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We're Learning the Truth About Voter Fraud


We're Learning the Truth About Voter Fraud

Leslie Watson Malachi

For years, Republicans in North Carolina have tried to roll back voter rights in the interest of “preventing fraud.”

But now, one of their own — Republican Mark Harris in the state’s 9th congressional district — stands credibly accused of paying a consultant who may have stolen or altered absentee ballots cast for his opponent. Officials have refused to certify the vote.


The gold standard for electoral integrity and transparency is paper ballots counted by hand in public (also note that paper ballots are unhackable). While we’re at it, let’s make election day a national holiday.


The Republican culture is party over country and this looks like another result of this widespread view among Republicans. North Caroline is about equally split between Republicans and Democrats and has been trending the Democrats way for some time. The solid south is no longer solid. Trump has led the way for the party over country mentality by selling out to Russia. Once party is more important than country there is no limit what can go wrong in the United States. This undermining of the electoral system helps those like Trump pushing the country toward fascism because when citizens lose trust in their electoral system fascism can thrive. For democracy to endure Americans much have trust that their votes are being counted honestly.


“Our only real hope for democracy is that we get the money out of politics entirely and establish a system of publicly funded elections.”
Noam Chomsky


We need a two day holiday, or a Sunday-Monday voting so people who have to work, and their employers have equal opportunity to vote on one of the two voting days.


From Stacy Abrams:


While I commend Jimmy Carter for dedicating so many years to assisting with elections abroad to prevent fraud and suppression in retrospect it sure is ironic that none of those nations were anywhere near as corrupt as the US.


I have been waiting for almost 15 years for democrats to tackle this issue.

I underestimated the power of corporations, banks, military and the game that the parties played out in the media while agreeing on the fundamentals and not questioning elections because that is how they claimed that they were legitimate. Why raise an issue that shakes up the establishment?

Maybe now there will be some movement toward getting us off the bottom election systems of the 41 so called democracies in the world.

Book Review: Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman, THE STRIP & FLIP SELECTION OF 2016: Five Jim Crows & Electronic Election Theft

Just one example from the review

After 200 years, US forces have acquired massive training in how to rig elections, including corruption by means of poll books and easily rigged voting machines. The same skills have been effectively applied to the “Drug War at home.”

After 200 years, the CIA brought another skill home to roost: “the use of electronics to overturn elections”–

“Under Ronald Reagan, it became available for use in elections here at home. In 1988, former CIA director George H.W. Bush became the first to benefit.” But before this crucial point, which essentially begins the era of modern election corruption in the US, many steps–bullet points–were entailed, including the establishment of the Federal Election Commission, the Election Center, and any number of warnings from experts on the permeability and corruptibility of electronic voting systems. When Bush ran for president in 1988, in the New Hampshire primary, the first large-scale use of electronic voting machines, “the former CIA Director trailed Bob Dole by eight points in polls taken on Election Day. But when the votes were electronically tallied, Bush beat Dole by nine points. Such a 17-point turn-around qualifies among mainstream election statistical analysts as a ‘virtual statistical impossibility.’”


I’ve said a couple of times here. If the new democratic majority in the House doesn’t tackle voting reforms right out of the gate the 2020 election will once again be a fraud. Not much of anything else matters if those reforms are neglected.