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'Well Below Par': Paraglider Fly-By Swipes Trump at President's Scottish Golf Resort


'Well Below Par': Paraglider Fly-By Swipes Trump at President's Scottish Golf Resort

Jon Queally, staff writer

Following a day in which hundreds of thousands took to the streets of London to let President Donald Trump he was "not welcome" in the United Kingdom, a paragliding protester from Greenpeace executed a dramatic paraglider flyby—carrying a banner that read "Trump: Well Below Par"—over Trump's golf resort in Turnberry, Scotland just as the president was entering the hotel Friday evening.


Sub-Par Psychopathic President.

Yeah, that’s Trump all right.


Somewhat amazed that Trump’s gunmen on the roof did not fire at the paragliding protestor.

Maybe to avoid the European media response on his state visit to UK?

At some point in the USA, non-violent anti-Trump protestors will be fired at by Trump’s people.


I was part of a group that tried to protest G.W. Bush in the U.S. You cannot believe how thorough was able to hanghly the Secret Service, working with local police, close sections of expressways, exits and streets. Greenpeace was able to hang a giant “RESIST” banner from a building construction crane for Trump.


“Dick Cheney, is it possible for you to sign my waterboard kit?”

wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more…

Thank you Greenpeace, I noticed that no snipers took offence.


Have supported Greenpeace for a long, long time. Nothing like direct action in the face of Fascism.


“Though the individual who flew the aircraft has not been identified, law enforcement are reportedly looking for a suspect.”

I would hope no one is looking too hard.


“My uncle has a country place, that no-one knows about
He says it used to be a farm, before the Motor Law
Sundays I elude the ‘Eyes’, and hop the Turbine Freight
To far outside the Wire, where my white-haired uncle waits.”

Rush…“Red Barchetta” my wife’s favorite song.

Power to the People!

(Now they have motorized Paragliders!)

{She still wants a red Barchetta.}