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'We're Dying Like Flies': Sick, Retired Coal Miners Betrayed by GOP Senators

I support the miners (not their bosses) but… I’ll bet those miners voted for McConnell. Miners tend to vote republican since they think the Dems/greens are going to kick them out into the cold while they shut down mines. I wonder if any of those miners realize that they have been voting for the same kind of people that their forebears fought against during the Battle of Blair Mtn.

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The population in KY tends to be very conservative, both socially and politically. Big jesus country. However, in 2008 McConnell’s D opponent won most of eastern KY and many of the western KY coal producing counties, in some cases by nearly 30%. His race in 2014 was v. a terrible D candidate and he won easily - I suspect in part because KY isn’t very keen on Obama - for whatever reasons.

You women are equally to blame, so don’t try to get out of it.

Hillary is just as much a war monger as Obama, Dubya, her husband and Bush Sr.

Nancy Pelosi took impeachment off the table.

Elizabeth Warren endorsed Hillary over Bernie.

Whose fault is it that women continue to vote for the wrong candidates, both male and female alike?

And whose fault is it that more women do not run for public office or get involved in activism and advocacy groups?

Answer: Look in the mirror.

Oh, my poor dear. You missed the joke. Please go back and look at the comment to which I was replying.

The rest of your comment is entirely off topic.

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I see no future for coal miners continuing their digging up the most polluting energy source known to man … what we need to do is build a few factories for renewables in mining towns, and train their young folks, then watch their economies shift towards a greener future …


Idiot. Look in the mirror. Stupid miscegenist.

Hillary is the Miners best bet of getting the Protection Act through ! Voting Blue all the way will get rid of McConnell ! This man is so corrupt, he should never be allowed in the Senate ! He cares about nothing but lining his own pockets ! Mitch McConnell is the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate. McConnell fast-tracked the PROMESA bill through the Senate. He made sure that a minimum wage cut to $4.25, and the installation of a powerful Financial Control Board, went through quickly – with virtually no debate and no amendment. It is therefore ironic, that Mitch McConnell has been linked to the distribution and sale of 90 pounds of cocaine. A boat was recently detained before leaving from Colombia. During the search, the Colombian Coast Guard discovered 90 pounds of cocaine, in forty neat packets. The vessel’s is named Ping May – one of sixteen ships operated by the Foremost Maritime Corporation. FMC is owned by Mitch McConnell’s in-laws, the Chao family. But the Chaos are more than family: they also make huge donations to McConnell’s political campaigns. For almost 30 years, since the late ‘80s, the Chao family has bankrolled Senator Mitch McConnell. When McConnell married Elaine Chao, in 1993, the Chao family lavished him with enormous gifts. In 2008, a gift from the Chao family of between 5 and 25 million dollars made McConnell one of the richest politicians in the nation (congressional financial disclosure reports only require dollar ranges…McConnell reported a gift of “between 5 and 25 million dollars on his 2008 report). Shockingly, McConnell is an alleged “anti-drug warrior.” He sponsored the 1996 “Enhanced Marijuana Penalties Act,” which would increase the mandatory minimum sentencing for people caught with marijuana. He also firmly opposes any form of legalized marijuana. In other words, McConnell’s family have been financing his Senate campaigns with their cocaine drug profits…so that McConnell can go to Washington, to wage a “war on drugs.” ! He keeps fighting to make sure Drugs are not legalised , because that way they cost more to buy, and it doesn’t eat into his profits Meanwhile Mitch McConnell continues in Washington…The most powerful man in the U.S. Senate is fighting a “war on drugs,” while his family sells cocaine to keep him in office. He sends a Financial Control Board down to Puerto Rico, which is authorized to receive “gifts” of any kind: money, real estate, jewelry, yachts, lavish vacations. They can accept these “gifts” from anybody – including from the people who have business before the Board. In other words, the PROMESA bill that was fast-tracked by Mitch McConnell, contains an open invitation to bribery, influence peddling, and money laundering.This is the “fiscal integrity” that we get from a Cocaine Senator.This is the “law and order” that Puerto Rico is supposed to respect.???


Sexist jokes are not funny. Honey, that makes you the “poor dear.”

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WOW! You are just letting your hate to cloud your tunnel-vision, to ASSume the she doesn’t support the bill.

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They were stupid and gullible enough to want the GOP (greed over people) and Donald the lying dumbass Trump so they can stop whining as they got what they deserve. Perhaps they’ll know better come 2018 and 2020, but stupid tends to stay stupid so don’t hold your breath.

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You’re right Glen, and then these people have the nerve to be shocked when liars like McConnell, Ryan, Pence, Sessions, McCain, and especially TrChump, prove that they don’t give a crap about them or anyone else who is not wealthy.

Nonetheless, many of them will continue to vote for Sen, Mitch McConnell (who has nothing but disdain for them), the Republican Party (who tells them to blame their woes on black and brown people), and Donald Trump (who equates the neo-nazis and the KKK with human rights protesters)!! Until poor, white people reject being exploited by the Republicans, and join forces with black and brown people over common issues, such as affordable housing, quality schools, and jobs), America will continue to drain down the sink hole of Hate, Prejudice, and Despair!!!

No Duh! … And the Republicans have killed every attempt to start retraining programs for different professions like renewable energy. When you vote Republican, You Vote Against Your own Interest …

This is both very sad and very predictable. The current Republican party is entirely driven by an ideology that precludes government support for the needy and extolls the virtues of self interest. I’m afraid that without real political power, the best these workers can hope for, from the government, is thoughts and prayers.

You get what you vote for. I guess the Republican’s environmental policy revolves around convincing these lemmings to dig their own graves.

Thoughts and Prayers… Thoughts and Prayers
You get what you voted for…
Hilary offered ya a new life with training a new sector to create NEW jobs in renewable energy…
but ya wanted ya coal jobs… dont complain now that the coal is making you sick…
you choose to this… you choose to continue it… you get what you pay for…
Thoughts and prayers…