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Well Wishes for Greta Thunberg as Teen Leader Sets Sail for US to Combat 'Climate and Ecological Crisis'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/14/well-wishes-greta-thunberg-teen-leader-sets-sail-us-combat-climate-and-ecological

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All the best for Greta Thunberg.


Is anyone else with a conspiratorial bent thinking that this trip might be the opportunity the powerful polluters have been looking for for Greta to have a “tragic accident” at sea and never be heard from again? She might be called the Jeffery Epstein of environmentalism - someone a lot of powerful people wish would shut up and go away. Calm seas and following winds, Greta!

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“By fair means” - sock it to 'em Greta ~


Maybe while she’s here she can also convince (ha, ha) these dipshit Trump followers about the social programs in Sweden that actually help the majority of their citizens unlike the bullshit spouted by our “leader”.


“Of course there are many people who don’t understand and accept the science,” Thunberg told Agence France-Presse before beginning her journey. “I will just have to do what I have always done—ignore them and just tell the science as it is.”


Well she’ll have to “ignore” probably half of the inbred, brain dead morons in this country then. We are probably the only country on the fucking planet that DON’T believe in climate change, along being the only industrial country that doesn’t have a universal healthcare system.


I gave up flying when the airlines started packing people in their miserable containers like sardines. The last time I flew, I had to tell the guy in front of me not to lean back or he would crush my knees. Then the delayed layovers and the little bag of half a dozen peanuts and a plastic cup of Coke to get you through your long flights and wasted time on the runways. No thanks. Now with the inspiration of Greta, I have another more important reason not to fly.


Oh dear Greta , please reconsider . Going to the USA with your message could be hazardous to your health or worse.

I live in Alberta, and like Shantiananda, who lives in Alaska - climate denialists abound. Of course it is no coincidence that both Alberta and Alaska are fossil fueled - and jobs are at stake - high paying jobs.

But I just read a survey this morning, taken by an adjunct professor at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, and some 82% of Canadians ranked the climate crisis as their second highest priority politically, with cost of living and job security topping the list. Quebec, where I was born and raised, was most in favor of real climate action, and of course, Alberta least, but even here, over half believed the threat real.

Which brings up Carvil’s insight - ‘it’s the economy stupid’.

We would do well to focus on creating high paying jobs in the environmental sector right freaking now, and never mind ‘educating’ the deniers. True denialists are rather a vanishing breed, but everyone wants respect - and that includes a decent job and real long term prospects.

I’ve just finished the historian Arthur Haberman’s “1930: Europe in the Shadow of the Beast” - about the intellectuals of the time ca 1930 - and their take on where their world was going. A fine whirlwind tour of the humanists and their thoughts - whereas I am science and adventure - pretty much.

The bond yield curve has been inverted out to ten years for a week now - a red flag for what is termed the ‘economy’, which is decidedly a wrong term for it. We track the flow of money - and effectively consider resources as infinite - as foolish a model as can be conceived - right up the alley of the foolish, read most people, including the ‘economist’ in chief, now represented by Donald Trump.

You know, Common Dreams calls itself a ‘progressive’ site - but never discusses the resources available now in space. Progress is real, but it applies only to technology - our only arrow in the proverbial quiver.

If Toynbee’s “A Study of History” is right - we would do well to spend much more time on the things like space that we do well, and less on trying to fix a system thru political machinations and all the dirt there.


"Crystallization of a new order of civilization into an uncreative minority of powers that be leads to deterioration and ultimate collapse, despite the intervention of creative saviours".

Greta is young, informed, and not from the USA - ‘A New Hope’ ???


Nope. Conspiratorialism is toxic to activism and any movement for progress.

The climate deniers have plenty of clout, they don’t need to off her. She may even become a foil for them.

Not just in Alberta.

Look at what the reactionary right wing global heating-denialist Ford government of Ontario is doing…

There aren’t a lot of good things I can say about the USA, but for a US state to impose such mandatory posting of blatant state propaganda on business owners would be the most manifestly flagrant violation of the First Amendment that I could imagine.


I think the problem is that how powerful both militarily and economicly, not to mention the 3rd most populated country on earth the US is. As you mentioned in your reply that most people in Canada believe in climate change whereas most in the US don’t. For as much financial resources the US has they don’t invest in their population with education, medical, infrastructure etc. If you want to get a good idea of the US visit Newark, Youngstown, Detroit, Gary, and I could name another 100 deteriorating cities.

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Maybe she didn’t read the travel warnings on the risks traveling to the USA.


Somehow, a totally masochistic 2-week journey on a boat that would make the accommodations on the Apollo command module look luxurious, is not the best message. People already think that climate activists are asking them to live in horrible hardship.

I’m not going to exaggerate Detroit’s “comeback” but I will say that it’s far from deteriorating. I spend a lot of time there, I’m thinking about moving back – another white gentrifier, but that’s fine.

It is exactly the right message ! I would jump at the chance to sail the Atlantic - any red-blooded human would.

Comfort - destroyer of men.


Climate activists are guaranteeing that if we continue on our current carbon emissions trajectory, everyone WILL live in horrible hardship.

You know how many right wingers I hear complaining about the carbon footprint hypocrisy of Greta flying to the US? None.


In both Canada and the US - we have shipped entire industries offshore - and impoverished our own populations to the point where it is now referred to as the gig economy - or the working class as ‘precariats’.

I am struggling to find civil words to describe this obscenity - all in the name of the new ‘persons’ - multi-national companies beholden legally to their shareholders - pathological on both sides of that coin, i.e., the make believe ‘person’ - the modern publicly traded corporation - and the shareholders - barely human - or, better still, Homo hominis lupis - wolves in sheeps’ clothing - no exceptions.

Look, I was an oilman - in the field - but not any more, not for twenty two years. I was even once a stockbroker (11 months) - but not anymore, nor do I own, thru any means, a single stock or bond, of any kind, shape or form.

Neither a borrower nor a lender be - someone said that - close enough.

I once bought a set of kitchen knives in the States - made by Chicago Cutlery - walnut handles, fine steel, still in absolutely perfect condition twenty three years later.

I have a new Grivel Air Tech Evolution general mountaineering ice axe - MADE in ITALY, and I use Darn Tough woolish socks, MADE in VERMONT.

You folks know how to do things well, even today - We All Do !

That’s really what this populism is all about - people are tired of being dis-respected, and that is an understatement.

OK - we can’t fix everything all at once.

That is also Greta’s message - you do what you can - NOW !