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'We're Just Getting Started': Trumpcare Slain, Resistance Eyes Next Battles

'We're Just Getting Started': Trumpcare Slain, Resistance Eyes Next Battles

Jon Queally, staff writer

While President Donald Trump on Saturday used a single tweet to tell the American people both "Do not worry!" and "Obamacare will explode," the Trump resistance movement was being urged not to gloat over Friday's "epic failure" of the Republicans' attempt to pass their 'slash and burn' hea

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Gloat about what? This was a huge hoax from the get go. Trump and his band of freaks try to pass a steaming pile of crap that makes even the monstrous, capitalist, profit from death and disease nightmare known as Obamacare look good. Both the right wing and left wing elite want Obamacare, aka Romneycare, to remain in place. Ryan called it “the law of the land” now, and he loves it.

Anything other than single payer is a crime against humanity.


Once again, Common Dreams falls into the blue team versus red team pattern, even though it’s obvious that grass-roots activism is transcending that simplistic and unimaginative duopolistic kabuki show.

You want to scuttle business-as-usual? Convince your reps that your vote isn’t some blue v. red football.

Alternatives, options, ideas exist–seek them, exploit them !


Forgive me for not jumping on the resistance bandwagon, but it’s too conservative for my taste: don’t touch the ACA, don’t change Social Security, don’t further rig the system in favor of the rich and inhuman corporate “persons.” It’s saying to the powerful: “Please kind sirs, don’t take away quite so much.”

Is this the best we can do – slide backwards more slowly, ceding more and more of our power and rights to a few wealthy turds?

I long for a genuinely leftwing political party that would tell the rich to go screw themselves; that was dedicated to creating an egalitarian, just social and economic system:

one where no one was allowed to be so rich that others starved and that give a few plutocratic power, and where the basics of existence – food, shelter, clothing, health care – were guaranteed human rights;

one where corporations (if they were allowed to exist at all) would be required to work in the public interest or face a death penalty. (Interesting how corporations have all the rights of people yet it’s only flesh and blood humans that we execute.)

one where the military would be reduced to a size small enough to drown in the bathtub, and leaders dedicated to coexisting peacefully under the rule of just international laws;

one where the environment was conserved, not despoiled;

one with leaders that are admirable, not despicable.

Americans of good faith have allowed themselves to be satisfied with 'umble pie, and the pie is just going to get 'umbler and 'umber.


"…so long as the GOP remain “hell-bent on rigging the system for the rich and powerful.”

Oh, the GOP are the only culprits? We have almost total and complete corruption in Washington with all sides screwing over the 99%. And taking damn good care of themselves.

Single Payer or Medicare for all. Those are the only humane options.

Don’t think Ryan and his cold blooded freaks on both sides of the isle aren’t looking for a new approach to the jugular even as we sleep.


“Yes this does make tax reform more difficult,” Ryan told reporters on Friday. “But it does not in any way make it impossible.”

And here are some of the potential victims: http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/39949-housing-community-land-are-human-rights

In case you missed this one posted by someone else: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/16/opinion/and-jesus-said-unto-paul-of-ryan.html?_r=1


Occupy the Democrats.

Online Direct Democratic Party


The Democratic Party is a capitalist party. Profit off the sick is what capitalists do. Isn’t it time for a Socialist Party, a la the Socialist Party of Eugene V. Debs?


you do not need insurance companies to deliver health care. cut out these blood-sucking middlemen and adopt a universal single payer system. also, do not be held hostage by drug companies. with a single-payer system, the people can demand drugs at reasonable prices. there is no justification for big pharma to be making billions in profits from the health care system…


