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'We're in a Climate Emergency. Act Accordingly': Greta Thunberg Says Denmark's 30-Year Fossil Fuel Phase-Out Not Fast Enough

The science-based solution I propose went over your head. Merely converting cars and trucks to electric will require power from mostly fossil fuel sources to produce, recharge and recycle mountains of battery pack resources.

Plug-in hybrid PHEVs get high mileage (150+mpg) ONLY by driving less. I’ve heard one report of a Chevy Volt owner getting 200mpg by driving less; Chevy Volts have an EV driving range of 50 miles). Otherwise, standard hybrids get up to 50mpg, which is good but does not address traffic insanity, car dependency and the need to build local economies that function with less travel and transport.

Moreover, household “rooftop” PV solar arrays offer lifesaving benefits than vast fields of solar array that are still dependent upon long-distance transmission lines and regional utility grids that leave households without power in grid failure. “Just leave it in the ground” is not a scientifically valid option.

Automobile-related business interests fund internet propaganda at websites like Wired, Green Car Congress and others hawking all-battery BEVs like the road lizard Tesla ‘S’ sedan only the wealthy can afford and BEV freight trucks that will burn through huge battery packs yearly that will last a decade in hundreds of household PHEVs for every “ONE” electric freight truck dedicated to global trade. Get a grip.

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greta is a symbol of white girl power and environmental racism, that promotes and practices white girl power in leadership over billions of youth/persons of color.
greta is making money, millions of dollars, by promoting herself as the champion for old white women who use race and gender to oppress youth and adults of color in the media and promate more white in power at the expense of us George Floyds and Brianna who are marginalized and not hired by white women in charge using good ole girl racism to promote white girl power.
Where are the men/boys of color in the white greta environmental industry? They are being suppressed by the media who continues to promote liberal white power and greta as the white face of the movement.

WTF? white girl power? environmental racism? dude, where did you get these ideas?

Just a few hours ago, I rode my bike over to my credit union to cash a check. Because of the pandemic, they are only taking drive-throughs (you can’t go in the building). So I get there and the 2 drive-through lanes are full of cars, about 4 cars in each lane. And all 8 cars including the 2 people being serviced are sitting there just running their engines of course. Disgusting!! I don’t know how many times I have seen people sitting in their car in a parking lot just running their stupid engine. Either its a little too hot out and they are running their air-conditioner or it is too cold out and they are in their nice warm cocoon there. There is no hope for humanity with idiots like this. Hey I just thought of something. They should make Greta stickers: a full-size photo of Greta’s face staring straight ahead in anger (like she did at the UN I think it was), but with the image on the sticky side. And everytime I see someone just sitting in their car idling their engine (or these days, sometimes it’s idling with no one inside), I put one of those stickers on their window, so she is staring at them. HAHA!! If I started doing that, how long before the police came and handcuffed me and put me in jail. And then the town would have to pass a special ordinance against gretaing! If you are caught gretaing you will be fined $200 or spend 10 days in jail!


quoted for importance…

i think the progressives 'd better heed your word mister Wellan… however i think some defects of the progressive climate solutions (from the progressive stars) wouldn’t be a problem if their solutions could be upgraded and expanded until their solutions can save the environment as a whole… again, the defects of the popular progressive climate solutions are neither a problem nor a reason to worry, but i am extra worried that the „solutions“ the TED elites helped to popularize will win the race — to me it seemed electric cars are a useless climate „solutions“ but the TED elites would care to disagree and the super fans of Tesla motors wouldn’t be amused — i also fear that the „youngsters“ will fall in love with the „solutions“ from TED and the Silicon Valley…

…america’s „kids that don’t want grow up“ love, loooove the emerging new climate „solutions“ and they love TED and the Silicon Valley and Elon Musk and electric cars and the market.

so far i 've claimed „the internet“ loves the emerging new green what might 've sounded controversial to some felt like spotting the very obvious to me… the progressives are losing the popularity polls. the „kids“ (in their thirties and forties) over on Youtube love the „solutions“ from TED and i am almost sure the colleges will ride along, which is to say: the progressives are about to lose hard and even harder after the academics sic picked up the new green… Stewart Brand „pioneered“ the new green many years ago and btw good 'ol Stewart is now a celebrated TED talker… but i think the emerging new green (which includes a large „nuclear powered“ [1] car fleet) the new green can’t be the answer to all the world’s problems but my opinions hardly matter (actually they don’t matter at all) for James Hansen et al… either way, i believe the new green is cursed to win against the ideas green party voter used to fancy, which in turn became the foundations for the ideas today’s climate activist use… suming up a lengthy paragraph with a depressing message feels wrong but here it comes: i 'm very, very sure the progresives / environmentslist / climate activist are fighting a uphill battle (against the liberal elites) they are poised to lose.

