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'Well, This Didn't Take Long': As Haspel Nears Confirmation, Dick Cheney Says Bring Back Torture Program


'Well, This Didn't Take Long': As Haspel Nears Confirmation, Dick Cheney Says Bring Back Torture Program

Common Dreams staff

Highlighting the severe dangers that critics warn come with promoting Gina Haspel—who participated directly in the CIA's post-9/11 torture program—to become the agency's next director, former vice president Dick Cheney on Thursday openly embraced torture and said that if he had his way, the Bush-era policies that sanctioned abuses like waterboarding, extreme sleep deprivation, and the beating of prisoners would never have been ended.


No, you macabre sadist–US history, having been writ cannot a line of it be erased. What is clearly in order is an honest, unflinching look at it and that sadistic, racist streak that runs through it exploding in genocide, worst chattel slavery the world has witnessed, and countless wars of Empire generally targeting non whites. What is needed are re-education camps for the likes of you and truth and reconciliation panels and a new system of equality for all.


Jaysus! Sniff, sniff, yup, that smell is most certainly sulfur.
I absolutely hate that monster Cheney (along with the rest of the PNAC neoCon cabal).
John Yoo tried to dance around the torture question and the 'reasoning" was over the top gibberish laden bull twicky.


Hell yeah!


He said “I would go back there and study them and learn”. I wonder what he would learn.


So very true !


Shouldn’t Dick be in The Hague with the other war criminals…??


Something else that should be brought back is the old practice of exile, starting with this guy.


Yes. Send them to the isle of Elba.


So next time some Idiot (and I voted for him) says…

Let’s not Govern according to the LAW…Let’s Look Forward >>>>>

Can we ALL throw Shoes at the Podium

Thanks for your Precedent Setting Help on this Mr Obama and Mr Holder,

You just brought the Vampire back after we spent 8 years getting rid of him.


After WW2 the US convicted, and in some cases, executed Japanese soldiers for war crimes that included charges of waterboarding,


Probably some kinky B&D maneuvers to try on his wife.


Didn’t president Obama say “look forward and not backward?” These war criminals should have been tried in the international criminal court. Now they are all giving talks and living the good life. Oh and isn’t amerika just the greatest arms’ seller in the world?


Yeah. If he could get his Cheney “dick” up!!!


Perhaps the only true justice would be to waterboard Dick Cheney, who no doubt deserves punishment for his war crimes. Because Obama failed to move forward with prosecution of Bush, Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld for the crime of the century (the Iraq War and all the many crimes that flowed from that decision) we’ve regressed so far into darkness that now Trump and his gang of oligarchs are running our nation. Unfortunately, these lawless SOBs are far above the law, be it our national laws, UN Charters or the Geneva Conventions.


Seriously: Any of these “patriots” found guilty of treason, sedition, “commonplace” violations of the law, etc. should be exiled.
No prison terms at taxpayer expense (unlikely as it is that any of them would be imprisoned; file under “too rich to jail”).


Cheney. The man just won’t die. Somebody get a stake, hammer and a string of garlic. Then take him out into the sunlight and burn him. It’s the only way to be sure.


We never hear about war criminals tried and imprisoned via The Hague; I wonder if it happens at all.


In 2013 someone interviewed “Darth” Cheney (a name he thinks is funny) on the 10th anniversary of our brutal invasion of Iraq and asked about that war that he and others lied us into. Of course, the interviewer didn’t accuse this sub-human of lying but I would have. Anyway, this putrid pile of shit said that he would have done the same thing all over again. Yup, he was one of the ring leaders that caused hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians to die, millions to flee the country and the basic destruction of that country and he would do it again! Dick Cheney is a loathsome excuse for a man and he should be indicted for major war crimes along with others of that goddamned administration.
Another thing that galls me about this monumental asshole - he is walking around with a replacement heart that could have helped keep a real human alive instead of keeping this appalling puke with us for years to come.


This is what he’d like to study.