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'We're Just Getting Started,' Says Union Leader, as Worker Strike Activity Hits 35-Year High Under Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/11/were-just-getting-started-says-union-leader-worker-strike-activity-hits-35-year-high


The union bureaucrats are crapping their pants.


The Pinkerton’s may see a revival as well.

Yep…they are really TRUMPING in them for sure.

Wow what a bummer. Even evoking ‘Trump’ has pulled little attention. This extremely important post is the crux of what it will take to free ourselves from the Democrat Wall Street Establishment. Only when the union workers are freed from their establishment leaders will any real progress be made. The ‘strikes’ were more of a milling around without pay for a few days while their ‘leaders’ made a sweetheart deal.

Most of the Democrats voting for PRO know it has no chance. Substantially the same Democrats that snoozed through Ole Barry’s promise to pass Card Check Legislation.


“The question in 2020 is not whether Trump’s most ardent supporters will stand by him, but whether Democrats will embrace an agenda that can inspire poor and marginalized people to engage in a political system that has simply overlooked them for decades”

Den big D Dems aren’t embracing this agenda. But Bernie is fighting for labor, the poor, and the marginalized. I wonder if that message will get to those groups that now support Trump who definitely doesn’t give a shit about them or their issues…

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So this is making America great again? I guess for the top 1% it is.

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Meanwhile the prez is trying to cut the 2021 government workers pay raise from 2.5% to 1%.

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