the other things Wellan listened (as his recomensdation) bring up the topic of suburbia… here i have to wrapp up a few basics, it had to be… i think america’s capitalism revolves around cars and later the creation of suburbia, which feeds on cheap goods imported from overseas, this in turn brings up the subject of the global supply chain (or the story of how a frozen Chopsuey can travel around the world, deep frozen in a diesel powered freezer) and so on… however if america’s „long tail economy“ and suburban car setup are replaced with „something the fans of the Zeitgeist movement might 've liked“ or ideas like this [2] then the environment would benefit a lot more, a lot more, than from greening projects that were invented long befor global capitalism created a new reality with „inventions“ like „my“ frozen Chopsuey that traveled around the globe… it’s possible to claim this paragraph is a simplified rendering of @Wellan 's comment but a certain cultural critic might have cared to disagreed.

i think a project like this [2] is one of the things the progressives might need to win against Bill „Goliath“ Gates… saving the climate won’t save the bees, bugs, the amazon or the remaining fish in the ocean (i.e the environment as a whole) and as much as it pains me to say it: most if not all climate activists only have insufficient ideas for developing countries, the „experts“ who say otherwise just don’t know the subject, either way the economic „growth“ of the developing countries is expected to outpace the CO2 savings the developed nations try to make.

it might sound controversial but i grew up believing: the environment is more than the climate… Bolsanero might end up chopping down the amazon while america is pumping out electric cars 24/7 this almost certainly isn’t what the greens or environmentalist wanted. protecting the environment obviously needs to be comprehensive… either way blowing trillions on insanly big projects like electrifying america’s car fleet can’t be the answer to all the worlds problems… Bernie Sanders — i like all his ideas with the exception of his climate solutions (i also dislike his lack of ferocity) — the Bern wanted to throw something shy of a trillion dollar at a project to electrify america’s car fleet, if i 'd had a trillion to burn i 'd throw it at R 'n D, local projects, various experiments (or my favorite solution) but almost certainly not at cars… transporting electricity around with cars on highways, i wonder what Nikola Tesla would 've said about it, to me it sounded like a joke i didn’t get.

so far i 've claimed: the climate solutions the elites of the elites offer might be a joke i didn’t get, but the progressive solutions aren’t significantly better from the perspective of „economic“ development… the leaders from Extinction Rebellion are creating a protest without an agenda, just screaming at the governments: SAVE THE CLIMATE NOW doing this together with XR is totally debased from the political realities of the past 30 years and needless to say that the governments will love, looooove to roll out the red carpet for Bill Gates (and his buddies from DAVOS) i dared to claim this because the press already rolled over or bent over for him, the journos love Bill „God“ Gates… the Rolling stone magazine bent over, the Guardian too, Technology review etc etc they all rolled out the red carpet for „God“ and the owner of TED calls „God“ fondly Bill urks… if i wouldn’t know better i wouldn’t believe what i just wrote.

can sombody plz broadcast some good news? well i can’t broadcast anything but here comes a small quantity of good news: the american citizery almost succeded at fixing america, and might 've succeeded if they would 've been allowed to try… from far away, it seemed america’s citizens succeeded at deconstructing america’s (system relevant) problems but failed to reconstruct 'em and the economy as a system that transcends what was broken… many Americans looked at transportation, suburbia, agriculture etc and the resulting ideas converged toward one solution [2] but then Tesla cars entered the scene and crashed the party here i deliberatly made some drama but no more drama… however the popularity of the Venus / Zeitgeist project (from Jacque Fresco and others) show how popular a solution like this [2] could 've been, well both projects (and the Zeitgeist movement) would 've been doomed to fail because Jacque Fresco couldn’t work himself around economics but these are quibbles given the importance of his work… a project like this [2] could be deconstructed into small parts and reconstructed anew into a comprehensive whole, this is a superb quality and best of all: the result of my project could be reused everywhere… one of the many defects of big climate solutions is that they 're one shot projects, one big investment with one outcome a project like mine [2] however could 've had lots of iterations and countless do overs (because the economy could be simulated)… but my ideas are irrelevant because the „progress“ created by global capitalism is better then ever in other words there is no need for grand changes, err this is the seductive delusion i lamented at the beginning of my comment.

