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'We'll Fight This': Groups Outraged Over DeVos 'Gutting' Title IX Protections for Survivors of Sexual Violence

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/06/well-fight-groups-outraged-over-devos-gutting-title-ix-protections-survivors-sexual


“Cruelty Is The Point.”


It will be a truly Providential blessing when a simple pill will immunize all males from the insane desire that normally besets them from puberty to late middle age. Imagine the freedom fellas! Red hot women mean nothing to you now, you are free of It! Free! Free!


You mean by that a “divine intervention” when men can keep their dicks in their pants i presume.

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Billionaire Betsy, one of Trump’s “best people”, is a disgrace. Her plans for of gutting the public education system which we should be very proud of is well advanced. More charter schools, religious schools and private schools some of which are based on illusions and the real agenda of programming students with the conservative point of view, Christian dogma and making money.
Four more years of this asshole’s right-wing bullshit as would be authoritarian and the real United States will disappear while Putin and Xe will smile.

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Hi chapdrum:
Cruelty and inhumanity to women…and to have a woman order this is even more amazing. I don’t think this will end well for Betsy. She just set herself up to be the prime target for certain male mentalities. : (

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I have tried to understand the mindset behind these laws. What the effing reason to decriminalize abuse of females and compound that with making prosecution impossible and victims a laughingstock? WHAT other reason other than to further the Penis is King agenda? What kind of a woman goes along with this ? The utter depth of depravity that we have seen every effing day since 45 oozed himself into the WH is completely exhausting. How do we ever work or LIVE with these subhumans after 45 is dragged out? And who wants any of them around at all? I see strong possibilities of breakup within this country. Might not be a bad thing.

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Hi Boodee:
Yes and America keeps counting itself as a great Christian nation. Funny thing though, the words of “Do unto Others,” are so often forgotten---- or totally misunderstood. : (.

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The fact is folks: Obama went way overboard on Title IX. The two major issues were: (1) the level of guilt. 50.1 to 49.9 implies guilty. Furthermore, no evidence was needed; only the investigator’s opinion. (2) A university’s federal funding would be pulled entirely, it the DOE determined that there was negligence in due prosecution of a claimed offender.

These two items caused universities to automatically presume an alleged offender was guilty; not based on any evidence, but based on the informal mandate of the Title IX office that was under no circumstances should its decisions threaten the $$$.

At that point it became a bonifide kangaroo court. And it was, for many students and faculty accused by an anonymous person of sexual misconduct. And the Me Too movement was there to fuel the fire; not intentionally, but by encouragement.

There are many cases of faculty and students whose lives were destroyed by nothing more than a claim based on zero evidence. Here’s how it works: You’re brought into the Title IX office, told to turn in your keys and told that you are banned from campus because of a claim. You are not told what the claim was, when it was, or who the claimant is.You are told that if you have information then you should share it with the investigator. But when you do, you are told that your input could be viewed as an attempt to manipulate the investigator, and it is recommended that you desist. Five months later you are called into a meeting where the investigator will share their information with you and make their recommendation. Only then do you have any idea of what the claim was. You are told that you are not allowed to record the meeting.

Yes, sexual misconduct is a matter that universities should take very seriously. However, the process should be transparent, fair, and devoid of financial conflicts of interest re: federal funding. The process should proceed by determining if there is sufficient proof to find guilt, rather than by determining if there is sufficient proof to find innocence. And if you don’t think there are people out there with an ax to grind, and who will grind it with false accusations, you’re clearly not thinking.

Disgusting comment and not funny.

How long does DeVos need to stay in a jail cell with a dozen men each convicted of multiple rapes and with only a dozen beds?

Have you even read what the changes are? They’re simply giving due process to the accused. The same due process you get in court. How could you be against cross examination? You’re in support of the current system whereby the accused is first accused, then has no chance to defend himself and just has to flip a coin? The current system is a travesty for due process.

To be fair, can’t anyone invent a comfortable, light weight, and functional chastity belt for women, to go along with provisions for the males.

When trump is gone these others will slither off into the night. I hope.


Stardust –

Jesus – the “commie” is regularly being disappeared – and replaced with a very
mean and nasty new image. Now he hates the poor and the sick.

The liberalizing of the RCC came to an end in the 1960’s at the end of the reign of
Pope John XXIII who used Vatican II to create a democracy in the RCC and he did
it be acknowledging for Catholics that they had a right to their own personal consciences
to decide for themselves whether or not to use contraceptives for birth control. He also
liberalized the church in other ways, ending the practice of “Confessions,” for one.

