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Wellstone's Legacy: Doing What I Honestly, Truthfully Believe Is Right


Wellstone's Legacy: Doing What I Honestly, Truthfully Believe Is Right

This week marks the 15th anniversary of the sudden death of Minnesota's progressive Sen. Paul Wellstone in a plane crash. To many across the country, Wellstone remains iconic as the "conscience of the Senate" - a crusader and "noisy, unimpressive nuisance" who fought against big business and for workers, farmers, women, children, health care, Native Americans and the environment, and whose spirit lives on.


If I remember correctly, the Republicans desperately wanted and needed that seat at the time, to recapture control of the Senate after the defection of Jim Jeffords. Timing is everything, it has been said.
From what I know of him, Paul Wellstone was a rare thing in the Senate. He was honest, committed to the good of all and stood up always for what he believed was right. One of the best Senators to come along since Robert LaFollette. What a great loss to lose him when we did!


I don’t put anything past Republican politicians.


Paul Wellstone might say it this way if he survived the crash: WHO BENEFITS, WHO PAYS AND WHO DECIDES.


Ironic this is the anniversary of that family tragedy when some of the “files” of another political murder are being released Qui Bono?


William Greider gives us four questions regarding politics:

Who benefits?
Who pays?
Who must be listened to?
And who can be safely ignored?

Same idea, slightly different emphasis. Those who ask these questions are cautioned against boarding small aircraft.


I don’t believe anyone but Oswald killed JFK, but I do believe that Wellstone’s plane crash was no accident, despite the protestations of his remaining family and those of Sen. Al Franken, who was probably told to shut up about it if he knows what’s good for him.


For Those that have Come Before

We must Continue the Fight for Justice


Another progressive Democratic candidate for Senate, Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan was killed, along with a son and staff, in a small plane crash just before the 2000 election. Coincidence? Maybe. This is just an interesting trivia lesson, to remind dear readers… John Ashcroft was defeated by a dead man, and the Senate position was taken over by his wife, Jean Carnahan. Ashcroft went on to serve Bush II as attorney general.

RIP, Wellstone and Carnahan


People forget that the American Lands Coalition was meeting in the area the day the plane came down. A couple of them told me that the weather was bad but the plane came straight down.The Iron Range has freaky weather, who knows? I still have my Wellstone political memorabilia and a signed thank you note from Sen. Wellstone. He had great style and was a true character, in the best sense of that word.
Yes, Senator Wellstone and Gov. Carnahan died under questionably odd circumstances. However, the Midwest can have nasty weather in early November, too. Freezing rain, ice storms, etc.
Bad breaks for Progressives in any case.


I would advise all nationally famous true progressives politicians to stay off airplanes. Just sayin.


Cheney actually threatened Wellstone. Wellstone was winning his re-election and TPTB Would not accept that outcome. They really hated Paul. I was devastated by his death.


Or Democrats.

Ever hear of Bill or Hillary Clinton…?


They want you to question your own intuition. It’s how they are able to continually get away with all their disgusting behaviors.

What do YOU think? Were they Wellstoned? (Or Carnahaned?)


Oswald with his bolt action rifle fired off all those bullets, sorry no way. The last shot has been reported to have came from the storm drain under the grassy-noll.


so the docs in parkland who all saw the exit wound in the back of the head were wrong unless, oswald, while shooting from behind, had the bullet circle in front and then go into jfk…truly the magic bullet — no offense, anyone thinks qswald was the one is beyond hope - “i’m just a patsy” spoken by a russian language spy who knew and therefore jackie rubenstein had to take him out!


JFK and Wellstone were both threats to the powers that be and the status quo. JFK threatened the CIA and advocated for peace. Wellstone voted against the invasion of Iraq.

High probability that the same dark forces killed both men and RFK and MLK.


There is a recorded confession from E Howard Hunt in which he claimed to have had a part in planning and carrying out the assassination (and, like Ruby, he named LBJ as the head). What I don’t understand is people who actually acknowledge the confession and say it doesn’t matter or since Hunt was such an evil person his confession was probably a lie.

I didn’t know that much about Wellstone or his death, but reports of a plane crash that killed Michael Connell, who was to testify about tampering with the 2004 election, indicate that someone told him, before take-off, that the plane had been tampered with.


I miss the green bus.
Wellstone’s death and that of his family was heartbreaking and I still get a little vaclempt when I think of him.
One of the ‘good ones’.


My theory is since it was reported that Ruby was " extremely nervous" before he shot Oswald and " very relaxed" after the killing is that since Ruby was a known hood from Chicago and owned a strip club in Dallas Ruby may have had mafia connections to the people behind the JFK assassination that had planned to take out Oswald at the Dallas theatre, but something went wrong and they had to take out Oswald before he could explain, like he said: " I AM A PATSY". Further corroboration is the fact that Oswald was interrogated by the Dallas police for many, many hours and what he said, at the Dallas police station, has never been made public.

Ruby may have been told that since he had access to where Oswald was being interrogated; either you take Oswald out; or we take you out!