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'Well That Is Incredibly Racist,' Harris Campaign After GOP Sen. David Perdue Calls VP Nominee 'Kamala-Mala-Mala-Whatever' at Trump Rally

Sorry, I thought it would be obvious.

I know that it’s very hard to see, but 4 years of calling him “tRump” hasn’t gotten him out of office yet. Decades of posts calling them “Repuglicons” hasn’t resulted yet in raising the bar on the discussion, or defeating Mitch McConnell.

But keep trying. It’s bound to work soon.

P.S. I remember after 9-11 saying that if only we had started calling G W Bush "Georgy poopy-pants, there would likely have been no Iraq war.

I think that you are keying too much on the regional US accent near you (N. Dakota?). With Philadelphia ancestry, I say “Pahsta” and “Nahchos”.

The most striking thing about N. American English (Canadian and US) is the puckered-up way the “r” is pronounced. (only exception being Boston/New England and an almost extinct coastal Virginia/Carolina accent). It is the main reason that Asians have so much trouble with that consonant.

But I have no idea how USAns came to call it a “Zee” instead of a “Zed”.

The US seems to go out of their way to be contrary to the world is so many other ways - from units of measure to political colors to abbreviation of dates to the location of controls and lighting on cars.

The Lotus flower is a revered as a sacred symbol in Eastern religions, much like the cross in Christian religions. I like it… :LOTUS POTUS!


In transcribing Sanskrit words using the Latin alphabet, it is common to use diacritic marks to denote the exact sounds, when necessary. So the masculine form would be transcribed as “Kamala” but the feminine form would have an overbar on the last ‘a’ to indicate a long vowel sound. In modern (non-Sanskrit) usage, the masculine form is pronounced without a vowel sound at the end. So it may be transcribed as “Kamal” rather than “Kamala”.

Both the masculine and the feminine forms are used as names of people.

Hope I didn’t muddy the water too much.


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Should have changed her name to Bobby Jindal, or Nikki Haley. Good old American fake names.

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It’s Pleiades. The seven sisters.

Remember the shrub’s favorite person was little turd blossom

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I think you are correct in the name calling department. It is childish. I would prefer more high brow and literary insults. I also consider using phrases such as the ‘N’ word, the "F’ word, the “B” word etc. as incredibly childish when talking to adults but that is the norm now. In my opinion and Lenny Bruce’s it gives these words too much power. I know many will disagree. I just think there’s bigger issues than censoring Huckleberry Finn because of the use of the “N” word. Context and intent are more important than spelling.

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Thanks for reminding me of those carefree days.

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Herman Cain and Uzbekistan.

Of course none of us mispronounce trump’s name. Just saying. I do it too.

And…what’s your point?

Thank you.

Those are two different genres. the “N” and “B” words are of course hate speech. Racist and misogynistic words have no business in a civilized world.

The “F” word is generally used (overused?) for emphasis, and in many cases just for shock value. I once “swore like a sailor,” but I find that in “polite society,” such talk has little effect, offends many, and accomplishes nothing.

As for Huckleberry Finn, I have read it and to my knowledge, it did not make me a racist. Do I wish it had never been written that way? Of course I do, now. Did I feel that way when I read it as a child? Everyone I knew used that word as part of their vernacular, and I lacked the awareness to be outraged then. Many things change. I despise the word, and it doesn’t sound any better to me when Black comedians use it in their acts, claiming to now "own " the word. Its origins and its meaning to racists haven’t changed, and it only gives the racists permission (in their own view at least) to continue to use it as a pejorative.

In the past two or three days, I have heard more than once some politician or other say “Words matter.” If that is true, don’t you think we should be choosing them more carefully?


The Anglicization is is one of those glaring blind spots of how profound the colonization impetus and behaviors have been throughout history The Anglicization is the erasure of the lived identity of the individual. Those thinking themselves so benign are unaware that the system of exploitation DEPENDS on their being psychologically boxed in “pride” at the other pole. That mental prison, otherwise-gate-keeper called narcissism; incapable of envisioning reciprocity and actually engaging the stunningly beautiful work of building a just society. Why? the cynicism of institutional designs to make people cower down to their assigned/imposed stratum. Without which there ain’t no body to extract wealth from.

Note a common set of threads?

Pride goeth before a fall, and not just for those doing the dog whistling.


I agree with you, and that is why I can’t help but wonder why a large percentage of people on CD, and all the other progressive boards, all identifying as “adults,” seem to be unable to speak of Trump, Republicans or pretty much anyone they disagree with without using 4th grade playground vernacular.

I don’t really run into anyone from North Dakota ever, but my TV is swamped with US programming.

[Ed. ]There’s a Kamala in Hesse’s Siddhartha, isn’t there?

I think the middle syllable is stressed in that version of the name.

Repugs = short for repugnant =




extremely distasteful; unacceptable.

Not exactly, see if you can figure it out!

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His name is Perdue… the name famous for being a chicken. (As in this case a coward…Couldn’t resist).

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Hi smipypr:
Yes, mispronouncing names…that makes Perdue a PerDUD----I had o give him a D for his behavior. : )


i’ve been waiting 40 years for republican lawmakers to be punished for their overt racism. instead it’s golden parachutes for everyone. plus, lack of empathy and introspection means they don’t experience shame or regret. sigh.


The OVERTLY racist RethugliKKKan Party and their regressive, reactionary Supreme Court & federal court “justices” (ha!) MUST be consigned to the dustbin of history where it has belonged since 1964, at least, when Barry Goldwater crawled out from under his slimy rock.

The OTHER corporate party, the DumboCRAPS, with its more covert racism, must be overthrown by progressives from within, or, if that doesn’t work, abandoned after Biden-Harris take office.

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