plz note this paragraph merely looks at Bill Gates to conclude: he is a lot more dangerous than he looks like this was neccessary as premise for the next paragraph… a few hours later the paragraph grew too long and i had to delete it with the exception of the following absurdity: Alan Rusbridger (the chief editor from the Guardian) declared Bill Gates sic as leader of all the world’s climate activist, seriously.

this paragraph tries to spot the naked king… i think the Silicon valley with Bill Gates as frontman emerged on top of all climate activist and on top of the world — the previous paragraph tried too hard to explain why Bill Gates nefarious version of „progress“ might be a bad idea but then i deleted it err i deleted most of it — wrong or not, evil or not the liberal elites found their super powered „champion“… but i failed to understand why Alan Rusbridger’s favorite „leader“ might want to change the things „he“ tried to defend and popularize… either way the Silicon valley elites want to become cyborgs or panhumans (or a combination of both) this made me think their „champion“ shouldn’t „lead“ all climate activists what makes matters worse is: the Singularians don’t care about the species, not anymore… lets save humanity together with elites that don’t care about their species, it sounded insane. what makes matters even worse is: Alan Rusbridger’s „champion“ i.e Bill Gates is hell bent to continue with buisness as usual a person like him i.e Bill Gates is hardly suited to induce sweeping changes to save the environment, this is particularly important because saving the environment almost certainly means changing the economy Bill Gates tried to celebrate, protect and popularize. the Gates’ foundation is a rabbit promoter of global capitalism fact. Bill Gates is addicted to globalism…

…more cars, more highways and more GMO and therefore more of the same is what all climate activist might get from the masters of disruption.

hmmm… the author (le Wellan) from the quoted comment might complain rightfully: plz tell us something we didn’t knew and what’s the point of giving the drama queen? the point everybody seems to be missing is the limitations of the energy angle… however given the realities of relentless, global economic growth — or rather the unrestrained expansion of global globalism — under such conditions the economic model is key in other words: the experts are debating the wrong problem i.e the ins and outs (and intrinsics) of complex energy policies are irrelevant for the public!!! plz observe: the Japanese can make the LFTR — all by themselves — but the Libyans cannot (because Obummer bombed 'em to hell) i therefore reason: real „economic“ development and progress is a lot more important than it seems.

now i depressed myself… here on CD identity (and behavior) based politics are so dominant that everything else has to play second fiddle, but outside in the real world real solutions take the first spot… looking at suburbia, transportation, agriculture etc (and the failures of economics) looking at all these things showed me the light — but identity politics „blinded“ me again — therefore i 'd venture a risky and slightly over the top announcement: identity politics are the problem because they prevent the citizens from finding new solutions like the solutions i found here [2] but my favorite solution is this: the authorities should encourage the people to approach their artificial world (i.e civilization) on their own terms.

PS: sorry for the long comment but i needed a long premise to say something positive… the solutions, the unrecognized resistance and the means to organize are out there i think it’s something hopeful err it might become something hopeful if the liberal elites around „Goliath“ could be defeated.

1: „nuclear powered“ in the sense of being charged with the electricity that comes out of nuclear power plants.

2: i developed a new city prototype that embeds local agriculture into the city while being part of a new kind of economy… there are missing „meta solutions“ here (i truncated 'em to shorten my comment) but they 'd be neccessary not optional.

Thanks Kuse. That’s a lot to digest. My last post was meant to assuage hurt feelings,
mine and those of J4Z. I’ll try to answer to your dissertation more simply. First I listed these highlights:

–“If the USAmerican economy and suburban car setup are replaced
with something like the Zeitgeist movement”…

  • “Economic growth of developing countries is expected
    to outpace CO2 reductions developed nations make.”…
  • Climate solutions the elite of the elite offer might be a joke,
    but the progressive solutions aren’t significantly better."…
  • “Bill Gates is addicted to globalism.”…
  • Identity politics is the problem because it prevents citizens from finding new solutions."…
  • “But almost certainly not at cars, transporting electricity.”…

Kuze, I picked this last point to address the rest. You’re saying you would direct GND investment “certainly NOT at cars.” Not to be contrarian, but I’m saying we should direct investment at cars, trucks, certain RVs but not others, and least investment in long haul freight trucks and Amazon delivery vans where limited battery resource is least effective and wasted quickly in an unsustainable global economy.

