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'Welfare to the Wealthy': 227 House Republicans Pass $1.5 Trillion Tax Cut to Corporations and the Rich


'Welfare to the Wealthy': 227 House Republicans Pass $1.5 Trillion Tax Cut to Corporations and the Rich

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"It's immoral that many hardworking families will pay a higher tax bill or lose access to critical services like healthcare so that some CEO can get a bigger bonus and buy a bigger yacht."


Pack your bags you rat bXXtards and don’t let the door hit your behind on the way out in 2018. May you rot in Haedes for the crimes you have committed against humanity.


Hope you’re right.


they finally passed a bill. it figures that it would be this one.


Exactly what is the re-elction rate of incumbents to the U.S. Congress?


Monsters. Absolute fucking monsters, these rotten, stinking, old (mainly), white bastards. From under what sort of rock did the despicable Paul Ryan crawl out? Who is this mean-spirited son of a bitch? And from Wisconsin no less.


Pay off


I think we should get busy making their lives hell now: Total, rolling, Gandhian non cooperation beginning in the cities. Did it ever occur to any of us outside of the 1% that protests, demonstrations are simply another method of these corporate criminals to “manage” us by allowing them in the first place?? As in, they become routine and banal? As in allowing us to “let off steam” and dissipate our energy??


If we incorporate 323 million of US and become the largest, richest corporation, we would each own equal, non-transferable shares of stock in America Inc. and could call the shots democratically instead of the tiny corporate oligarchy.


96%. And most of these seats, sadly, are safe.

And the right wing media will spin this as a win for ma and pa main street. And their flock will believe it.

In short, business as usual. This was the only bill they wanted to pass this session, and they did.


In advance…I am sorry if I offend anyone…I just have to say…

What A Bunch of Sick Fuck’s

I know it’s against the rules, I am sorry, I am willing to pay the price for my rude behavior…


I’m afraid you are right…


This bill was " means tested " and it passed with flying colors. If you’ve got the means to buy a Republican Congressman, you’ll pay a lot less in taxes. And, it’s mean to the people who can’t by a Republican Congressman. So, it certainly got all the " means " covered.
And, if you complain about it, the Republican Congress will make it meaner, still. Because, " the beatings will continue, until the morale improves "
Don’t cha’ know?


I know the feeling, mate…


Now we have to wait to see what the US Senate does…

For those of you with reps who voted to approve, what will you do?




Work on the campaign for the opponent (Dem) to unseat the entrenched Rep in my district…the token woman on the HoR leadership caucus: C (for Cxxt) McHorrid Rogers, a bible-thumping lock-stepper without a working brain.


“Money doesn’t talk/
It swears…”
–Bob Dylan, “It’s All Right, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)”


Spot on. I’ve been urging use of the power of the boycott for months. Start by researching consumer products produced by, for instance, Koch Industries. Google that for the list. Ever hear of Brawny paper towels? Or anything produced by Georgia Pacific (that sheet of plywood in your garage, for example). Don’t buy their stuff. At this level individuals can have a devastating impact, and don’t think they can’t.


Let the jackasses bray. They are exposing themselves for the greedy representatives creeps they are. This bill will not make it through the Senate where some repugs are already backing away.from it.