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'Welp, Glad That's Settled:' Global Poll Finds Majority Believe Capitalism More Harmful Than Good

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/20/welp-glad-thats-settled-global-poll-finds-majority-believe-capitalism-more-harmful


Capitalism and specieism go hand in hand and arose together.
They want infinitely increasing human population, consumption, and economic growth on a finite planet.
In the end, they create a classic population overshoot, doing to the biosphere what cancer cells do to a human body.


It works well for the 1 percent and that group of people really do not care what the “Majority” thinks.

I find it ironic that so many of the Countries that scream the loudest about protecting and promoting “Democracy” have as their economic systems one that is the least Democratic.


Capitalism works great for users but is not so great for the used.


‘as it exist today’ , pray tell, what other form has capitalism ever existed?


Well that certainly explains the the interest organized religion carries for the right to choose. Follow the money.

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Yes, you nailed it.
There’s a lot of evidence that the so-called pro-life movement is actually a “pro-let’s create more and more customers via the birth canal” movement.
Unless human population infinitely increases, the economic engine of capitalism shuts down.


"[C]apitalism in its current form does more harm than good."–current form? The problem with capitalism itself is that it is focused on capital and the mindset that everything can be commodified. When this becomes the norm Life itself is expendable.


That is an easy one. The capitalism that we worked with during the Roosevelt administration. It was supported by Eisenhower and Kennedy. Nixon left it alone as did Carter but The Great Communicator blew it the hell out of the water with his supply side garbage. Since then we have had presidential politicos interested in serving only the rich, bar none!
Capitalism is truly the danger that Marks and Lenin presented but it is also a crucial necessity for commerce. Very strict restrictions must be in force or it will eat our socially given rights for lunch. As it has been doing for the last forty or so years.


From the article:

Government is perceived as both incompetent and unethical…

This statement tells us nothing because the word government is ambiguous. Survey respondents who see that word and think of Medicare and Social Security will say that the government is competent and ethical, but respondents who think that the word refers to Congress will say that the government is incompetent and unethical. I wonder how the question was phrased in the survey.


Good point. It’s almost assumed at this point after decades of Reaganite and Thatcherite (and Clintonite) propaganda that all government is bad.


Surprised but not shocked that Thailand is at the top of the list. Economically, the country is divided into Bangkok and the others. Workers in Bangkok face rising costs for basics combined with stagnant wages, gridlocked traffic, air quality that is even giving dogs bronchitis, and an election that gave the military coup leaders 5 more years of rule. Thais have more “stuff” but are miserable. The new Harley Davidson factory workers will be building motorcycles they will never be able to afford.

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According to whom? Certainly not those paying attention during the fifties. What capitalism is really good at is creating surplus population that keeps wages down and demand up. At least in the minds of the current Republican Party and a major sector of its theoretical opposition. A well and honestly regulated capitalistic economic model is the best that we have ever experienced! Today we are experiencing the excesses by wealth that caused a century of revolutions and we also have a changing planet to deal with.
Don’t think we need no grifters runin’ the show.

You don’t need a crystal ball or an actuary to confirm that “They will not be better off five years from now”. The signs are everywhere.

Once again we have the number of people being blamed for today’s many crises. And once again I challenge your assumption, DC

Okay DC, let us hear how you intend to lower the population that is not already happening. Not just repetition of what you perceive as a problem…but what actually do you propose we should do about it.

Are you in the streets protesting those states who are closing down Planned Parenthood clinics? I think not.

The country with the biggest population - China - forecast a decline in actual numbers (not just the drop in the present rate) starting 2028,

Without immigration the US population would have declined already. The U.S.'s total fertility rate, for example, has dropped to a record low of 1.73 children per woman.

Portugal is urging more people to settle there. Likewise Germany whose population would be shrinking without newcomers.

These are news stories in the past few weeks that some may have missed and I could offer many more

About half of the world’s population currently lives in countries with below replacement fertility. The global total fertility rate—that is, the number of children each woman is likely to bear over her lifetime—has fallen from around 5 in 1960 to 2.42 now. The United Nations forecasts that world’s total fertility rate will eventually fall below the conventionally defined replacement rate of 2.1 children per woman; the U.N. says population will then stabilize around 11 billion and that rise is because of population momentum - it takes years and even generations for a change in the total fertility rate to be reflected in birth rate, because the age distribution must reach equilibrium. For example, a population that has recently dropped below replacement-level fertility will continue to grow, because the recent high fertility produced large numbers of young couples who would now be in their childbearing years.

The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis offer an alternative scenario projecting rapid economic growth, rising levels of educational attainment for both sexes, and technological advancement—all factors that tend to lower fertility. They expect that world population could peak at about 8.9 billion by 2060 and then decline to 7.8 billion by the end of the century.

So, once again, just what policies do you propose, DC?

People are not a disease. Those who once thought so stood trial at Nuremberg.


It was Marx who identified capitalism’s need to create what he called “the industrial reserve army” and it is capitalists who foster a society where the competition for jobs creates racism, sexism, ageism and nationalism. A pool of unemployed workers is the norm under capitalism and is in fact intrinsic and essential to the workings of the wages system. People can be added or taken out of this reserve army, as required by the economy.

For Marx, the relative size of this reserve had a direct effect on the level of wages – as it increased, wages shrank, and vice versa. The upward limit of wages was the point at which they began to unduly impact on profitability. High wages would lead employers to either discover labour-saving processes, or simply lay off staff and cut back operations.

But in regards to the over-population argument, Marx’ theory was that unemployment was not a consequence of population. That is, it is not simply growth in the number of mouths to feed that causes unemployment, but that it is a wholly determined variable based on the state of the investment of capital. As more capital is brought into play, so too is more labour. Unemployment is a relative phenomena based simply on the ratio of employees to those seeking work. This can clearly be seen in UK statistics.

In 1900 the UK population was around 38 million, and unemployment stood at around 5 percent (give or take), and now the population is close to 60 million, and unemployment is still only around 5 percent (moreorless). Its changes do not track population growth.


Capitalism is a parasitic concept


Ironies abound. Note the “separation of church and state”, ie: institutions. It says nothing about the church of an economic theory, which, upon heresy of critique beyond its THEORETICAL boundaries by which it holds an entire planet hostage, one is denied one’s humanity, the planet its integrity and the dominoes are guaranteed to fall. DC, above, speaks of capitalism and specieism going hand in hand - me thinks it more a walking case of head up arse resulting in head in hearse.
We as human beings revel in exploring trade and exchange. I tend to think it is PRECISELY that creative revelry that a small - and it has ALWAYS been small - group of truly twisted and sick manipulators fear how healthy the planet and human society could be if rather than kneeling before their alters, we simply RESPECTED the needs and dynamics of human interaction, creativity and methods to advance the well being of the entire sphere in all dimensions. Nope, we’ve got the knuckle dragging notion that a falsely derived fiat monetary system is GD DAMNED SPEECH FOR GDŚ SAKE!


In ancient Athens, when Solon forgave all debts, democracy as they knew it was born. As long as we accept money as a real thing, we are enslaved to the rich, whomever they may be.

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So then max it out the capacity and destroy capitalism.