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'We're in a Climate Emergency. Act Accordingly': Greta Thunberg Says Denmark's 30-Year Fossil Fuel Phase-Out Not Fast Enough

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/04/were-climate-emergency-act-accordingly-greta-thunberg-says-denmarks-30-year-fossil


Unfortunately, countries and companies alike will race to extract what they can because of greed, the founding principle of Western “civilization”.


Who’s going to say I will go first , be a model, lead by example.
It’s not do as I say but do as I do.

The boomers are so disappointing.Safety ,security, survival is their cree. Fear is their guiding principle, survival of the fittest.

News Flash …“the fit are not fit until the all fit.”

Leave the ancient sunlight were it belongs under the ground, use current sunlight and all renewable resources.

The world awaits, who will go first !!!

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“The world awaits, who will go first!!!”

Dunno, but I’m fairly certain the U.S. will go last.


What Greta states is OBVIOUSLY true (actually, pretty damn optimistic to those of us getting numerous job offers on big gas transmission gigs). Congratulations, sneering liberals & gleefully smug, delusional yuppies; everything’s soon to be FUNDAMENTALLY back to NORMAL! Resistance 2.0, NOW?

How did we go from ~10 years, to THIRTY years, just now?

~https://www.dailyposter.com/p/the-beltway-left-is-normalizing-corruption (BRAGGING about kleptocracy)



~https://hackaday.com/2020/12/02/the-dark-side-of-solar-power/ (kindly READ, before simply flagging another post?)


When Trump won, my (3rd party gas pipeline inspection) boss called, to see if I’d wanted long term gigs in France or Ireland. I’d said, no… Central, PA would be safe, if the welds improved. I’d left, the following Summer: two failed (along with a catastrophic well blow-out, I’d no involvement with). I’d lots less concern, as imbecile nazi Trump couldn’t prop up a collapsing pyramid scheme (he’d just found no way to profit from). Now, I’m VERY concerned, as we’d been about Hillary. Biden’s administration will use Obama’s “all of the above” BS “bridge fuel” scam to prop-up/ bail-out/ promote slick-water fracking (methane, crude AND ethane!) for their international oligarch sponsors & revive a deadly zombie?
The CRAZY numbers of wells completed, 19 pipeline permits issued & smug industry collusion, kinda speaks for itself?

Infrastructure construction is about to resume… but GAS!






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We have missed out on infrastructure construction by the government for the past four years.
We are, it seems, in our infancy with ramping up for switching our energy grids and more. Biden’s offer of creating charging stations across the country is a good beginning for this new administration.

As long as the 1% and their enablers see this as happening to somebody else, the can will continue to be kicked down the road until they’ve squeezed out every last drop. We’re dealing with an addiction to money and power.


It’s a juvenile simplification to chant “Leave it in the ground.” It’s not enough to claim “We have the solutions” without pertinent details of what the solutions are and how they will be implemented. Converting entire fleets of cars to electric alone is NOT a solution to car-dependency, traffic mayhem, cultural isolationism, economic inequity that leads to racial and class segregation.

As a career transportation and land-use planner, my recommended solutions begin with driving less, flying less, trucking and shipping goods around the world less, and structuring economies that make this course of action imminently possible and beneficial in ways that make it desirable.

Households with an EV in the garage gain a lifesaving backup power supply to keep the lights on in a grid failure, indefinitely when matched to rooftop PV solar arrays and neighborhood mini-grid. They gain the means to more closely monitor and reduce energy consumption for both driving and household use. They gain a choice whether electricity is for driving or household use. Plug-in hybrid PHEVs distribute battery and solar array resources to many more households than all-battery BEVs like the Tesla ‘S’ sedan, hundreds more households than a single BEV freight truck dedicated to global trade and Amazon delivery, disempowering local economic development, local skilled trades, commercial services and production. “Whew whew.” That’s the sound of a solution going over most peoples heads.


“Kool-Aid, Kool-Aid,
Tastes great
Wish we had some
Can’t wait”
-The Kool-Aid Kids, from 1960s advertisements

As long as we’re in the middle of a death cult we might as well sing the anthems.


You would think the press believes Greta Thunberg is a renowned expert on fossil fuels, atmospheric science and the global energy industry.

Actually she’s a schoolgirl.

Greta is quite correct -as usual/always: We simply do not Know , do not let ourselves KNOW AND FEEL how Bad it is . Including people reading this very comment by me!
Not wanting to people know is insanity- surely!
If you have a cancer, after accepting the shock, you want to know the whole extent of the ‘bad news’, and also would ask the surgeon to cut it all out, not half or a third! It is just the same here
And We’re working from the best science in the world
SO: Why don’t we get it, when most of us do love this life and our children; are we not informed enough!?
We have to act like a real emergency (for it is one!) the transition must save poor/vulnerable people, but must Not consider capitalism’s interests primarily -the system which has brought us (and still is continuing to do so) to this absolute and catastrophic mess!

WE DON’T HAVE THE TIME! Do you want to live- or rather, do you want your children to live?
You are clearly UNAWARE of what the scientists, who deliberately keep it conservative and under-dramatic, are saying! Sorry, this is not my ‘opinion’.
I am not ‘imbalanced’ nor unhappy, but a calm and happy person, but have just accepted what the scientists are saying with a critical mind which is connected to my heart/soul!

Why do you think Greta and Extinction Rebellion are saying what she is saying? She is in touch wit the science simply!

We have to be more than Radical here, as radical as possible! If you want your children to have any sort of life…
We are not allowed to out links and articles here to show you! It is all the in the internet, what the IPCC are saying!

The Independent in July writes how: ‘Extinction Rebellion, which has won the backing of scientists, researchers and academics who worry that the [official response to climate-crisis is just not enough

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She’s exactly right. However, what will we do in a world without oil-based plastics which are used in pretty much every part of our lives - food, clothing, buildings, electronics, furniture, vehicles…? What are the alternatives and what different consequences will a massive consumption of those materials create? It’s not good enough just to shout “No more extraction of fossil fuels” without examining what will happen next.

Radical? As in ending capitalism and replacing it with democratic forms of socialism for a start? I suspect that’s more radical than most readers of this site would allow.

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… who seems to understand a lot more than most politicians who are only thinking of the needs of the wealthy.

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“The US can always be counted on to do the right thing - after it has tried everything else”
Winston Churchill


I don’t think anyone is suggesting we just stop all oil production if we still need to make plastics and any other oil-based products such as fertilizer, although it would be nice if we could come up with substitutes for all of these. The thing we need to do is simply stop burning the stuff and throwing the resulting waste into the atmosphere! Its funny, but when I was much younger, I used to ride my bike around alot and I just felt it was wrong the way all these people rode around in their metal boxes spewing out waste-products (exhaust) from all the internal combustion engines powering these vehicles into the air that I and everyone else had to breath. This just seemed like common sense to me, but apparently no one in the adult world saw that as a problem. Somehow I had gotten the notion that the adult world knew what the hell they were doing, but eventually I realized my mistake.

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I’m still waiting for her to hold Biden’s feet to the fire. She didn’t have to endorse anyone in our election, but she chose to endorse Biden, and ignore Hawkins.

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She Has Sailed across the Atlantic Twice in a small vessel, She is more Experienced than 90% of U.S.