As for Gates and Silicon Valley elitist identity politics and their Zeitgeist future world pretensions presented as “inevitable” you’re among those who are suspicious of their “Leave it in the ground” bumper sticker slogan posing as a solution. They’d rather we get on board their “driverless” car pretention likewise posing as a solution. For whatever reason, J4Z would discuss nothing further than BEV tech as the ‘only’ solution. As I recall from the ‘few’ equally silly discourse we’ve had, J4Z is into the “driverless” car idea as well and offended by my explanations how so.

My own zietgiest is the planning philosophy of “Regionalism” or metropolitan area Regional planning that evolved from New Urbanism. Silicon Valley types profess an understanding of New Urbanism, but say almost nothing about the still evolving Regionalism. Thanks for your reply. Have a good day.

thank you for your feed back… my previous comment touched into too many topics at once, i was therefore surprised that i almost succeeded at unwrapping the kernel of my ideas and all the more pleased that i got positive feed back.

my journey into the topic also started with New Urbanism or rather with somebody that was inspired by the New Urbanists… eventually i ended up designing mmm what actually? i probably designed what everybody (interested in the subject) tried to create but this isn’t important, in this comment i wanted to look at the foundations and inspirations that created the basis for „my“ solution.

(plz note: the next three paragraphs are partly a repetition partly an extended reredering, to make the kernel of my previous comment more accessible.)

i think too many intellectuals became too obsessed with the how instead of going for the what… depression, obesity, congested highways, and the extra long supply chain of walmart, amazon etc… no matter how the „suburban setup“ is governed (or organized) it never will be pretty, this led me to the conclusion that the replacement (of the „suburban setup“) might 've been a lot easier to develop than a miriad of patches to a hoplessly broken system!!! eventually i realized „my“ idea to replace the „beast“ wasn’t new (i guess this sounded slighly stupid)… this brings up another question: why didn’t the intellectuals get it? why the focus on behavior? creating a „socio economic model“ (in the sense of its look and feel) first and the „model’s“ organization and planning later it sermed like a good idea… i really don’t know what happened to the so called social science but something went terrible wrong, economics eventually reached a point were the economist said: we don’t even need a plan „we“ have „the market“, lets just do things hahaha… eighty odd years later the capitalist had to listen to James Howard Kunstler’s superb critique of capitalism’s greatest creation i.e the „suburban setup“ on top of the global economy and this is were „my“ project started… i loved James Howard Kunstler’s critique of suburbia but i never dug his grand peak oil „hypothesis“ but these are quibbles… however over JHK’s cultural critique of suburbia i picked up the ideas the New Urbanist had long before me, out of nowhere i „discovered“ a systemic problem that created its own solution… however JHK’s cultural critique didn’t create the solution it could 've created, instead it led to CFN and what i 've understood as informal network of citizens that tried to face the problems of america’s industrial heart and center. the citizens that tried to face the „beast“ this is what i called the unrecognized resistance.

this paragraph only looks at mmm what actually? i call it the New New Urbanism for a moment… i believe „the suburban setup“ could be used as a means to create what the Green New Deal wanted to be so to speak… the New New Urbanism could serve as a orientation point to create a comprehensive collection of solutions as a new development path (instead of a miriad of policies)… while i worked on „my“ little project i discovered the Zeitgeist movement (which was based on the ideas of Jacque Fresco) already had similar ideas… the world is „over heating“ with problems and misery, how and where to start? i wanted to see a silver line on the horizon… i still believe „my“ (or sombody else’s) New New Urbanism could 've serve as a sensible design goal, assumed a ton of research, inclusive design patterns (and a better approach to inventing green industries) etc etc assumed my assumption is correct then a form of New New Urbanism might 've led to a new set of tools, skills and knowledge to built a sustainable habitat… i think the resulting „tools“ would 've been vastly superior than the pointual greening of a incomprehensible global system nobody wanted… i started with James Howard Kunstler critique of suburbia, picked up the new urbanism and later i found a book called Planet of Slums which altered the direction of my project… how and where i stole „my“ ideas together is rather embarrasing but the chaotic development path of „my“ little project is cool, well i think it’s a cool story.

