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'Well That Is Incredibly Racist,' Harris Campaign After GOP Sen. David Perdue Calls VP Nominee 'Kamala-Mala-Mala-Whatever' at Trump Rally

The Bi-BuLL BeLt sucks.

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Kamala being the 1st woman president is what this Bernie supporter is counting on. Not my first choice either, but she might just rise to the occasion and do the right thing. I know she is good on the climate issues.

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Harris should start calling him “Devi Perdue…or, you know, whatever.” And not to take focus away from this story but…JACINDA ARDERN WON IN A LANDSLIDE! Everyone, raise your glass.

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Really? Where can I look that up? I read a lot, and still haven’t seen anyone write: “His behavior was just repugs.” or, “Her appearance was repugs to me.”

Know what I have seen?

“The repugs and the democraps are working together to destroy the Constitution.”

In that context, what is “repugs,” and who are the “democraps”? What is democraps short for?

See if you can figure it out.

How many said the same about Obama?


Again I agree with you that words matter. As far as Blacks owning the N word, I have had many discussions with people about this issue. I played in a blues band in 1975 in CA. Half the members were black and we hung out quite bit by ourselves and with friends. I grew up in Ohio and had heard n***** , coon , jig, pickaninny etc. used by all classes of whites from poor to rich. There were still colored restrooms and water fountains into the 60’s. When the black guys in the band would say “N***** Please!” to each other I was internally shocked but I could tell there was no ill will intended. I can only attribute to a form of Stockholm Syndrome. I don’t hear Jews refer to themselves as Kikes or Hebes. I don’t hear Italians call each other Dago or Wop , whites don’t call each other Honkies. French people don’t call each other Frogs. Germans don’t call each other Krauts. Asians don’t call each other Slopes or Chinks and on and on. I still just don’t get it. As far as Huck Finn goes I think using the historically accurate language gives a better picture of the society and it’s inequities Twain was trying to expose. Should he have been called ‘Afro-American Jim’ or 'Black Jim" ? Maybe there should be two versions, one edited to be historically inaccurate.Bitch has now become a slur for both sexes in black street lingo.Like many of these issues context is important. If one of my friends says something to me like " you Motherf*****" I take no offense and might even laugh. If a stranger said it out of the blue I could be ready to get angry. I do think language does influence how are thoughts flow and although I like good slang expressions I think more civilized discourse could make for a more civilized world. On the other hand many eloquent speakers are up to no good. It’s what is in your heart that counts. For example. ~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBh47sIdkQs&feature=youtu.be

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Oh they eat this stuff up down there. If he could shout the N-word from the rooftops he would. Nobody would bat an eye.

He and his party’s other Senate pick in GA were both involved in insider trading. Wish the media would make more of that.

Nice try to distract and detract from your post.
As you were.

What’s the racist part, that somebody was anti-Kamala Harris and used a childish taunt? The world doesn’t revolve around Kamala’s blackness. I’m anti-Kamala for the content of her character.


I hadn’t heard that. Do you think she actually has an understanding of the issue and the effectiveness of the different strategies to fight it or is she posturing on this issue just like she did on Medicare for All?

I really hope morons like this guy making fun of her name and people like him don’t cause a racism defense reaction where more people give this woman way more respect than she deserves. She is my senator and I have very little respect for her (or my other senator who is even worse).


Georgians aren’t better than that. Georgians are exactly that.

Unfortunately, most people tend to live up to their record, not the rhetoric of their speeches, much less the hopes and desires of their electorate, Kamala has always done the former, and never even considered doing the latter. Hope and pray all you wish, but don’t depend upon these fantasies to be realized.
Fascists gonna be Fascist.


My post was written as satire, but probably did a poor job. Thank you for your reply that gave me a chance to clarify. If you read any of my posts a year ago, I wrote: " THESE DEMOCRATIC, DEBATES ARE NOTHING BUT A DOG AND PONY SHOW FOR THE POLITICALLY, GULLIBLE… THE CORRUPT DNC HAS ALREADY SELECTED A BIDEN/HARRIS TICKET FOR 2020".

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I didn’t figure you had developed blue blood [ref. french series on Netflix “La Revolution” (“the Revolution” - a mix of sci-fi historical revisionist history in France circa 1780, modern class struggles and conflict, vodou/ zombies, and a lot of “Our Revolution” rhetoric - enjoyable escapism for those of a Leftist bent!)], but thought that adding my own stipulations might help those who seem smitten with the BNMW (blue no matter Who) bug, to glimpse the hard and ugly reality behind their daydream self-delusions.

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Yes, that is indeed racist and dehumanizing.

But please don’t forget that senator Harris, our likely future president, is an amoral sociopath who has callously ruined countless (disproportionately black) lives via the American “justice” system solely for her own political advancement.

Perhaps we should reserve some sympathy for the victims “comma la” has happily fed to the prison industrial complex.


My pastor brother in law did the same thing. He is not a fan of strong, assertive women. Not a great fan of mine…though we have familial love. Not a fan of his type of thinking either but we are respectful and listen to each other. First thing out of his mouth after the VP debate was, mispronounced name, she lied. Oy