The most important goal of resistance is prevent the US becoming a white nationalist authoritarian nation. To do that people have to assume that we are in similar situation of the Germans in 1933. The German people failed to respond apparently not taking the threat seriously or for other reasons. There are two many similarities between the Trump administration and what took place in Europe during the 1930s to ignore. Most troubling are the attacks by Trump on the free press, the courts, and the universities. And of course the Muslim ban and the deportation of undocumented immigrants. And the extent of lying is also strikingly similar. We need as many state governments as possible to resist and as many local governments. And grassroots resistance needs to continue and become much broader. The Democratic Party I think has become the party of resistance after a slow start and it needs to keep on that track. We have to stick to American values that formed the basis of the country and completely reject the white nationalist agenda. The white nationalists are often no longer wearing KKK sheets and neo-Nazi outfits but are now largely dressed in suits and ties but are just as dangerous. As long as Bannon is in the White House this administration should be completely rejected. Bannon must go for any sort of acceptance.


I am glad this happened, but in order to succeed, we desperately need a coalition of organizations, who are putting their jealousies aside and are prepared to work together with others for the common goal. That goal was clearly outlined by Bernie throughout his campaign and is still vigorously pursued by him.
The Justice Democrats are the beginning of such a coalition of organizations. Working together has the great benefit, that organizations can draw on each other’s resources while following their own aspirations within the whole.

Here are some figures underlining why the Justice Democrats are a force worthy for your organization to align with:
After just two months or so from the date of their inception they have already:
• Signed up 257,651 supporters
• Received 4,387 nominations
• 41,793 donors raising $1,024,367 for an average donation $24.50. No donations from corporations or billionaires accepted
• 30 candidates have gone through the stages of the vetting process and are now in training.
Justice Democrats (https://justicedemocrats.com/), uniting the efforts of ‘Brand New Congress’ (https://brandnewcongress.org), with Bernie’s own ‘Our Revolution’ https://ourrevolution.com/action/ ) and using the powerful video news organization ‘TYT’ (https://tytnetwork.com/) as their megaphone to the public.
Your organization need not change either aims nor identity, but just by aligning in a coalition there will be mutual support by the diverse memberships, some sort of “cross fertilization”.
See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOSzAZDwYrE

We are all sharing the same ultimate goal, and that is to upend the present corporate and money dominated power structure in this country. That takes a lot of different tasks and there are organizations, which all work on different and necessary facets of the whole, but let us do that together, so we can draw on each other’s resources and membership for support, for the good of us all and the people of America.
And we do have to get that right by 2018/19.

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Stopping the Gorsuch confirmation is now the most consequential issue to resist. While legislation can be reversed, Gorsuch is young enough to be occupying the SCOTUS seat beyond mid-century and tilting the SCOTUS further rightward will enable the GOP to dismantle the ACA and more with less effort than legislative action will require.

The GOP is not fazed by their TrumpDon’tCare program failure since they know that confirming Gorsuch will actually make it easier to ditch the ACA via the SCOTUS.

Activists need to put twice as much effort into defeating Gorsuch as they put into saving the ACA or their efforts to save ACA will have been for naught.


I can’t even think of it as a “resistance”. You’re right: it’s the most conservative resistance in years. But that’s not surprising when you see the people driving it–socially liberal corporatists! Hardly a revolutionary bunch by nature.

There’s no room for a people’s mass party on the left as long as Democrats draw organizational breath. The only peaceful way out is to find a way to shove the right wing corporatists running the party (and making up a sizeable portion of their voting base) into the GOP (where they really belong) and replacing the D with a second major to represent ordinary people in the working and underclasses.

It’s a tough puzzle to solve, because basically, either a populist left OR right would have to get frozen out in the wilderness for this to work for us. And right now, we’re the ones frozen out.

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Sounds like a contradiction in terms, AKA oxymoron, insofar as the USA was founded on genocide and slavery, which part of that is incompatible with white nationalism? More like in keeping with, IMHO.


While I agree with you about the need for a coalition to form for progressive orgs, Justice Democrats is not the one. They are strictly a ‘let’s reform the DP’ organization. Any coalition needs to be non partisan so as to attract Greens, socialists and other orgs not affiliated with the DP. You could start a Progressive Center in your state using this model (http://www.totheleftoftheweb.org/index.php/community/documents/category/2-manuals?download=3:progressive-center) to get started. Call it whatever you like but progressives need to be more organized to take full advantage of the amazing organizing going on as a result of all of the Bernie offshoot orgs popping up.

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You are not very specific as to what your alternative would be. If it is to start a third party, that has been tried and failed every time. Just ask Russ Perot and Ralph Nader.

The latter, himself a prominent Green Party supporter, who ran under that label for President, has endorsed Bernie’s approach of reforming the DP from within, simply because our system is structured so thoroughly against a third party.
You appear to be a fan of Sanders, whose own ‘Our Revolution’ is part of the Justice Democrats coalition. that coalition has made a sound start to align progressive forces and to give them direction.
The agenda of the Greens, whom you appear to prefer is practically identical to Bernie’s.
This is not a time to prevaricate. Action is urgently needed, so let’s get with it, - together.

I don’t think your premise that the base of the Democratic Party is made up of right wing corporatists is correct. I think the MSM and their 3rd Way talking heads want you to think that. Yes, the New Democrats/Obamobots are still running things at the DNC headquarters, but they’ve been undercut by the reality that few are listening to them. They may have 75-80% of the money but the Progressive wing has 75-80% of the party and its energy. Younger voters, especially, see the dissonance in same old, same old messages.
Progressive-Green policy positions and platforms are vastly more popular in the real world. The rank-and-file really like Sanders, respect Obama and don’t want anything more to do with The Clintonistas. Embracing this new triangulation gets you the attention of even some Trump voters. No one likes Corporate/Wall St./Establishment politics-as-usual, except the aforementioned MSM/3rd Way, because they’re correctly perceived as the cause of wage stagnation, environmental degradation and increased income inequality. Many voters are resisting " incrimentalism " while being in limbo about radical disruption. We shall see what shakes loose pretty quickly though, imo.

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There’s no way I’m going to tip my hand and support anything Democrat-related.

My ‘liberal’ D rep has made no commitment to single payer thus far…I make no commitment to her, other than to explore any and all alternatives and make sure she knows I’m doing it.

Funny thing about votes–either you earn em’ or you don’t.

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i made no claim that the entire base was corporatist. I do make the claim that the base that matters is–and by that, I mean the base the elites respond to and consider in terms of policy preferences.

the party is, if the primary results are to be believed, largely split almost in half, although that’s even assuming that the newly mobilized Sanders supporters stayed with the Democrats after the primary debacle, an assumption that’s shaky on a good day.

Like many who’ve followed American politics for many years, I’ve been down this road before. And the show ends the same way every single time. The young energy gets coopted and the voters who wind up spurned frequently drop out of politics altogether or, at least, casually line up behind a small third party.

The trick here is how best to keep young energy mobilized beyond a major disappointment. There are two choices–do that within the party (which is empirically a total failure, although there’s always a first time, right?) or move that energy into building a replacement party for the Democrats. I favor the latter, because it’s the only option that can remove the corrupt elites from gate-keeping positions that define how parties behave (elites make the rules).

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Did you see the twenty people pictured resisting the 200 Trump supporters marching on a California beach, I think it was called Surf City?
They came in all black matching suits, head to toe, looked incredibly fit, um, good photos of them throwing punches and of the Trump supporters being maced. What were their names, why the black? Infiltrators, imposters. Black is used to symbolize evil, to frighten, to hide, to the bad guys, and,um for Isis.
This is a tough problem for resistors, being infiltrated by spoilers. Anti-Trumpers have been anti-violence pretty much across the board.
Like many of you said, any organization has to deal with those whose alliances or sympathies lie at least in part outside the group.

How to build support without diluting the message is a toughie. When to reach across the aisle is a toughie, but it is certainly not now when we are building up steam and beginning to win.

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