however the depressing truth seems to be: „my“ project (and therefore all similar ones) are already „out advertised“ by Bill Gates et al… in my previous comment i endlessly lamented the new green and i won’t do that again… to wrap up (an important premise) as quick as i can: the masters of „disruption“ behave as if they 're hell bent to continue with business as usual, to make matters worse: TED is broadcasting directly and unfiltered on scale, america’s „youngsters“ therefore get to „learn“ Bill Gates sense of „progress“ which is a conceptual or rather statistical sense of „progress“ and he (probably) picked up his sense of „progress“ over in Davos but the Worldbanker also like these sort of statistical sceletons so he might 've have „learned“ from the grand champions of development failures hahaha… the delusion of progress is broadcasted as truth sic and then super inflated with spectacular inventions — a remarkable bad idea — electric cars, Elon Musk’s entrepreneurial genius and so on are celebrated as the future… a new generation is already high on overrated „visions“… the liberals from TED really have the answers to everything or so it might seem to the „youngsters“ that watch TED talk which is btw ubiquitous on Youtube.

one of the many good things that came out of New Urbanism (by indirection) are the many issues it connected together, and this includes good and bad things… writing CFN down as cesspool is too easy, the National Geographic published three seasons of the Doomsday preppers, three seasons. i see these things as the reflections of a reality that reflects the disatisfaction with the system but the illustrious NYT elites doubtlessly would care to disagree and pen the story down as: irrelevant fear of the future perpetuated by a lot of failed subjects or something like that.

from the „tiny house people“ to everybody that is sick from america’s super inflated industrial „farming“ that might kill the bees and bugs… the range of issues that could be touched with a popular spin on New New Urbanism is surprisingly big, plz wait for the grand finishing blow in the face of the globalist hahaha…

…the resulting stack of technolgies, skills (plus a new „economic“ frame work) would 've been useful for the vast majority of the entire planetrary population, in terms of the ecology no famous climate solution comes even close — it would take additional space to unwrapp it properly but it’s highly unlikely that i got this wrong!!! — so what do you think Wellan-senpai? who wins? are electric cars really relevant globally or in Mumbai? the globalist aren’t relevant globally hahaha enough with my silly slanders, no more slanders.

here i delete three (or more) pages, that tried to analyze the failures of the academic left — a failure that would be neccessary in order to create a simple conclusion out of my comment — so i started writing and writing until i drove my comment over the cliff into the oblivion of some call off topic chat. instead writing a conclusion i 'll try to say something hopeful…

…america’s unrecogized resistance almost succeeded where the Silicon Valley (and the best and brightest) failed. america’s citizenry really tried to make a difference, this also implies that the citizens didn’t fail… there is no guilt in losing a battle against a overpowered foe!!! the liberal elites pushed and pushed the bandwagon for Bill Gates forward, the elites have nobody to blame but themselves (for the problem they might create) this in turn also 'd meant all contempt for the apparent failure of the citizenry (to change what wasn’t allowed to be changed) is missplace thus rendering all contemporary elitism obsolete awesome, i.e if the elites do as please then they can blame no one but themselves, now that was slightly over the top… there is of course another reading possible: looking at real problems might 've been more important than identity politics.

but there really is a lesson to be learned here: the academic left has failed to revolutionize their revolution so to speak… enough my comment starts to grow again.

To fairly criticize others should begin with openly criticizing oneself. I’d admit being wrong if my advocacy for the PHEV designation as “indispensable” tech were in detail proven incorrect.
J4Z couldn’t in “least” words prove my case wrong, let alone some discussion less insulting.
Three sentences.

Anyway, my point is expression in “least” words. The delete button is a practice in shortening thought to “least” words. Otherwise, it for anyone a toil of time, probably spent staring at other letters elsewhere. Do the sentence delete exercise every time you write. I type with a cordless keyboard sitting in an upholstered swivel rocker.

Five sentences. The 5th placed there after “The Delete Button” that followed the 4th “Anyway” read better there though it was originally my last line of thought. I hope you have a good weekend. Rainy in Oregon this week. Empty Greyhound depot converted to homeless shelter this week is ironic. They’ve always been homeless shelters! Mayor Wheeler doesn’t see it that way. He sees it like he’s the big hero. More than half his public utterances this year were campaign rhetoric, easy smiles and promises followed with nervous mannerisms and blunt answers (a terrible mayor).

Be VERY glad the big Metro Measure got voted down in Portland. ODOT is on a highway “widening” binge with that one; probably funded in part by the Wheeler Organization promoting out-of-scale sardine can “apartment block rental property” and luxury “Hotel and Condo Tower” high end rental property for world travelling friends and associated money launderers.