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Well Wishes for Greta Thunberg as Teen Leader Sets Sail for US to Combat 'Climate and Ecological Crisis'

From “The Kings Mirror” (Viking - re trips to America):

**"If you wish to know what men seek in that land, why men journey thither in so great peril of their lives, it is the threefold nature of man that draws him…

- One part thereof is is the spirit of rivalry and the desire for fame, for it is man’s nature to go where there is liklihood of great danger, and to make himself famous thereby.
- Another part is the desire for knowledge, for it is man’s nature to wish to know and see those parts of which he had heard.
- The third part is the desire for gain, for men seek after riches in every place where they learn that profit is to be had, even though there is great danger in it."

However stardust - I will hold to my characterization of Greta as warrior - my highest compliment. Greta’s words hint at this strength of spirit - her actions confirm. I think of the Celtic leader Boadicea, or the Apache female warrior Lozen - and I see the likeness.

Since we are permitted to romanticize at this early stage, the Druid Merlin might have a say:

"You cannot know a venture from its beginning. Greatness is born little. Do not dishonor your feast by ignoring what comes to it. Such is the Law of Quest"

  • From John Steinbeck’s “The Acts of King Arthur and his Noble Knights”

It is also in our nature to select a representative who embodies and carries our collective desires and aspirations - to raise them up on a pedestal. A blessing and a curse both - but I did not invent this way of the world - it is just the way it has always been.


My own story in a nutshell !

How did you come to such wisdom ? Have you also found that path ?

Hey. Lighten up Yunz. This is a challenging difficult voyage. An adventure in the rawest of elements. It’s completion will harden Greta’s resolve, an enlightenment, to pursue her goals to the finish, salvation for humankind and battling the forces of evil. I love her spirit. She is the daughter of Mother Earth.


"I do believe that we ought to pay more attention to the opinion of philosophers, that ‘nothing but nature can qualify a man for knowledge’. "

  • H.W. Longfellow (American poet, 1807-1882)

WOW ! The stuff I’m reading here, really boggles the mind. When I was 16, I was working my butt off to get the best grades at High school that I possibly could, at the same time, working my butt of with part time work to raise few pennies. I simply cannot get my head around, how an alleged average 16 year old can all of a sudden become the Green voice of the World. How such a young person can FINANCE her travels all over the World spouting off her words. From where does she get the MONEY required to do this ??? Who is it, that is FINANCING her activeties ??? I smell a HUGE RAT.

That’s easy for you to say…

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But remember those motion sickness pills.

Just sometimes an innocent determined well spoken brave intelligent person arises to lead us to the light, to speak truth to power. Others will follow and help the cause. Nothing more, nothing less.


Pills - another curse 99% of the time.

I feel sorry for you. First of all, for being so bitter, cynical, misogynistic and nasty that you’d slag a courageous young woman who is using her life to help the biosphere.
Secondly, that you are an agent of trolling and slagging whose vicious and spurious words only serve the fossil fuels industry.
You are an enemy of idealism and ethics.
I hope you change who you are before you do more damage to yourself and the world.
PS- Using capitalization and spelling correctly would also be useful for you.


It has been building for awhile now. At least as far back as Alexander von Humboldt, probably much further back. I am sure that one of the original Out of Africa colonizers of Australia or say The Americas, was as prescient as von Humboldt or Albert Einstein, and saw clearly the destruction of the megafauna.

Have you noticed the disparate people who have rallied to Greta’s side - the young and the old ? Pope Francis - Arnold Schwarzenegger - the grandson of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly ? Greta’s father and mother, who must be worried sick at not only this potentially dangerous crossing but at the jeopardy this world fame has placed their daughter in - what it means for her future ?

There is an instinctive recognition in many of us, I would say most of us, that the time for talk is over, and in this young woman we see a way out ~ or at least the beginning of a way out.


I wish there was some way to get her some candied ginger. It’s the best for seasickness.
What a beautiful, courageous act. You rock, Greta!


His followers are unconvinceable (it that even a word?), kinda of like of deplorable.

Yunz, your point is well taken, but I see debs’ comment as “simply” a manifestation of the fear and confusion we’re all experiencing. The swamp is overwhelming and being human, we opponents will experience ups and downs in our reactions and feelings. Normal in not-normal times.

Explain “the huge rat.”

Izat what makes you itchy?

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Hi Manysummits:
I was very lucky and grew up ina n area with lots of land and space, and as a little girl, all my friends and I were outside all the time. NATURE seems so much wiser than a lot of humans. I also had wonderful pets, lacking only a horse, but my mother gave me riding lessons, and I learned a lot from that horse. After that, I realized that all of us human creatures were mammals and why wouldn’t we communicate to each other in our own way—and even the birds, like the clever jays and crows taught me a lot.
For some reason, it seems to me as if the answer to all problems is —OUTSIDE! Oh yes, and there is the Tolkien influence and I love all the ents ( aka trees) I think it was Walt Whitman who said that if you have what appears to be an unsolvable problem---- go out and sit under a tree and the answer will come to you : )


What a wonderful reply stardust !

My wife, myself and our fourteen year old son were out exploring the heavily wooded area on the embankment of the local city reservoir just yesterday. My wife Underacanoe doesn’t feel complete unless she can get outside at least once a day. We had a picnic in our own sunbeam on the shore with a pair of very curious ducks for company.

My old climbing partner Ray was from Newfoundland, and used to remark that there were ‘outdoors people’ and everybody else.

Thanks again for an uplifting post !


Greta Thunberg Comes to the USofA as did Joan to Orleans

Unlike another teenage European girl of the 15th century, Greta is not motivated by visions from Archangel Michael. But like Joan of Arc, she is laying siege to a citadel, this time of climate denial, and on a mission to save the world not just France from England. While USofA politicians hem and haw about the need of a Green New Deal, an all efforts possible, Greta is turning the world’s consciousness on its head. Will she be betrayed as was Joan, traded for bags of silver as did Judas? That is totally dependent on our support, the ability of working folk to stand up our corporate masters. We are only in this position, hours before the apocalypse, because we continue to believe and elect false leaders who take money from our corporate masters especially from the fossil fuel industry.

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NO ! That’s NOT the case at all. I was questioning from where a 16 year old could source the finance required to do what she’s doing. Money does not grow on trees, and what she’s doing, requires lots of it. Again I question WHO/WHAT is financing her campaign ???

WOW, Typical expected American response. Attack the poster rather than answer the question. Why is it, I’m being villified simply for asking, WHERE DOES THE MONEY COME FROM ??? A simply easy question.
I have not “villified,” or as this poster claims "made bitter, misogynistic, nasty slags"
I simply challenge you, to answer the question.