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"We're Baaack...": DNC Reverses Ban on Corporate Cash to Fund Convention


"We're Baaack...": DNC Reverses Ban on Corporate Cash to Fund Convention

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Reversing a previous position that sought to limit corporate influence in politics, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is sweetening the pot for lobbyists and political action committees (PACs) that donate toward next year's nominating convention in Philadelphia.


You get the sense that the status quo is really becoming worried that a people's candidate like Sanders will upset the apple cart. Trudeau winning in Canada (and by so much too) has woke them up big time. The status quo of lobbyists and pac money/Citizen's United is closing ranks and banding together lest democracy become uncontrolled.

Oligarchy is starting to push back against democracy and the little guy's point of view. The DNC openly reinstalls the power of the purse in the Dem party.

Trudeau's election shocked them.

Go Bernie... they have the money but you'll have the votes.


Contrary to what you hear or read in the MSM, Americans are finally waking up from their long slumber and are fully aware that the political process has been totally coopted by big money. That's why Bernie is drawing record crowds and The Donald (He's using his own money.) is unstoppable with the Repubs. Look out for a "lone gunman" or a "new Pearl Harbor" to put an end to all this democracy stuff.


Well, that's unexpected.....

Wasserman-Schultz must be fired! DINO streetwalker.....


DNC sez: "No! We don't support Sanders! We still want your money! Look, we'll prove it! You can buy the convention! Hillary is still a GREAT investment!"


Did the article say a PAC's monies was invited to fund the convention or AIPAC's money was invited to fund the coronation? My butter churning/gun making apparatus seems to have had someone constantly dumping berning sand into the gears of its' well-oiled machine. And, so help me, I thought I heard someone shout, " get the sand out of that Florida woman's vahjina right now, she's obviously lost her mind from the rash it's causing. "


We the people need to develop a plan B that is constructed using distributed intelligence focused on plan B for the eventuality of a corporate election without Bernie.

What plan B will the people devise that will be worse for the corporatistas than Bernie should they succeed in shoving him to the sidelines?


The DNC/DLC/DSW/HRC group, supported by the MSM, is going for the throat before the votes are counted for one reason: they know the American working class, as opposed to the investor class, want something besides " triangulated trash talking " aimed only at winning the next news cycle. Hillary is better ( more viewer hits ) advertising product ( like Trump ), than a campaign finance reformer and policy wonk, like Sen. Sanders. Just another riff on the " walking around money " the Clintonistas are handing out to anyone who'll take it. Cats and dogs fighting is so much easier for them to cover, too, really. What will O'Malley do, is the real ?, here. If he goes after Sen. Sanders in the next debate, instead of the DNC/DSW/HRC debate formula dustup he was so upset with, then the fix is already being mapped out and blueprinted. DWS is not inept, at all, she's doing exactly what she's being told to do. I'm sure those " feelin' the bern " would like to see him take off the gloves. He won't and that's a good thing. It just plays into the Hillary theme of, " why's everybody always picking on me ", meme. Poor Bill and Hillary and their $160 million payola scheme; oh, boo hoo. :wink:


I like your attitude, but let me correct you, they already have thrown Bernie to the sidelines and this latest corporate whore has just proved it!

Can someone a lot smarter than me come up with a plan B?


" triangulated trash talking " Very fun to say.

So lets guess the plan B that is worse than Bernie.

I have my favorite but people laugh at it as much as they do when my mention is American citizens would have thought twice about killing all those Iraqi citizens if a balanced budget was the law of the land.

What do you think would be so bad for the millionaire oligarchs that they would prefer Bernie?


From Wikipedia

[Debbie Wasserman Schultz] received a Bachelor of Arts in 1988 and a Master of Arts with certificate in political campaigning in 1990, both in Political Science, from the University of Florida in Gainesville.[4][5]


As the establishment Democrat party leadership increase their efforts to ensure the coronation of Hillary Clinton, I have little doubt that the US mainstream media will fall in line and give even less coverage of proposals that challenge plutocracy and ensure a reduction in income inequality.


Consider quantum physics and the information age. Are we entangled with accelerating cosmic expansion or not?

If we can agree that distributed human intelligence is entangled with Cosmos, we have taken the first step to understanding what kind of authority and power we are working with.

There is no individual smarter than you, Shantiananda. No person can devise plan B for us. We have no choice other than to imagine it together. Distributed human intelligence concentrating on survival and the joy of life will create plan B by writing a new story that we the people choose to believe is better than the one control freaks want to impose on us.


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So will Sanders boycott the corporate convention of his party?


Oh shucks, that's simple - Vote Green ...
Oh hell, vote Green anyway ...


Love your spin on why Sanders won't "take off the gloves" - that's a good one (big smile)


So if they won't attempt to detox, why is Sanders running with them?


It's more like billionaire oligarchs, methinks. Military Keynesianism is what they like at home. It's in their comfort zone. And, much like all failing empires, they're starting wars, instilling fear to build up a nationalism/patriotism in place of citizen involved, open, democratic institution building. The Disaster Capitalists, and Hillary is certainly " politically " in bed with them ( Libya ), Bill's scam ( in Haiti ), Lannie Davis's scam ( in Honduras ) see the developing world as a place to spread an Orwellian/Dystopian concept of liberty, freedom and equality ( war is peace, etc. ). While making their buddies feel safe and rich, too. She's on a mission, for sure ( Nurse Ratched without the hat, perhaps ).It's really raw, cold blooded Empire backfilling and looting; and uses destabilizing tactics ( the gun trade, the oil-stealing etc. ) to advance the short term goals of those " predestined " to lead the flocks of USains who can't see The Big Picture ( their $$$, of course ). We're really losing but we're winning because the 1%ers and the Corporatocracy are getting wealthier. And, really, does anything else truly matter? Because, in the end, Hillary is a Christian, Goldwater Girl; and asked herself every morning as Sec. of State, like her protégé Madeleine Albright, " Who would Jesus bomb, today, if he needed a quick buck? "


You back? I thought there'd be less than 1% of that happening. Out of 129,237,642 possible outcomes, only 469,015 saw that coming. That's .36% if you're keeping score. :wink: