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Wendy Was No One's Enemy


Wendy Was No One's Enemy

More bedlam. Before the Mueller memo declared Trump a felon - and the felon, deep in his lunatic fog, proclaimed "Totally clears the President" - Trump spent hours rave-tweeting and again spewing the vile, “FAKE NEWS. THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!” A friend and colleague of the Capital Gazette's Wendi Winters, shot dead for doing her job, wasn't having it. In his heart-rending, bittersweet remembrance of her, he ends with the vow, "We’ll keep on doing the work. Its what we do."


What a lovely tribute…


The saddest part is that the Trumps of the world–the willfully ignorant, lying, greedy narcissists–hold the reins of power, while the Wendy Winters fight for truth and justice in the shadows. I get so tired sometimes…


Me too. I live in a rural community in Arizona and there is actually a trump store on Main street. Lots of NRA and trump stickers on the big trucks with the big tires. “Suck it up, buttercup. Trump is president.” is a common one and “If you can’t get behind our troops, get in front of them”. There are a few progressive people in town but definitely the minority. I feel like my spouse and I are the last humans on earth and we’re surrounded by half-wit camo-sporting gun-toting aliens who look like us but speak a very different language. Cowardly by themselves but all puffed up when a bunch of them are together.


Lived in a place like that
Had to move
Much better now
Daily Ignorance is Debilitating


I feel empathy for you as I also live in AZ small town but at least there is nothing like that here. I have a anti dump drawing in my front window. A drawing with his face somewhat demonic surrounded by many of the pugnacious rants he has spewed out into his fanatical audiences at rallies. Because I have a juniper that somewhat hides the drawing I am not so worried that someone will throw rocks through the window. Also many of the residents are indifferent to most everything but their little world.


Journalism is indeed a high risk occupation and we should celebrate those who are devoted to broadcasting the truth.


HI Barton, yes some people with guns and cars can be lethal----but maybe they will all learn something because the nazi Car crasher and killer of Heather Heyer did get his deserved jail time. I am not going to name him, because the ancient Greeks did a wonderful thing. When a man burned down a famous temple hoping to gain nefarious fame----the Greeks stopped that killer’s dream of eternal fame. They stopped naming people who did such crimes----the name became as dead as the perpetrator… maybe that’s the most intelligent way to deal with fame seekers of the deadly sort.


Maybe that will happen to the fat one! No remembrance, just a blank that no one can recall. His fat overrides his alleged heart, off to the crematorium, ashes scattered in the nearest garbage dump and nobody remembers “old what’s his name.” A fitting end…


HI minitrue… LOL we’ll call him Voldermort( he who must not be named…as in Harry Potter----but we will have a lot of Voldermorts. : )