This triggered an uprising of the right wing cult in the Vatican which likely led to the
death of Pope John XXII, but also likely the next two or three Popes who succeeded
him and who were ready to end restrictions on contraceptives used for birth control.

Most of the public seems to have figured out that “Christianity” is a business like any
other – and in fact that “Christianity” underpins Elite/Patriarchy all over the world where
the RCC still rules.

Coincidentally, the three – JFK, Khrushchev and Pope John were all disappeared very
quickly at that time.

While the Vatican hasn’t had armies for quite some time, outside of the C.I.A. it is called
“Catholics In Action” – and same within the C.I.A.

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To begin with, what kind of women would be at all willing to join this administration
based in “White Male Supremacy” . . . ?

And to carry out these filthy, destructive acts for him?

Or a simple snip. They deserve to get snipped. Taking half of the only sentient species we know of in the universe and relegating them to nothing more than reproductive machines is bullshit. We are the only species aside from chimps in which the males strive to oppress the females. Females in other species are healthier because they are free and not co-opted into being walking sperm incubators.

It seems like the reproductive cells in the human body manipulate their hosts into madness for their own benefit. Sperm and egg cells will die unless they use hormones to drive their hosts to procreate. Even parenting behavior in both males and females is driven by the hormone prolactin.

In cats and dogs, we cure them of the obnoxious behaviors related to the reproductive urge by removing the organs that contain the sex cells. You can’t raise horses willing to do work unless you give them the snip. That’s what a gelding is, a neutered male horse.

Yowling, pissing on things, humping legs and other annoying behaviors go away after the organs containing germ cells are removed. Why do we humans love our own base drives so much? It’s all stupid and pointless. Making sex more important than people is bullshit. It’s like deifying the act of taking a crap.

Maybe humanity could progress if you had males who didn’t have their thoughts interrupted by sex every 20 minutes. Must be hard to think with all that going on. I’m glad at least I can think without interruption. Snip or no snip, it’s poor form to be a slave to ones hormones.

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You can use whatever language you want, sounds like you simply want to screw with no one or nothing stopping you. It never had anything to do with “prudishness.” Free will and the right to have choice of mates is a law of nature. Natural selection is how nature filters for traits which will help future generations survive. All traits which help species survive are selected by females. Without natural selection no species could or would survive on this hostile planet. Your childish frustration with these limitations is your problem. Deal with it.

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Here, people. Instead of writing disgusting comments about forced vasectomies for half the male population and other ridiculous, over-exaggerating thoughts, here’s a summary of the provisions from Reason. And no, Reason does not support Trump. Reason hates Trump just like you.

Article title from Reason since I can’t link posts: betsy-devos-title-ix-due-process-college-sexual-misconduct

The new rules are similar to what the Department of Education proposed in November 2018. Most notably, the government has abolished the single-investigator model, which previously permitted a sole university official to investigate an accusation of misconduct, decide which evidence to consider, and produce a report recommending an outcome. Under the new rules, the final decision maker must be a different person than the investigator, and a finding of responsibility can only be rendered after a hearing in which a representative for the accused is able to pose questions to the accuser—i.e., cross-examination.

Importantly, the new rules narrow the scope of actionable sexual harassment to exclude conduct that ought to be protected under the First Amendment. Obama-era guidance had defined sexual harassment as “any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature.” The new rules keep this definition but add that the conduct must be offensive to a reasonable person, severe, and pervasive. In practice, this should mean that schools will no longer initiate Title IX investigations that impugn free speech.

“This new rule strikes a powerful blow against campus censorship,” said a Department of Education spokesperson. “Campus free speech must not be sacrificed in the misguided pursuit of any other value.”

The new rules will also end the pernicious practice of universities initiating Title IX investigations in cases where the alleged victims are not interested in this course of action. Under previous guidance, any university official who became aware of a potential Title IX issue had to report it, thus triggering an investigation. Under the new guidance, school employees should make the Title IX office aware of potential issues, which will prompt these officials to reach out and offer support to victims. But a formal complaint that results in adjudication can only be initiated by the victim or their parents/legal guardians. This approach gives agency to victims and prevents schools from taking actions contrary to their wishes.

And I’m supposed to believe Joe Biden is the person to clean this up🙄