and bad policing comes to a halt.


The rage is a result of far too many unarmed people, most of them black, being gunned down by our militarized police departments.
That and the pervasive racism in our society fed by Neanderthals like Trump and his KKK supporters.


The video I saw indicated several cops pointing their guns at a non-threatening man with his hands on his car. The police lined up like a firing squad - typical. You can't train people to behave in a civil manner when you have the "brotherhood" sworn to lie for you. The power to execute a harmless person without consequence must end. There was no cause what-so-ever for the police to escalate the matter.

Police in the United States have proven to be a threat to human life. Their proven conduct indicates a conspiratorial nature that is fundamentally hostile to all people in the United States.


What say we get rid of the institutionalized racism in America and transform our militarized police forces into more user friendly organizations?


Who militarized the police forces? We the people?
We may have demanded that the crime rate be reduced because we were told that "crime was a serious problem," when in fact it wasn't a "problem" for that 80% of Americans living outside the urban areas.
In response to our demand, the idiot politicians concluded that the answer to reduced crime was a militarized police force.
Factor in the 9-11 attack and it's quite easy to see how our current police state came into being.

Who do the militarized police forces pick on when they get bored? Those least like to fight back. Sometimes the cops use excessive force and people die at their hands "in error." Layer a cops boredom on top of a preexisting and underlying societal racism and lots of black folks get killed.

The solution is to reduce the fear.


There is also the tidbit that one of the officers in the Helicopter was the Brother of the Shooter. No one is saying whether or not He was the person who said "One Bad Dude".

The comment is revealing in that it shows the Attitude of those cops:
"He's Black, He Must be Guilty of Something that deserves a Bullet."

Not a single voice saying:
"Hey, they guy's car broke down. That's not a Shooting Offence."

Every officer on the scene, Ground & Air, should be charged as Accomplices.


So, you are saying that we have the most Cowardly, Scared Sh!tless Cops on the Planet?

In a country where more people are shot by Terrified Cops than by actual Terrorists?

Your attitude is why the Terrorists are Winning.